What is a healthy BMI for teens?
Asked by anonymous on Nov 11, 2010 in Weight Maintenance

From the BMI tool I know that a girl of my age (just shy of 15) is at a healthy BMI if she has a 16 BMI, but I've heard that that's NOT actually that healthy. I have a BMI of 18.5. So what is actually an ideal BMI for a teen?


The healthy weight range for teens corresponds to placement between the 5th and 85th percentile on the pediatric growth chart.  Kids and teens need a different standard to account for weight and height increases over time. The pediatric BMI uses of the CDC growth charts that the pediatrician begins to keep at birth.  The growth chart percentiles show a child’s size relative to others of the same sex and age, and it tracks how well an individual child is growing.  An underweight child is plotted at less than the 5th percentile on the growth chart, a healthy weight ranges from the 5th to less than the 85th, the overweight range is from the 85th percentile to less than the 95th, and obesity is equal to or greater than the 95th percentile.  Read more about BMI-for-Age at About.com and use this Tool to calculate and interpret your BMI-for-Age.

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