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Get Off the Couch!

By Sheila on Oct 12, 2009 12:00 PM in Success Stories

Quitting smoking and being physically active were the keys to success of Troutlake3339’s weight loss journey. Having lost 40 lbs, she's now hovering at a level near her target weight and she doesn't plan on stopping what she's doing anytime soon.

She contacted us through our Share Your Story feature, and provided the following answers to our questionnaire.

1. What made you decide to lose weight this time?

Back in October of 2008 I quit smoking after 35 years. I then had a hysterectomy in November. I thought the reason I was overweight was because of the fibroid tumor I had. After the surgery I was still overweight! I was shocked. I decided that if I could quit smoking I could do anything. So I started my journey to become thinner.

2. What other "diets" (programs, products, plans, or services) had you tried in the past?

None. I never realized how overweight I had become over time.

3. What changes did you make to your usual diet, activity, lifestyle, and attitude?

The most important change was quitting smoking. I was then able to become more active. I started by completely changing my diet and started doing more walking and other exercises. I don't think I had exercised in 30 years.

4. How did Calorie Count help you to lose weight?

Calorie Count helped by providing delicious recipes and this was the original reason for joining.  It also provides the calories and nutrition information about different foods.

5. What was most challenging about losing weight?

The most challenging and frustrating part about my weight loss has been getting stuck on a plateau. It seems I am able to lose 10 lbs, then I plateau and I'm not able to lose anymore for quite some time. I joined a gym when I was 150lbs and managed to get to 130lbs which is where I have been for the last 3 months. I can't seem to lose the last 10 lbs!

6. How long did it take you to see results?

I saw results immediately. I hadn't ever been on a diet or exercised in my life. So being 49 years old with a very inactive life style, once I started moving and eating right the first 15 lbs was easy.

7. When did you realize that you were a success?

When I went shopping for new clothes.

8. How do you prevent relapse?

I haven't attained my goal yet - so I just keep exercising and eating right. Hopefully, I have been doing this long enough, so that it has become a new way of life at this point.

9. How has your life changed now that you've lost weight?

I enjoy walking my dog and he loves it too. He was gaining weight as well, so he is now getting back into shape together with me. My husband and I are eating much healthier and trying new foods and enjoying being active.

10. What five tips do you have for other dieters?

  • Get off the couch and exercise. Start slow and increase your activity.
  • Count calories.
  • Look for new exciting recipes and try new foods. 
  • Set small goals.  Once you achieve your first goal, it motivates
    you to try harder and achieve your next goal. 
  • Do things and eat foods that your enjoy and you will succeed in losing weight and changing your life.


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You look great and congratulations on your successful weight loss!  Reading these success stories is encouraging and helping me to know that I can be successful also.  Thank you!

Great job. You look great even if you haven't lost the last 10 lbs. I understand the plateau frustration. After trying to lose weight for the past 17 months and losing 59 lbs, I've weighed 155 for the past 3-4 months. My goal is 130; maybe I should join a gym like you did in order to lose the rest.

Original Post by: bev12

Great job. You look great even if you haven't lost the last 10 lbs. I understand the plateau frustration. After trying to lose weight for the past 17 months and losing 59 lbs, I've weighed 155 for the past 3-4 months. My goal is 130; maybe I should join a gym like you did in order to lose the rest.

Ditto! Well Done dieting or giving up smoking alone are hard enough but both together is impressive, keep on the last 10 pounds will be tough but well worth it x

"Do things and eat foods that your enjoy and you will succeed in losing weight and changing your life."

What a GREAT pearl of wisdom! You are doing great and your methods are so on target for success. Fantastic work.

Wow!  I loved this success story!  Best I've read!  Maybe cause my story is so similar.  I never had a weight problem and then poof after my hysterectomy, I slowly have gained 50lbs in 10 years.  I've had a heck of a time trying to lose them.  I started two years ago and have only lost 11 lbs.  I truely believe that getting off the couch is the key for women over 40!  Thanks for sharing your story I'm very motivated thanks to you.

I too am a smoker!  I've been working on quitting by reading a book by Allen Carr my brother and sister have quit with this book.  He states that people think that if they quit smoking they will gain weight.  That is an illusion, brainwashing.  Your story has shown me that he is right!  How can you not have more energy after quitting smoking!  I also thought that quitting and losing at the same time is against what everyone advises not to do.  However, looks like you did it and I'm going to follow in your footsteps!  Thanks again

try tootsie pops, worked for me.I was a 3 pack a day smoker. started at 13 and stopped at 65.

Very encouraging story! Goes to show that determination and just starting can help one reach goals!  You look great and must feel so much better!

You definitely busted the myth that stopping smoking will put on weight: yeah, only if you substitute eating for smoking! ha ha  You substituted excercise and improved your life!

Keep up your new lifestyle, and I am sure that we will be reading that you lost those last ten pounds! You go, girl! Hot at 49 is a good thing!


I am going through the same thing! I just turned 50 last month, stopped smoking after 30 years, I have 30 lbs to loose, and I had a hysterectomy last year because of fibroid tumors. You gave me hope that I can get past this and loose the weight! I am on Chantix which makes me moody and agitated but I tried cold turkey. How did you stop smoking and get past the cravings? I can get to week 9-12 and then relapse!

To lizzientexas:  I haven't lost the weight yet, just getting started with that.  But as for smoking, I quit 7 yrs ago after smoking for almost 32 yrs. I am now 56.  At that time they didn't have Chantix, so my gynecologist put me on Wellbutrin, which is the same as Zyban, only cheaper.  After being on it for 3 mos. I finally said enough, and have been smoke free ever since.  It doesn't make you agitated or moody, in fact it does quite the opposite.  It evens out your moods so you stay level.  It's an antidepressant, but it works great.  Once I quit, two mos. later I was off of the Wellbutrin.  That drug to me is a miracle drug and I recommend it for anyone who wants to quit smoking.  Good Luck to you in both of your endeavors.  I put on most of my weight since I quit smoking (45 lbs) but that is my fault for being lazy, not moving around enough, and not eating right.  To anyone who wants to quit smoking and lose weight, do the smoking first then go after the weight.  I am going to get to moving and start losing now. 

Congrats mom!! I am glad that all your work in the gym has paid off.  You are inspiring many people to lead more healthy active lives and deserve a big hug when I get back home from college this december.  We will have to hit the gym once again and spend some more time on the old tread mill.  Cant wait to see you in a few months and keep up the good work. LOVE YOU MOM!!!


Congratulations and how nice is it to enjoy the foods you eat and understand the nourishment they give your mind, body, and soul.  Your story is a true testament to how small changes we make effect everything around us.  Keep up the amazing lifestyle and enjoy.

Hi Lizzientexas, I tried to quit so many times.  The truth is - there is no easy way.  You have to decide that for once and for all you will not pick up that cigarette.  I stayed away from situations where there was alcohol and smokers for about 2 months - until I knew I wasn't going to be tempted.  Once you get it in your head "that's it - I'm done" you can do it and be free from cigarettes hopefully forever.  It's so hard - but worth it.  Once you conquer cigarettes, the sky's the limit.  You can do anything! 

to lizzieintexas:  i kept reminding myself how hard it is to quit and that i don't want to have to do it again.  workbreaks with smokers have to go!  i had to accept the loss of time with my usual work friends at the smoking corner door.  Oh, i also talk to others who want to quit, which reinforces the feeling of accomplishment, and i celebrate hallmark dates and the anniversary of my quit date.  i haven't gotten bronchitis since i quit, which makes it easier to exercise.  You can do it!!!

Wow!  Did I need to see this posting!!!  I quit smoking 20 days ago!  I first joined Calorie Count September of 2009 and I lost 30 lbs (while smoking)... and I am really happy with my weight and size (5'8", size 8)...but alas, my shorts are feeling a bit snug.  So just a week ago I decided to get back on this web site, start logging my calories, exercising because I DID NOT LOSE ALL THAT WEIGHT JUST TO PUT IT BACK ON BECAUSE I AM NOT SMOKING!  I feel I am on the right track now and I know that I can succeed.  Your story is inspirational for me...thank you for sharing.  I am on Chantix and it has made the world of difference, it makes cigarette taste bad and not give you that "high" when you smoke. 

this story about is really great - it gives everyone great motivation not only to quit smoking but to get off the couch and do some exercising.  Two inspiring stories for the price of one.  Congratulations.

However, in response to using meds to quit smoking - be advised that the antidepressents mentioned side effects can be wide and severe.  What works for one person won't work for another.  I checked into Wellbutrin when I quit smoking but the possible side effects were just too scary.

Like others I finally bit the bullet and just stopped.   Smoking raises your metabolism rate which is why some people stay smoking because as soon as you quit you might gain a few pounds.  Doctors will tell you that the 5-10 lb. weight gain is minimal when compared to smoking.

Good luck in reaching your goals everyone.



Congratuations!! You look awesome.  I think it so great that you were able to quit smoking.  That with everything has added years to your life!  Great job!

This is very inspiring for me! I too just quit smoking in August of this year and had a complete hysterectomy 2 weeks ago! I am 44 as of last friday and have put on quite a few pounds over the past year. I recently started with CC and plan to stick with it. My last weigh in was at the doctors office 2 weeks ago and I was 150lbs.  I have been doing CC for almost a week now and am curious as to if there have been any changes.

I have been pushing myself a little too hard though with walking my dogs only 4 days after surgery. But I am not the type of person who can just sit around. Ok, yeah, maybe at the end of the day, work, walking, making dinner, doing house chores, then I will just sit on the couch. But, water has been my mainstay at that point for the past 2 weeks. I don't want to be one of those women who says, "I gain all this weight after my hysterectomy".  I think that is a cop out.  Although....I can see how it can happen.  All you watch is Food Network, get hungry, make something and eat the entire thing! I'm guilty of it.  After 4 days of doing that....I said no more!  I set goals for myself.  And I will do whatever it takes to meet those goals. Fortunately for me, I own my own business so I can set my own pace. But I will be starting back to work in 2 days for 1/2 day at a time.  I have to stay away from the t.v. and the temptations of the kitchen.

Being able to use the food log and activity log as well as journal my thoughts on CC has been a fabulous experience.  But being able to read a success story such as yours, with having so much in common, is truly inspiring to me. Thank you so much!


Hey there!

I also am on Chantix...for the 3rd time.  My first 2 times were nightmares. This time it has been great. Ask your doctor if there is something you can do with the Chantix to help with your mood swings.  I am taking an extreme low dose of Xanax at night.  It has made a world of difference.  Also, this time with Chantix I started with cutting all the pills in 1/2 as advised by my doctor after the first month I upped my dosage to 1 1/2 pill per day and so on. 

This worked for me, but talk to your doctor about it. All it takes is a phone call.  You can do this! I am to the point now where I forget to even take my pill for days on end and still no smoking. I'm glad I chose to try it again and this time I will make it work!

I quit smoking on 9/23/09... with Chantix....I haven't taken the pill in over a week and am doing great.  Haven't cheated yet, don't plan to.  Joined a gym yesterday (planet fitness, $1 enrollemnt. $10 per month, no contract, no kidding) I've gained a little but I am motiviated.  Didn't lose the 30 lbs last year just to become a fat non-smoker!!!  Keep up the good work alldog!!

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