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WELL HERE'S THE THREAD FOR YCC'ERS TO SHARE THEIR MEALS. NO MEAL PLANS UNDER 1500 CALORIES FOR FEMALES OR 1800 CALORIES FOR MALES. PERIOD!! Posts that exhibit undereating will be deleted so consider yourselves warned. That means if your meals LOOK LIKE they are less than the 1500/1800 then they should be counted explicitly and those values should appear in your post or they will be deleted.  Thanks and happy posting! 

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B-1/2 Cup of sultana bran topped with bluberry yoghurt and a banana (300)

S- light red bull, nakd orange bar (150)

L- nestle "build up" instant chicken soup (210)

S- pink lady apple, cola chewits (200)

D- 1/2 can of heinz tomato soup,sunflower roll with laughing cow & branston, a roll with red sauce (500)

S- Tea,resse's pb cups (260)

- 16-1700 ish

breakfast: multigrain oats cooked in vanilla coconut milk & banana, topped with freeze dried blueberries + strawberries, unsweetened coconut flakes & 1.5 tbsp almond butter with flax, coffee + skim

snack: trail mix while out - cinnamon almonds + yogurt raisins + dried bing cherries & raw cashews, skinny vanilla latte

lunch: chicken caesar salad, wildberry smoothie & a small apple

snack: whole grain crackers & smoked gouda, fage + strawberry preserves

dinner: baked olive oil + rosemary tilapia, roasted squash + brussels sprouts, brown rice + orzo pilaf & a glass of mango carrot juice

dessert: tj's dark chocolate peanut butter cups :) and skim milk

snack: strawberry coconut milk ice cream, sliced banana + a tbsp cashew butter

carrotcake: justins maple almond butter! <3 how are you doing?</p>

daydream - so happy to see youre back! we're pretty much in a similar situation -- i started having a lot of trouble gaining, hyperactive thyroid problems etc. and i got a little too comfortable maintaining. at first i didn't feel as though i needed to gain, thought i felt fine at this weight but it caught up with me - i'm back to feeling low on energy, randomly sad sometimes..but really - we both can get back on track! oh + those greek yogurt treats sound to die for! xo

zeb: you are gorgeous! i love your new picture :) i used to love stir frys with peanut sauce, i completely forgot about them!

emsaurus: youre off to a great start, your lunch = yum, goat cheese + smoked salmon are fantastic together!


I am super hyper right now! Instead of going to school today I went to the band UIL competition! We did really well!!! We got straight 1's in both prepared performance and sightreading! YES! Our band director was soo happy with us because at our pre-uil contest we actually had to STOP the whole piece we were playing and start over again we got so off! But we pulled ourselves together and really concentrated today! Then we went to Cici's pizza buffet afterwards for lunch! I really enjoyed myself too, I ate everything with absolutely not ED thoughts whatsoever! I had a great time with my freinds :D!

b- 2 slice toast w/ PB, 6 oz carb master spiced pear yogurt (350)

s- 4 oz fiber one yogurt (50)

l- 1 slice thin crust italian pizza, 1 slice Hawaiian pizza, biiiig salad w/ tons of veggies &olives& a bit of reduced calorie italian dressing, lots of marinara sauce for dipping, part of a piece of apple pizza/pudding pizza/cinnamon roll, (600? 700?--Doesn't matter, I'm not in a caring mood!)

s- soooo fulllll.... couldn't do it!

d- Dad's makin' waffles! Adding berries & yogurt (500)

s- Cookies n cream ice cream (200)


twinkle: strawberries get old after awhile because you have to bend down for so long and after awhile your back starts killing you. I completely agree. There is something about fresh seafood that can't be compared to frozen seafood. The same thing applies to fresh bread. The best fried tofu  I ever had was salted fried tofu. Delicious. Awesome job about tackling chinese food head's so yummy!

adrienne: culinary week sounds out of this worth! Way to go about the brownie and the presentation. I have never been very good at badminton..or any sport involving hand eye coordination… I suck at hand eye coordination.  

carrot: They have the maple almond butter in the squeeze pack. So I tried it awhile ago. Out of this world! I used to eat almond butter all the time but I stopped because it just really isn't as tasty as peanut butter. But, Justin's almond butter… mmm. I usually get the plain almond butter from the self-crank at whole foods. I am interested in finding a pistachio butter because I love pistachio. 

cherry: I love the color of your prom dress and the very pretty design on the front. Beautiful!

monica: Congratulations on UIL band. It's a huge important accomplishment. Not to mention you had no ED feelings which is the best thing because guess what you can actually have fun!! 

My mom consumes the cab master yogurts like it's going out of style haha.   



breakfast: raw organic whole rolled oats mixed with organic dry roasted lightly salted soy nuts, organic peanut butter, organic white chai seeds topped with hot diced gala apple in cinnamon unsweetened soy milk. 

snack: petite carrots

lunch: natural cashew carrot ginger soup filled with organic baby spinach and organic sesame tempeh

snack:  organic dry roasted lightly salted soy nuts, cauliflower 

dinner salad; baby organic spinach, celery, mushrooms, cucumber, home-style organic tempeh, and broccoli slaw. hot salad: brussel sprouts, onions, green bell peppers, edamame. 

 snack: lightly roasted organic salted almond & pistachios. endangered species dark chocolate.

smoothie: unsweetened soy milk, strawberries, PB2 powdered peanut butter (AMAZING) 

exercise: n/a AP prep = taken over my life.

calories: 1600-1700s 


emsaurus: I haven't tried making my own nut butters.  I know they can get pricey buying them from the store, especially if you buy the more expensive ones like cashew or hazelnut butter.  That sounds delicious though.  I've never tried walnut butter, but I've been wanting to.

zebulancherry: I actually used to really like eating breakfast; I find it helps get me going in the day!  But it's more economical for me to eat evening-heavy meals because of the all-you-can-eat dinners at my university cafeteria. 

claire: Your eats always look delicious.  Strawberry coconut milk ice cream sounds heavenly.  Is it the Larry & Luna brand?

monica: Congrats on the competition!  That sounds exciting!  And great job on the pizza lunch.  I know it's a challenge eating in front of others, especially if there are a lot of fear foods in unmeasured portions.  ED is screaming at you to restrict and isolate yourself, but it's great that you were able to completely avoid those thoughts and enjoy time with your friends :)

avboston: I'm not very good at badminton either (or most eye-hand coordination sports).  But it was the only PE class that fit into my schedule.  Even though I'm not very good at it, I really enjoy it--it's an 8:00 am class, so it helps wake me up in the morning :) 

--------------------------------------------- -----

I had a very EDish day today, so I'm not going to post it.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I'm going home to see my family tomorrow because of the three-day Easter weekend from school, so I'm excited about that.  :)

Breakfast: Trader Joe's nonfat Red Raspberry Yogurt with 3 strawberries

Lunch: Bean and Cheese Quesadilla with refried beans, cheddar and monterey jack cheeses, and a white flour tortilla, 2 dill pickles, 10 pitted black ripe olives

Dinner: Fried Sole with Lemon Sauce, Romaine Lettuce with French vinaigrette, zucchini, and multigrain bread

Dessert: Madeleine cookie (homemade) with lite Cool Whip and marinated strawberries, baked apples with pinch of sugar and cinnamon

Exercise: 30 minute walk to the grocery store

Note: Losing, not maintaining....even if it looks like I'm gaining!

breakfast: raw organic whole rolled oats mixed with organic dry roasted lightly salted soy nuts, organic peanut butter, organic white chai seeds topped with hot unsweetened soy milk and runny spiced cranberry and wine jelly. 

snack: petite carrots

lunch: low carb whole wheat herb & garlic tortilla stuff with broccoli slaw, cucumber, and organic marinated sesame garlic tempeh. 

snack: organic dry roasted lightly salted soy nuts, cauliflower 

dinner salad; baby organic spinach, celery, mushrooms, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli slaw., green bell peppers topped with some homemade pineapple shrimp fried rice (without the eggs) 

snack:: low carb whole wheat herb & garlic tortilla stuff with organic smokin' bacon tempeh and vegan mozzarella cheese with mushrooms

snack: guacamole and artichoke spinach hummus mixed with raw cauliflower, petite carrots, and celery with lightly salted almonds. 

 exercise: n/a

today was a slight disaster my best friend got in a car accident and totaled his car. I was absolutely sick to my stomach because I thought he wasn't ok for over an hour. Then I got in a major fight with my debate coach about prom versus debate tournament. Emotional roller coaster. 

calories: 1600s


adrienne: Hahah, that sounds like a good idea for an 8 o'clock class. Well on the other hand I might be so annoying with my inability to play it could start my day on the wrong foot. 

We have a buffet brunch booked at a swanky hotel. I can't wait to feast! 



avboston: Sorry to hear about your bad day :( But I'm glad ur friend is ok!!

Breakfast: Scotch oats cooked in water with lite "strawberry pavlova" yogurt, frozen blueberries, cinnamon and splenda; english breakfast tea with skim milk and splenda (242)

Lunch: Roast lamb, potatoes, green beans and carrots with gravy; warm chocolate brownie (582)

Snack: Frozen blueberries; strawberry gum (68)

Dinner: Garlic and cheese pizza with ketchup; lots of coke zero (387)

Dessert: Apple; Maltesers (318)


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