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WELL HERE'S THE THREAD FOR YCC'ERS TO SHARE THEIR MEALS. NO MEAL PLANS UNDER 1500 CALORIES FOR FEMALES OR 1800 CALORIES FOR MALES. PERIOD!! Posts that exhibit undereating will be deleted so consider yourselves warned. That means if your meals LOOK LIKE they are less than the 1500/1800 then they should be counted explicitly and those values should appear in your post or they will be deleted.  Thanks and happy posting! 

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I just want to share my dinner on here, because I feel like I really challenged my ED today with it, and the best part is I don't even feel guilt about it. I'm very PROUD of myself, and smiling. I'm not going to post the full day because it wasn't the best. And even though my calories came out to to a very healthy amount, my morning was definitely "safe" and not something to be very proud of.

But anyways, after feeling sluggish all day and thinking about how my body deserves to be nourished, I went out to whole foods so I could take care of myself. 

DINNER: ~1.5 cup of roasted brussels sprouts, 1 cup Nancy's cottage cheese, 2 dried turkish figs, a large avocado, and a bottle of gatorade (not the reduced cal kind!). I plugged that into CC and it came out to over 900 cal. 


Anyways, looking over that I know I'm missing carbs, but I kind of just threw the meal together without planning it out. But now I can look back and see where the improvements are needed. I want to keep this up and get all my meals to look this scrumptious =]

uniquelypaige: I haven't noticed much change in my appearance yet, but I definitely feel far more energetic with 1800 calories! It's really nice, actually. I feel like I have so much freedom now - I just have to learn not to use that freedom to eat tons of junk food, which is what I did today lol. I should be trying to eat mostly healthy calories, that's my goal for tomorrow after a bad couple of days :) 

Breakfast: 2 weet-bix in 1/2c hot skim milk with splenda (152)

Snack: 1/2can of peaches with fat-free cottage cheese (112)

Lunch: Hershey's chocolate sundae pie from Burger King, bag of Maltesers, large diet coke (507) *blush* If it's any excuse, I was with a friend...LOL

*2hrs walking around the shops

Snack: Apple, Starbucks tall non-fat chai latte (new favourite drink lol) (244)

Dinner: Garlic and cheese pizza with ketchup, boiled green beans (404)

Dessert: Fruit and Nut fudge bar, instant nut oatmeal with splenda and cinnamon made with 1/2c skim milk (383)

= 1802

imb916- I remember a little while back we were eating about 1500 calories at the same time. I'm finding the increase in food (although I had to go IP to do it) is making life so much easier! It's ok to have days where you just eat "junk", I think once you've restricted yourself for awhile being able to have all these foods just feels amazing! Plus you had some nutritious food in there ;) so don't feel bad!

I'm packing at the moment to go back to uni!! My meals will look a lot different then because I'll be on the run a lot more. And no access to a freezer so no raspberries because they're too expensive to buy fresh, when I'm at home I buy a kilo bag frozen for the price I can buy 250g fresh! so enjoying it while I can.. but I love all fruit anyway so it shouldn't be too much of an issue! It'll be a chance to break out of my food ruts, which I'm nervous about but it'll be ok!

B: high fibre cereal, yoghurt, raspberries
MT: mango
L: cheese on a wholemeal english muffin, 50g nut bar
AT: cheerios, yoghurt, raspberriesZ
D: spanish omelette, turkish bread
S: custard, raspberries

Bfast 7.45AM- New york bagel & 35g crunchy skippy peanut butter and damson jam, Tea, On the go coffee (500)

Lunch 12.45PM-x2 light laughing cow triangles,cucumbers,salad leaves and appple chutney on x2 wholemeal bread (220) x2 clementines (30)

Snacks throughout the day- baked goldfish pretzels, cinnamon teddy grahams,coffee (290)

Dinner 5.45PM- baked sweet potato,container of pineapple cottage cheese,cucumbers,salad leaves & orangina (420)

Dessert 6.00PM-2 mini reiss peanut butter cups,tea (100)

Supper 9.00PM- Peanut butter and honey cracker sandwiches (200) Tea, skinny cow hot chocolate (260)

Total=1800. Nice :)

Reinewen- ahh really?? such a small piece!! it really does have laughable moments. i remember when i used to measure out my squash (3 calories) in a jug, just to make sure!! ridiculous!! it's true when they say your brain doesnt function properly at those times!! And thankss, i had pancakes anyway, so it's all good ;) do you celebrate shrove tuesday wherever you live?!

Peanutbuttercup12 (by the way i now understand your username, they are heavenly..! ) Thanks again, my face is noticably fuller which makes me look way healthier i guess! Well ye basicaly in the uk, all we have is crunchy or smooth one brand, thats the only nut butter you can get too, unless you count nutella. Don't make me jelous! thats why i practicaly freaked out at wal-mart, i bought a huuge skippy's jar, pb & dark chocolate dreams, pb sachets for on the go, pb cookies, reisses cups, pb cereal.. (needless to say my case was ridiculously full! )

Irishshorty good on you, it's exiting to try out new things huh?! im always super proud when i cook something "exotic" from scratch, when i say exotic i mean anything appart from soup!




So tired today. I was up until 2 studying for my sociology exam, woke up at 7 to study more, and took it at 9. I have two more exams next Tuesday & Wednesday =/ At least no work today & it was beautiful outside - I managed to get in a short little walk with my boyfriend =]

Alsooo, I'm planning to join the gym with my mother/the other 90% of my town. We just got a Planet Fitness about a month ago. This should be fun; I hear they serve doughnuts on Tuesdays or something.

Breakfast: oats (150) & raisins (120) cooked in almond milk (30) & topped with organic vanilla yogurt (130); coffee with almond milk & splenda (10) ~440

Lunch: cracked pepper & olive oil triscuits (120) dipped in hummus (50); boiled broccoli (25) & lima beans (216) with salt, pepper, & Mrs. Dash; coffee with almond milk & splenda (5) ~416

Dinner: "Grilled Vegetables Mediterranean" Healthy Choice entree - barley, brown rice, eggplant, broccoli, tomatoes, red peppers, (2!) chickpeas, & mushrooms with "Mediterranean" sauce (220); can of no salt added green beans with salt added by me ;) (70) & Best Life buttery spread (60); vegetarian baked beans (160) ~510

Snack: sliced banana (110) topped with organic vanilla yogurt (130) & sugar free vanilla ice cream (220) ~460


Lowri: well I don't live in the States so we don't have the pb&dark chocolate stuff like that (I wished we did though!), but I guess it's better than what you guys have. Weird, I guess I didn't care about food when I lived in Britain (or just peanut butter :P) because I don't remember ever thinking that there was none. But I moved here when I was 10, so it makes sense :P I can't even remember up to like 2 years ago :P Your supply sounds great :) Do you have reese's over there? Those are my favourite <3

Imb: don't worry about the "junk". we're young, and nutrition shouldn't be as much of an issue. 80% healthy, 20% fun. you know what is good for you, so don't be afraid to let loose! most of all, don't feel guilty.

Reinewen: $10 for a pack of two!? are you serious? that's messed up :P haven't had poptarts in forever, don't actually like them that much, but it's definitely more like $3 for a pack of 8 or something :P. I know, the trivial-ness of an ED is something I really struggle with. Often I find it hard to open up to my therapist because I feel my thoughts are so shallow, and so non-important in the grand scheme of things - when you think about what other people are going through, with war and poverty etc! I always tell her that I have to think of people with "real problems" when I think too much about my ED. Hopefully htat will give me some perspective.... however, at the same time it's damaging because I don't consider my ED a real problem and thus don't put much effort into curing it .... it's a hard mindset to break.

So today I really, really struggled - restricted all through the day, then at night I was super hungry b/c I had exercised quite intensely and barely eaten, and decided to break my "diet". Felt kind of bad about it, but just thought about what I would say to others who wanted to do what I was doing, and that really helped me. I would never wish this on my friends - so why myself? Anyways, not nearly enough for my exercise level but I'm proud I managed to boost it up, especially as I could have just as easily not had my later snacks.

Breakfast - activia yogurt; banana [190]

Lunch -  salad with light italian dressing; activia yogurt [160]

Snack - apple [100]

Dinner - 2 whole wheat tortillas; chicken+peppers in a fajita mix [400]

Snack - plain yogurt; honey; peanut butter granola [325]

Snack - 2 Clif bars; tea [500]

*Exercise: 38 minutes treadmill, intervals (3.7 mile run); BodyFlow class

peanutbuttercup: i'm so glad you stopped restricting :} i know it's such a struggle, and i'm so proud of you for coming out on top today.

breakfast - steel cut oats with vanilla almond milk, flax, cinnamon, coconut flakes, sunflower seed butter & raw agave.

snack - baby carrots, apple.

lunch - polenta, spicy tahini lentils, spinach & green olives.

snack - string cheese, dried green mango.

dinner - whole grain flax capellini with broccoli, red pepper flakes, garlic & olive oil, black beans & skim mozzarella.

snack - organic chocolate ice cream


lowri- Well, it was 1 x 2 feet, not inches, hahaha! So it was huge. It was probably binging, but at the time I was genuinely soo hungry! =P But I know what you mean by being anal about calories. It so crazy. You'd think that we'd all have amazing mathematic abilities by now, hahah!

PBcup- Yep, they were $10.. =/ Pretty crazy. I used to love them, but goodness knows how long ago that was! ED thoughts are very shallow, you're not wrong there, but you have to realise that it isn't you talking. You aren't an obnoxious worry wart for feeling as though food/weight is crucial, we all know that's just the nature of the disorder, as does your therapist. And as you probably know, hiding your worries will give them the chance to develop into bigger concerns. xP

Yesterday was okay, aside from the fact that I had to have a lunch-dinner thanks to my disorganisation. I should make up for that today however, I'm pretty sure that I'm going out for Japanese(sushi train! =D) and having carrot cake for mah birfday.

Breakfast: 1.5 cups Special K with soymilk and splenda.

Morning Tea: 2x plums, a nectarine.

Lunch: 6x mini teriyaki chicken rice paper rolls.

Afternoon tea: A tall takeaway cappuccino, a slice of vanilla and maple syrup cake, a pear.

Dinner: A wholemeal and oat bread sandwich with ham, salads, sweet chili sauce and philly, a slice of the same bread toasted with butter.

Dessert: 2 scoops of weis mango sorbet.

breakfast: cinnamon-nutmeg whole rolled oats with vanilla-almond milk, flaxseed, banana slices, & almond butter. coffee + vanilla half&half

lunch (Baha Fresh): Chicken Baha Ensalada Salad with salsa, a pink lady apple.

snack: brown rice cake with almond butter, organic apple chips.

dinner: two-egg omelet (stuffed with red pepper, green onion, mushroom, spinach, & olives, topped with sour cream & salsa), a piece of flax toast. cinnamon coffee + vanilla half&half

snack: some pretzel M&M's

total calories: 1600's

exercise: zero, i have a 3-day volleyball tournament this weekend & today will be my last exercise-free today until Tuesday probably!


avboston- spelt tortillas are really yummy! i buy the Rudi's Organics brand, they have whole-wheat & regular spelt, they also have spelt english muffins which are pretty good also.

breakfast: an apple and cucumber

lunch: 4 beef tacos on yellow corn tortilla

dinner: turkey and panela cheese sandwich on sandwich thins whole wheat 

snack: half a cupcake

exercise: 3 hours of dance and 1 of box :)



irishshorty: Whole foods is the perfect location to treat yourself in my opinion. Congratulations on treating yourself and also challenging yourself. A challenge makes you stronger and pushes back that ED. Whooho!

hopeful_: Best of luck on your examinations. I am sure you will do well!

reinewen: Oh it's been forever since I had good sushi. MMM, I am so envious. Have an awesome birthday and enjoy !

volleyballqueen: I have never had anything spelt. I should honestly try it. I have zero bread in my house besides gluten free bread for my father. I am sorry that stuff is so nasty I can't bring myself to eat it. I miss bread haha. 


I am flying to Philadelphia tomorrow to go visit a college. I will be back again on Saturday. I was accepted to the honors college plus a five year master program so I want to check it out again for the second time since that's probably where I am going to go!

 I had my period! TMI alert. It's a little heavier then it as been the past few months. The last few months it was like non existent. However, I have zero cramps or back pain. I am just having a problem sleeping that's it. This is awesome. No pain! I wonder if it's my diet or the evening primrose pills I take. Whatever it is.. I am cool with it. 

I bought some new bars today. I also bought some more organic vegan protein powder so I am very excited to load up my oatmeal. I have a breakfast date with a boy before I leave for the airport. I am excited. He's cute. 

 breakfast: nutmeg vanilla organic whole rolled oats filled with warm blueberries, cinnamon, vega berry flavored protein powder, topped with organic lightly salted roasted soy beans, cinnamon soy milk, organic peanut butter and almond butter, dried pineapple, dried figs, prunes. 

lunch: organic lemon pepper tempeh on a bed of garlic steamed kale with  steamed carrots, green beans, red peppers, artichoke hearts, and brussel sprouts. 

snack: snack sized gala apple, petite carrots, celery 

dinner: teriyaki pork loin on a bed of organic baby spinach with agave vanilla sweet potatoes topped with quinoa and baked beans.

snack: a few pretzel M&Ms, GenSoy; triple chocolate caramel flavored. 

exercise: N/A


Is there anyone in college declared a major or anyone else who already knows their major?  I was coerced into creating a Formspring account by one of my friends, does anyone else have one?  Not entirely sure what to do with it...

Peanutbuttercup12:  I felt that same way-there's so much worse things in the world, it seemed ridiculous to hurt myself in any way when others are hurt much worse through no choice of their own.  I can verify that poptart cost-was just as the local Jewel, the poptarts were $2.98 for a pack of 4 (8 poptarts).

Rosered: Organic chemistry is probably the worst (though I can't speak of physics-it's ungodly)'s not so much that orgo is hard, more that it is rare to get the right answer more than two times in a row-regardless of how much you understand :(

B-french toast with maple syrup; chocolate milk; fruit bowl with fage

S-hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle; 2 fudgsicles

L-2 grilled cheese sandwiches with onions; tomato soup; lemonade

S-banana; apple; veggies smothered in cheese

D-veggie salad with olive oil/vinegar; spaghetti and meatballs in vodka sauce; more veggies in cheese

S-2 vita tops with melted chocolate; whipped cream (love it out of the can =) ; valentine's chocolates

Thanks princessroo & peanutbuttercup for the reassurance :) I know it's not a big deal to eat like that occasionally but I should try not to make a habit of it lol. 

avboston: Oooh, good luck on your date! ;)

Breakfast: Toasted blueberry bagel spread with a melted white chocolate lindt truffle (327)

Snack: A bite of fresh smoked salmon, lots of grilled eggplant, snack-sized moro bar (175)

Lunch: Scotch oats cooked in skim milk and water with splenda, cinnamon, fat-free cottage cheese and canned peaches in syrup (326)

Snack: Mango, pistachio nuts (143)

*10mins running up & down the stairs, 10mins weights

Dinner: Vegetarian burger - grilled vegetarian patty on a toasted southern grain bun with lettuce, sliced cherry tomatoes and ketchup (580)

Dessert: Apple, instant nut oatmeal with splenda made with skim milk (258)


Ugh, I am such a boredom eater. Whenever I am at home all day I constantly feel the need to be snacking, but when I'm out doing things I don't! Oh well, Uni starts soon, that should keep me fairly busy...

I think I did well today. I probably could have distributed my calories better throughout the day, but overall I'm pleased with myself. =]

Breakfast: A small banana and coffee. =70 

(I know I know! But I was on the run! And I made up for it)

Snack/Lunch: Special K Strawberry Protein Bar (170), String Cheese (80), full bottle of Grape Gatorade (150). =400

Lunch: Panera Whole Wheat Bagel (340) and 2oz Hazelnut Cream Cheese (140). =490

Dinner: Edamame (200), Caramelized Onions (60), Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms (50), Grilled Zucchini and Chickpea Quinoa Salad (210), Pesto Baked Tofu (330), a FULL avocado (320), and Peach Oolong Iced Tea (60). =1,230

Holy frickin ****, I can't believe how much I ate for dinner. When I put the meal together it looked like a well balanced amount. But then when I plugged everything in, I guess it just adds up quick. I mean, it makes up for my lack of a well rounded breakfast so I'm not too worried. I guess I'm just shocked.

Anyways.... total is about 2,190. Which is guess is good. It's just higher than I normally eat, but I guess that's what normal people eat.

I had a really challenging day today! I broke a lot of food ruts/rules. Feeling pretty anxious about it now, since it was a fairly unhealthy day..

B: high fibre cereal, yoghurt, raspberries
L: large chicken burger with mayo (haven't had mayo in years!) and a few chips!!
AT: 4 largish cookies (that I baked.. probs too many but oh well)
D: spaghetti bolognese, veggies (soo full, about to have this.. but don't think i'll be having much!)
S: yoghurt, raspberries *really didn't want this :( but knew I was short on my dairy for the day*

So I'm thinking I'm going to go on a longer walk tonight. I'm only supposed to do 30 mins, but feel like I need to do an hour to make up for all that I ate :s

Haven't posted for a while, but i've been sticking to my meal plan (:

B: weetabix, rice krispies, banana, peanut butter + almonds all mixed together

S: milkshake- ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream + milk + banana. Bagel with margarine + jam.

L: sandwich with a quorn lemon escalope, green beans, + eat natural yogurt coated strawberry jam cereal bar.

S: granola + yogurt.

D: wrap with laughing cow cheese, falafels + butternut squash

S: chocolate chip cookie dough pop tarts.

total- 3300

reinewen:  if you don't mind me asking, where did you find the pop tarts over there? aha, sorry if that's a bit random (:

so i lost 4pounds/2kg since coming home from my holiday, how is that even possible? i managed to bump the kcal up a bit today though

Bfast-new york bagel & crunchy peanut butter & damson jam,coffee (500)

Am snack-peanut butter & honey crackers, tea (200)

Lunch-porridge made with water & semi skimmed milk, raisins, damson jam, peanut butter (400)

Pm snack-cookies and cream pop tart, caramel coffee (300)

Pm snack 2- medium ish pancake with apricot jam and (once again) peanut butter (250)

Dinner- pesto,mozzorela wrap (500)

Supper- tea,x5 fig rolls,small handful of revels (475)


*excersize. Not much, walked home 1 mile up hill. 500 crunchies. danced like an idiot in my room. . .


Peanutbuttercup well i still havent tried it, im still hooked on skippy's..! i remember you saying you lived in britain, would you ever come back to visit?? and yesss in some garages on a rare occasion there is a reiss peanut butter cup, very rarely though, i found one in thiss dodgy looking garage once but appart from!

Reinewen aha my mistake, well if you wer hungry it's perfectly justified ;) i go through food quickly, but it's just because i tend to stick to the same foods!!

haha deffinetly, its nice to slowly forget the calorie content of things too, i used to be more knoledged on calories than! !

elle your dinner sounds delicious (and easy enough for me to make haha) how did you do it? il try an attempt!!

avboston crunchies are the only excersize i can do EASILY, because it doesnt take too long, and i can actually FEEL the burn! i really wish i was more active though


 icecream18; I am going to declare physician assistant studies. Have you decided? I have a formspring account I never post it on Facebook so I never get questions. I have several friends that use it regularly. Sometimes they just play around and answer in amusing ways or some give very serious answer and it's like a TMI alert for Facebook!! 



imb916: Thank you! It went pretty well. I can be a boredom eat but I have really worked hard on stopping myself from doing it. I chew gum, stay out of the kitchen, attempt to stay busy, and drink tons of liquids and I don't usually have a problem. I am so busy recently I haven't had that problem though. 

irishshorty: Haha, I love panera breads bagels and cream cheese. I usually get the cinnamon crunch one with the walnut cream cheese. Delicious. Your dinner sounds absolutely delicious though. I have never mixed my tofu with pesto that sounds like an interesting combination! 

lowri93: Whoa, I am not even sure. But, upping the calories for today will be helpful. You go girl for the 500 crunches! 



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