What are some healthy foods for a breakfast office meeting?
Asked by ashisgonbepretty on Jun 03, 2009 in Nutrition

I have to bring breakfast every Thursday for the office meeting and I'd like to bring something healthy that will fill people up but help me stick to my diet as well.  Before I started the diet, I would bring in McDonalds, Ihop, etc.


I commonly see these healthy foods offered at breakfast meetings: a tray of fresh fruit or fruit salad, low-fat or fat-free yogurts (6-ounce containers), low-fat cottage cheese (4-ounce containers), granola to sprinkle, smoked salmon, bagels, grainy breads, Vitamuffins, low-fat cream cheese, preserves, peanut butter, 100% juices, coffee, tea, and water.  Read about planning a healthy breakfast buffet menu for a business meeting from the Guide to Event Planning at About.com

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