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Are granola bars actually good for you?
Asked by anonymous on Jul 13, 2009 in Nutrition

If I wanted to eat a snack, then I usually prefer to eat crunchy honey and oats or chewy chocolate chip granola bars.  The package doesn't actually note that many calories but I am afraid of possible hidden calories in granola.


Some are and some are not. You can identify the best granola bars by this criteria: a granola bar that weighs 40 grams should have < 3 grams of total fat, < 1 gram of saturated fat (or < 15% of calories from saturated fat), < 60 mg cholesterol, < 480 mg of sodium, < 35% of sugar by weight, and > 10% of DV of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, or fiber.  Unfortunately, very few granola bars meet those criteria. It's too bad that you don't feel confident in the Nutrition Facts on the food label - but you are wise. A recent report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said that FDA lacks reliable mechanisms to ensure that the label is accurate. 

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