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Calling all Harry Potter fans. This is the group for you to discuss books, movies and anything related.
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Favourite HP characters of all time!

by kmro82 in The Books on Jun 26

I love Luna, as well!! For some reason, I've always been a huge Sirius Black fan, though. The Marauders fascinate me...

Welcome to the Group

by kmro82 in Introduce Yourself on Jun 26

Hello, all! I'm Kelsey. I'm 22 and live on the East Coast! 1. For the longest time, I never really had to try to maintain a healthy weight...

Harry potter

by pandao in The Movies on Jun 08

my favorite book would be the Half Blood Prince. (i cheated by the way saw the movie first. read the books last.) when...

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Discuss the books, in depth - Characters, Plot Points, anything
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Discuss the movies, in depth - What was done right, what was done wrong
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