FreeBird Chicken Nutrition

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Address 220 N. Center St.
Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania 17026
United States
Phone 800-468-1991
Added 2010-12-08 14:12:34
FreeBird offers you the option of fresh Antibiotic-free chicken, fresh Organic chicken and our new convenient, Heat and Eat frozen line. FreeBird chickens are so naturally delicious that they have won taste tests conducted by chefs at one of the nation's top culinary schools. The reason our chickens taste so good is that they are raised naturally, on a proprietary recipe of pure sun-kissed corn and soybeans. Just that, and plenty of fresh well water. This is in stark contrast to how chickens on factory farms are fed--with ground up animal byproducts and filler ingredients. FreeBird chickens are also allowed to roam, flap their wings and live in a stress-free environment. That too, makes a difference. And of course, the fact that they are totally antibiotic-free means more purity of taste. Or dare we say, "They taste like real chicken."

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