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How can I gain weight and how much should I gain?
Asked by adi_kooldud on Mar 02, 2009 in Weight Maintenance

I’m a 16 yr old boy and I weigh 58 kg (128 lbs). I am very active; I play tennis every other day for 3 hours. I sleep for around 7 hours a day.  I am a food lover and I eat lots of food and chocolates. I don't skip meals and my diet consists mainly of rice.  How can I gain more weight?


The pediatric BMI calculator at gives you this message:  This boy has a body mass index of 17.8, which is at the 9th percentile, and indicates that he is at a healthy weight.  

You are quite tall and very active, and so it is difficult to meet your calories needs, plus to add extra calories to gain weight.  But you can choose more calorie-dense foods like nuts, nut butters, seeds, dried fruit, and foods prepared with oil.  Perhaps, you can add fat to your rice and eat a snack before bed.  Eat large meals, and in-between, sip on high-calorie juice and dairy drinks.  You will "fill out" once you stop growing.  Trust in the wisdom of your body to lead you to your correct weight.

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