Is it harder to lose the weight I gained from binging?
Asked by anonymous on Oct 03, 2008 in Emotional & Behavioral Issues

As I understand it, the theory is that my metabolism was affected by weight loss, but now that I failed to maintain, it will it be harder or even impossible to lose the weight I gained from binge eating.  Is that true?


Dieting and binging did not change your “metabolism”, but if you lost muscle through dieting and gained fat by binging, you might need fewer calories to maintain the weight you gained.  That’s because the muscle tissue you lost burns more calories than the adipose tissue you gained.  To burn more again, work to change your ratio of muscle to fat.  Use strength-training to build muscle and cardio-type exercise to burn fat.  When you try lose weight again, don’t cut your calories below a deficit of 500 a day.  Drastic calorie cuts lead to muscle loss and to binge eating.  Read about the dangers of restrictive dieting at

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