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What is a healthy portion of nuts per day?
Asked by flibes on Mar 08, 2010 in Nutrition

I currently use the following, 2 tsp. almonds, 2 tsp. flax seeds, 2 tsp. sunflower seeds, 2 tsp. pumpkin seeds, and 2 tsp. walnuts.  I enter them into my food log as 125 calories.


A reasonable serving of nuts is one ounce, which is about 1/4th cup.  If the portion of the nuts you describe refers to level teaspoons, then you are eating a little less than  1/4 cup, which is well within the guidelines with a little extra wiggle room.  However, I think the calorie count is more like 300 calories than 125.  For accuracy, carefully check your measurements and the fractions of the portions you log.  Read this past blog, Nutty Nutrition, about the health benefits of nuts.

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