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Goteborgs Kex Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address Göteborgs Kex AB
442 82 Kungälv
Phone 0303-20 90 00
Added 2010-12-13 22:01:01
Göteborgs Kex is the leading manufacturer of cookies/biscuits in Scandinavia. The company is located in Kungälv, 20 km north of Gothenburg, and employs approximately 500 people. Göteborgs Kex is part of the Norwegian Orkla group of businesses, which is the largest supplier of brand goods for the food and convenience stores in Sweden and Norway. Göteborgs Kex is, together with the subsidiaries, the leader on the Nordic cookie/biscuit market. In Sweden, Göteborgs Kex has a market share of about 50 percent. Included in Göteborgs Kex's supply of 50 or so products you can find an assortment of famous brands such as Ballerina, Singoalla, Guld Marie, Brago, Hushållswafers, Kung Oscar pepparkakor, Smörgåsrån, Digestive, Baddare and Variant.

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