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Can I gain weight by eating cake and ice cream if I lift weights?
Asked by beezle on Sep 03, 2008 in Fitness

I just turned 28 and I'm 6'5" and 190 lbs.  I want to be closer to 215 lbs. I have been trying to gain weight and recently lost 3 lbs.  If I'm working out and eating foods that are high in calories but not the healthiest, like cakes and ice cream, will the weight gain go where I want it to or would unhealthy food automatically turn to fat in the stomach area?


Foods with empty calories don’t automatically turn into belly fat, but you need the nutrients in wholesome food to turn calories into energy and protein into muscle.  To gain weight, you personally need 3000+ calories a day, and so there is plenty of room for treats along with wholesome food.  If you lift weights, you will gain muscle but you need 3 cups of milk and 7 oz of meat group foods in a day for protein.  You also need fruit and vegetables, whole grains and oil for the fiber, vitamins and minerals they provide.  Read about what to eat at your calorie level on My Pyramid and read how to gain weight at

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