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Gluten Free Vegetarians

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About Us
There are a ton of resources for vegetarians these days, which is awesome, and also a ton for Celiacs and others who are gluten-free, which is also pretty awesome. There are not, however, too many options that are both vegetarian AND gluten-free... What about us? This is a group for all vegetarians that are also gluten-free! Come on in and share stories, recipes, and support!
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luxinterior97211 awesome
Hey Y'all

by luxinterior97211 in Introduce Yourself on Sep 10

I'm a new GF Vegan for now. I was put on an elimination diet (no soy, dairy, wheat, corn, gluten, booze, caffeine, peanuts...

Winona 50 something married woman
Welcome to the Group

by squarepeg58 in Introduce Yourself on Mar 06

Hi, I'm Winona. I found this group and am hoping that some of you are still here. 1. I have gained and lost 60 lbs several times with diets...


by ninners23 in Introduce Yourself on Apr 18

1. History with weight loss: i always go up and down with weight i want to be able to maintain 2. Reason for being gluten-free and vegetari...

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