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This is not a DIET, but a LIFESTYLE change. You can DIET for a week, and gain it all back. If you change your lifestyle, you&#039;ll get where you want to be and stay there! <br> <br>Don&#039;t gain that Freshman 15, Sophomore 30, or even worse... the Junior 50! Come here for support from students who are going through the same thing you are!
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Welcome to the Group

by arolena in Introduce Yourself on Mar 23

Name:Arolena Age:23 Starting Weight:215 Goal Weight:120 Date you want to accomplish this goal:10/2017 Height:5'6" Why...

bethluv Work hard, play harder
Your Story

by bethluv in Introduce Yourself on Feb 05

So I'm a senior college student. I live in an apartment and create all my own meals. I work also. I struggle with depression...

Just another freshmen

by bdosseis26 in Introduce Yourself on Oct 07

My names Brandon, and Im a freshman at UWM and iv been here for 5 weeks. I noticed I gained 4 pound sense iv been here...

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