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Give Peas a Chance

By clairelaine on Apr 03, 2009 12:00 PM in Recipes

They're so tasty and pretty too, but peas have been a dieting no-no.  Many famous diets list peas as a limited vegetable, but it doesn't have to be that way.  A 60 calorie, half cup serving of peas, is loaded with vitamins C, K, the B vitamins and folates, and almost 4 grams of fiber.  There's no reason that green peas can't be part of a weight loss program.

In the spring, we begin to see fresh peas in their pods in the market.  All year round, sugar snap and snow peas are available.  Peas hold up well to freezing.  Frozen peas are a great year-round alternative to fresh.

When you buy peas in the pod, look for bright green, crisp pods with no hint of wrinkling or brown spots.  Shelled peas should be firm and round, and not overly large.  The larger the pea, the starchier the flavor and the less sweet the taste.  Look for the petite variety in the frozen food section. 

Fresh or frozen peas are best if they are not over-cooked.  To shell peas, snap off the stem end and locate the string that holds the pod together.  Strip down this string and pop the pod open.  Use a finger to push the peas out of the pod.  For sugar snap and snow peas, remove the stem end only.  They don't need to be strung because the entire pod is edible.  Cooked, shelled peas, either frozen or fresh, are best when not over-cooked.  They do hold up well to being kept warm for the table.  Snap and snow peas should be flash steamed, blanched or stir fried at the last possible minute. 

Gone are the days when the peas were boiled into gray green mush!  Serve them as a plain side dish or incorporate them into your meal.  Let's cook some peas! CC members are so creative, as you will see from the recipes they submitted:



Split pea soup has been an integral part of my weight loss. I was never much of a soup person before and I had never tried split pea soup until I was about 33 years old. Once I had it, I was hooked. It is now my favorite soup. I look for it and try it at any restaurant or deli that I go to. Last weekend I made my own for the first time and have been enjoying it all week. I have lost 45 lbs in the last year and I consider this menu item to be a big helper. Give it a try if you have not yet :)

You're absolutely right, clairelaine!  but, stay away from canned peas.  They are a waste of money and time, and do no service to the great, delicious, candy of the vegetables!  If they are steamed from frozen, or fresh, they taste as close to fresh as possible.  The flavor of a pea fresh out of the pod is indescribable, and is no wonder some of the best salad bars serve fresh, raw peas as a salad topper.  The only other vegetable I hav ever had that came close to the flavor of a raw pea, was jicama.  It is delicious, and is also a favorite in salads, chopped into julienne strips and used as a topping.

I love peas and know they are my friend.  I have sugar snap pease growing in my garden,  I can't wait to harvest them,  they will be my first veggie from the garden and i live in NY.

The first time I grew sugar snap peas, I planted a 10 foot row along a fence.  As I picked them, I weighed them.  By the end of the year I'd harvested 12 pounds from just that one 10 foot row.  We ate most of them raw.  What a great plant invention!  Give them something to climb on and they go up and up!

i love love peas

it is the 1st time i hear that someone says u should limit peas

i eat peas and carrots almost on daily basis on lunch almost 1 1/2 cup

and i find very filling easy to make and actually pretty tasty besides very low cal (less than 100 cals)

i even eat it wen not dieting as a way to limit cal intake a little bit

Family favorite has always been shelling the peas! Problem was we would end up eating all of the peas when they came out of the shell and they never made it to the pot!

This reminds me of some graffiti on a bridge over the M25 -

Peas are good, though I struggle to eat them.

Pea soup is high in fiber. I love split pea soup too.

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Split pea soup is a major favorite of mine and has been for years!!! Peas are an awesome food when eaten clean and are filling :)

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