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What do you think about the Glycemic Index diet?
Asked by anonymous on Nov 21, 2008 in Weight Loss

My doctor recently suggested a Glycemic Index diet for me. I feel like I'm hungry more than I should be and have fairly low energy. I was just wondering your thoughts.


The Glycemic Index (GI) ranks carbohydrate-containing foods based on how they affect blood glucose.  Foods with a low GI produce a gradual rise, while high GI foods bring about a sharp increase.  A low GI Diet averts hunger and blood sugar dips because it discourages insulin release.  But the problem is that the GI is affected by other factors such as the kind and amount of protein, fat and fiber present in a meal, the content and timing of the previous meal and how the food is prepared. I find it easier to follow a low calorie diet (1450 calories in your case), avoiding refined carbohydrates, which have a high GI, in favor of high-fiber carbohydrates, which have a low GI.  Let your doctor know what you decide.

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