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WELL HERE'S THE THREAD FOR YCC'ERS TO SHARE THEIR MEALS. NO MEAL PLANS UNDER 1500 CALORIES FOR FEMALES OR 1800 CALORIES FOR MALES. PERIOD!! Posts that exhibit undereating will be deleted so consider yourselves warned. That means if your meals LOOK LIKE they are less than the 1500/1800 then they should be counted explicitly and those values should appear in your post or they will be deleted.  Thanks and happy posting! 

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B: Dannon Light and Fit Strawberry Yogurt w/ Fresh Strawberries and an ounce each of homemade Banana and maple pecan bread oh and Coffee!

L: Wild Mushroom soup and a salad w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and wontons w/ a tsp. of blue cheese dressing.

D: Potato and Vegetable curry (YUM!) Grilled QUORN Chicken Cutlet and a Samll Salad w/ Tomato, Dried Cranberries, Diced Fuji Apple, Wontons w/ a tsp. of Blue Cheese dressing.

D: ¼ of a dove dark chocolate square (wasn’t very into it) an ounce of homemade banana bread and an ounce of Maple Pecan Bread w/ a Strawberry Dannon Light and Fit.  

breakfast - oat bran with almond milk, flax, cinnamon, cashew butter & raw honey.

snack - spelt pretzels, dried mango.

snack - greek yogurt with white chocolate chips, granola, almonds.

snack - carrot sticks, quinoa crackers.

dinner - slice of pizza, green beans.

snack - odwalla strawberry protein smoothie.

Pbcup: I hope so, really I do c:  I tried to be as honest and convincing as I could be in 15oo characters (the limit per answer!)  And I've definitely been using it as  motivation.  I have a hard time finding motivation to "recover" since I've always had difficulty seeing myself as someone who needs to recover, since I've never been remotely underweight, technically speaking.  So I use external motivators: this board, university, my love for nut butters, getting my hair back to its former glory (can't get myself excited about periods, to be honest :l). 

Carbau: Definitely no sense in changing a good thing ;)  If the ganache is ten-minutes-of-savouring-worth, then it's seven nights a week worth.

Hopeful: Stairs are the bane of my existence.  I don't even know how many times I walk up and down stairs in my day!  My school is on two flights, with my classes, locker, and cafeteria alternating floors, not to mention my house is divided into upstairs and downstairs haha. 

Rhythms: Were you feeling any better today?

Nicole; Haha, our kitchen is ridiculous: we have so many cupboards, a pantry, even multiple fridges in the basement +a giant freezer and still there never seems to be enough space.  My sister and I joke that my father could be on Hoarders: Kitchen Catastrophes. 

We also have a substantial knife set: two knife blocks +two vases of paring knives +a drawer with some more... yeah.  I'm also crazy concerned about cross contamination, especially since we make and sell food, to a largely senior-age customer base!  Do you have the seemingly universal Tupperware problem?  Too many containers, too few lids? 

And yes the price difference is ridiculous!  For that amount of money, you can buy so many veggies!  Especially when you hit up the reduced-price produce shelf, aka the love of my life.  Super cheap organic bananas, avocados, mushrooms, eggplant, and zucchini?  Don't mind if I do ;)

I might have to try your running split sometime; I tend to keep my peak speed lower since the incline wears me out faster, but I agree, really running feels so powerful!

Volleyballqueen: 1$ Lunas and Laras?  Consider me jealous ;)




Breakfast: Vanilla hazelnut decaf+soymilk; cottage cheese, yogurt, frozen+fresh blueberries, lemon zest, soymilk, cinnamon, and chia seeds with Puffins and sliced almonds

Snacking: Jicama

Lunch: Veganomicon chickpea cutlet with curry ketchup; avocado slices; spiced grilled eggplant and bell pepper, steamed cauliflower and spinach

Snack: Green monster (mixed frozen fruits, blueberries, organic baby spinach, kefir, fromage frais, cinnamon, banana, and supergreens mix) topped with Kashi honey almond flax and crushed walnuts

W/o: P90x chest&back

Snack: Pumpernickel bread with tahini&date molasses

W/o2: BodyFlow class

Dinner: 10-Grain blend cokked in broth with tomato puree, sauteed garlic, an egg, and herbes de provence cooked in, mixed with veggies (spinach, grilled eggplant, roasted tomatoes, seared zucchini) and topped with ricotta, spanish olive oil, and balsamic glaze

Snack: Chocolate Boost + 3 squares 70%Lindt excellence


Breakfast: Puffed wheat soaked overnight with yogurt, soymilk, chia seeds, fresh&frozen blueberries, cinnamon, and lemon zest; topped with Kashi honey almond flax and sliced almonds

Snacking: Jicama

Lunch: Not-stir-fried stir-fry: steamed carrots, snow peas, baby bok choy, grilled red bell pepper, sesame chili sauce, and a sliced chickpea cutlet

Snack: Pumpernickel bread with crunchy pb&honey; soymilk

Gym: BodyCombat class

Apres: Vanilla Boost

Dinner: Giant baked/micro'd sweet potato with cottage cheese, cinnamon, tahini, and date molasses

Snack: Chocolate avocado pudding (avocado, cocoa powder, stevia, melted Ghirardelli dark chocolate)

volleyballqueen: Fingers crossed. I bet you will get the chance to play in college if you stay healthy and remain with volleyball. I love that Luna bars always as good sales at my local grocery store. I usually get 5 for $5 which makes me happy. :) I never tried the chocolate peppermint bar. I guess I am going to have to try it now!

imb916: I don't really count precisely. The only calorie numbers are no for sure is my breakfast. It's about 650-700 calories every day. Breakfast of champions. Hahah. I am maintaining. I fluctuate between 110ish-114 pounds which is fine with me. I eat about 1600-2000 calories a day depending on the day. However, I think most says it's in the 1700 to 1800s. I eat a lot of whole foods. I don't eat many things out of package. The whole rolled oats in the morning with nuts, an apple, carrots, and other vegetables they all start to add up after awhile! Plus, I eat an INSANE amount of spinach. It's sorta scary. Fiber is a great thing for any healthy diet weather is be losing, gaining, or maintaing.

newmeforever: Your workout is meant to challenge you!

Rose: Whoa, we have a packed pantry, and we have a stuffed french door fridge. But I think your sister and you might be right! Haha. That's the one major thing I miss about being up north is having a basement. We don't have basements so we have like no where to store anything! It's stupid.

You put our knife collection to shame. We have knife block, a pair of electric knives, and a drawer with multiple sets of butter knives. Oh wow, so your family business is food? That's so awesome. Oh my goodness. We have an entire cabinet of lids. I can dig for 10 minutes for a stupid lid. My mother as attempted to organize them but half of them are the same stupid color and I grab one and of course it's never the right one. By the time I find it I am annoyed, flustered, and usually swearing something.

We buy in bulk. We buy limes, strawberries, organic blueberries, organic baby spinach, bananas, apples, avocados, and cherub tomatoes. I love buying in bulk. It's the greatest thing known to man!

Yeah, I wish I could do incline while running! I always do it while walking though. The knees just dislike the running uphill thing. So I decide to decrease the impact. I feel like a little old lady sometimes!

breakfast: cream of wheat with coconut milk, whey chocolate protein powder, organic plain applesauce, banana slices, stevia, raisins, and creamy almond butter

lunch: creamy pb & organic apricot preserves on flax bread; baby carrots, annie's organic honey graham bunnies

snack: baby carrots & mushrooms + eggplant hummus, a pink lady apple

dinner: chicken breast on a bed of spinach + lettuce, tomato, avocado, green onion, & balsamic + lemon juice; stir-fried eggplant, mushroom, & onion

snack: frozen blueberries with coconut flakes + agave



rosered93- how much do you get them for? i would never pay over $1 for a bar! i can get clif bar in the box for $2 for 6 bars! but i do like Luna bars better than clif, but lara bars and clif bars are a tie for me!

carbau111- thanks! and yes, i'm definetely commited!

avboston- thanks! :) the chocolate peppermint bar was so good! you should definetely try it ASAP!

Original Post by volleyballqueen:

rosered93- how much do you get them for? i would never pay over $1 for a bar! i can get clif bar in the box for $2 for 6 bars! but i do like Luna bars better than clif, but lara bars and clif bars are a tie for me!

I hate you.  (Kidding, of course c:  Kind of.)  Lunas and Clifs are 1.69/bar, Larabars 1.99/bar.  It's ridiculous, and that's the cheapest I see them--I've seen Larabars at 2.29/bar, Clifs at 2.49/bar (not to mention Canada has a limited variety!).  Kind bars and Simply bars are also crazy expensive.  Which is why I buy them only when they're seriously on sale, and have taken to making my own Larabars. 

Original Post by rosered93:

Original Post by volleyballqueen:

rosered93- how much do you get them for? i would never pay over $1 for a bar! i can get clif bar in the box for $2 for 6 bars! but i do like Luna bars better than clif, but lara bars and clif bars are a tie for me!

I hate you.  (Kidding, of course c:  Kind of.)  Lunas and Clifs are 1.69/bar, Larabars 1.99/bar.  It's ridiculous, and that's the cheapest I see them--I've seen Larabars at 2.29/bar, Clifs at 2.49/bar (not to mention Canada has a limited variety!).  Kind bars and Simply bars are also crazy expensive.  Which is why I buy them only when they're seriously on sale, and have taken to making my own Larabars. 

 that's ridiculous! by the way, when i said that clif bars, i didn't mean the normal clif bars, i meant that ones that are crunchy & have 2 bars in 1 package, you know what i'm talking about? haha

also, kind bars are expensive at my grocery store also, so i don't buy them... well at least expensive to ME, they're like $1.69 each, and i refuse to pay that much!!!!

avboston: WOW, that sounds REALLY healthy! Good job! I love spinach lol

Breakfast: 6" Tuna sub from Subway on wholewheat bread, with smoked cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and olives (333). Weird brekkie I know lol

Snack: Slice of multigrain toast with 1.5tsp Nutella (94)

Lunch: Baked sweetpotato chips seasoned with cayenne pepper, with lite sour cream and ketchup (279)

Snack: 1/3c scotch oats cooked in 1/3c skim milk and 1/3c water, with fresh blueberries, 1/2tsp vanilla extract, splenda and cinnamon added (167)

Dinner: Leftover spinach & ricotta cannelloni in tomato-based sauce (~426)

Dessert: Subway oat & raisin cookie (a million times better heated up), lite vanilla berry yogurt, 4 squares Whittakers hazelnut milk chocolate (401)

= ~1700 

volleyballqueen: I bought a chocolate chunk Luna bar. I didn't know they had it. I had never seen it before. I am waiting to try it. I am surprised my mother let me have it because of the chocolate. I might go grocery shopping today afterschool. I will check it out! rose: that's insane. Would it be cheaper to buy them in bulk off the internet?!

teaandtrifle: Ahhh, that's crazy. I love older houses though! They are always so well built! The thing I love about going up north. My grandmother lives in a three story house with a basement. Well the stairs up to the third floor no on lives up there so she stores all her extra food on the stairs in the winter because it's so cold! It's the funniest thing she like you want apple sauce? and she goes gets it off the stairs!  

 imb916: Thank you! My mother and i go through two two-liter packages of organic baby spinach a week. It's intense. I love spinach in comparison to the most the water lettuce! Plus, its got more nutrients.

How are sweet potato chips? I have only had sweet potato fries. 


breakfast: nutmeg whole rolled oats filled with warm blueberries topped with a snack sized gala apple, organic lightly salted roasted soy beans, cinnamon soy milk, organic peanut butter and almond butter. 

lunch: baby organic spinach and kale topped with balsamic steamed carrots, red peppers, brussels sprouts, and green beans with organic garlic sesame marinated tempeh.

snack: snack sized gala apple, petite carrots, and organic lightly salted roasted soy beans.

dinner: maple ham on a bed of organic baby spinach and blueberries. with balsamic brussel sprouts. 

snack: KIND: cranberry almond bar. petite carrots topped with roasted pine nut hummus, and a nature's own organic chewy pumkin-n-spice granola bar. 

exercise: 2.95 miles run,  45 minutes of shoulder, biceps, chest, and back weights, and the state mandated pacer (running test) I stopped at 65 back and froths on a basketball court. I was the last girl left. I could have run more but eh I was in school clothes. nasty.

The last two days I have been waking up like 45 minutes before my alarm rings and so I am tired of just laying in bed doing nothing! So I got on the computer. 

I had kind of a mini-binge after school today..


Breakfast: 1 cup cheerios with 1 cup soymilk, 1/2 a chopped banana, 5 bites of scrambled egg

Lunch: Container of cooked veggies (spinach, carrots, green peas), 1/2 a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with mustard, Dannon "Light&Fit" vanilla yogurt

Snack #1: 2 oranges, a slice of 45-calorie Sara Lee Bread (not the kind I usually eat)

Snack #2: Serving of chex mix, sugarfree chocolate pudding cup, Fiber One 90-calorie bar

Dinner: Lean Cuisine Cheese Ravioli.. and my daily gummy vitamins

So unfortunately I binged after breakfast.... restricted too much the last week. I am getting so sick of my binge/restrict cycle, my weight isn't changing but it wreaks so much havoc on my mind (and body - I got from falling asleep hungry to not being able to fall asleep b/c I'm so full. Messed up? Yes). ARRGGHHHH.

I'm feeling better now (it's 6:30pm, and I had the binge after breakfast, haven't eaten yet b/c I'm not hungry), partly because I did my first BodyFlow class and it really relaxed me, and partly because I got my report card - 96.3% average. I'm so proud of myself that I almost don't care that I went crazy. After all, I've actually always put school before ED.

Breakfast - english muffin with peanut butter and honey; pear; yogurt

Binge - hot chocolate with whipped cream; 3 cookies; a mini-cupcake; 4 slices of toast with peanut butter and honey (I'm seriously ashamed of this, but saying it - albeit online - makes me remember that it really happened, and is a PROBLEM)

Dinner - "fall vegetables with fusili" (fusili, chickpeas, carrots, zucchini, peppers, celery, mushrooms in a vegetable stock/milk sauce and with a cheese/breadcrumb topping); salad

Snack - hot chocolate; preventia bar

*Exercise (got the gym, thank God): 25 minutes running on treadmill; BodyFlow Class

Ughh. I'm so sick of this. I'm hating this weight gain. It may be partially because of high sodium intake and dehydration, but its been like this for a few weeks so I just don't know. This week I'm am determined to drink a lot more water and cut back my sodium intake but its so freakin hard when eating in a caf! They add salt to everything!! >:( I guess it'll help if I replace my instant oatmeal w/ steel cut oats but I still have a whole other 10 packets to use and I HATE wasting food like that :/. I will do it though when I run out. I'm sure it'll be cheaper too... But yeah if anyone sees ANY more ways I can eliminate the sodium in my diet can you PLEASEEE tell me? Thanks!


B: Weight control instant oatmeal w/ all bran, chopped apple (293cal)

S: Life nutrition bar (So what if theyre for adults; they taste good and have fiber and protein so they aren't gonna kill me ;) ) (150cal)

L: HUGE salad (romaine, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, kidney beans, light italian); 1cup honey nut cheerios; 1.5oz raisins (468cal)

S: Light and fit blueberry yogurt (80cal)

D: 1/2 bagel w/ peanut butter; side salad (romaine, carrots, broccoli, light italian); 1cup lucky charms; 4 iced oatmeal cookies (YUM :)) (712cal)

S: Payday bar; Peanut butter sandwich crackers; 1 square ghirardelli 60% cacao (473cal)

Total: 2176cal

Exercise: An hour and a half(maybe?) of dance? Thats what I logged it as; I don't know for how long I actually danced...

Pbcup: <3 You're doing such an amazing thing to write this out, to admit it in as many words.  Even if you've spoken before about how bingeing and restricting has been an issue, being able to commit it to paper (...well, almost) takes a lot of strength and courage.  I'm hoping it's somewhat therapeutic?   I'm also happy you tried your first BodyFlow aka one of my true loves!  It definitely helps me on days when I feel a lot of resentment or loathing towards my body--it really does calm the mind and give you a bit of appreciation for what you can do (especially Balance Tracks!).  Also: 96.3 is amazing!  You're making strides towards your future in Victoria c:

Purplerain: I'm sorry you felt a little out of control (I'm assuming that's your binge criteria since I'm not seeing any "binge" meals/snacks written?)  Maybe you should work on increasing your breakfast and lunch calories--they look rather light.  Best wishes

Nicole: I'd probably lose all my savings due to shipping costs haha.  And I've had the same weird wake-up thing the past week or so.  I'll set my alarm for 7:00 and I'll wake up at 6:30, 6:50, even 6:59!  It's so odd, especially since I've been going to bed rather late.  Are you waking up after a "full eight hours" (or your personal equivalent) or is it just random?

It's not so much a family business as it is a weekends-only job.  My dad's childhood friend runs a Waddington's auction and we kind of signed up to do the canteen, it used to be Sundays only with the occasional Monday, but they opened a second location last week!  My dad still has a "dayjob", and we don't have anything official-official. 

And I sympathize with your Tupperware rage haha.

Teaandtrifle: I'm feeling slightly more normal, haha.  I've got the holiday table o' food thing, too ;)

Volleyballqueen: I know what you're talking about, but they don't even sell those in Canada!  The only Clif-brands here are the original Clifs and Lunas--no minis, Mojos, Z-Bars.  You can see why I was so excited to go to America haha.  Do you have any "splurge" foods?  It's definitely bars and nut butters for me c:

purplerainx3: I don't think you had a mini-binge. I think you have a nice mixture of different types of snacks! I completely agree with Rose above that you might want to add more calories in the early part of the day which will stop that hungry out of control feeling. However, are you eating above 1,500 calories? By my rough calculations I would say it hovers around 1,200 calories. Correct me if I am wrong though!

peanutbuttercup12: I think writing down everything makes you really see things you wouldn't have otherwise. Congratulations on doing so well in school! Awesome job. Keep working to stop that cycle of binging. You know you hate the feeling! If I have been remember correctly you have been doing so well you haven't binged in a while. That's awesome you went to a BodyFlow class I have read a lot about them! Sounds relaxing.

heyleeluv47: First, your menstrual cycle can spur on that bloated feeling brought on by high sodium and low water intake. Nevertheless, I think since you eat so much in cafeteria I would focus more on increasing your water intake. You exercise heavily. You should be drinking way more the 8 cups of water a day! I always bring a water bottle with me it's an easy way to get plenty of water. Plus, since the water bottle is reusable because it's one of those kinds its environmentally friendly and cheap because I don't need to keep on buying water plastic water bottles! 

rose: Darn, I totally forgot about the shipping cost. Everything is so expensive to ship these days it's insane. :/

I usually either wake up with my alarm at 6:07 or I wake up before it. I love the number 7 so I wake up at the 7s of different hours. 6:07,6:17,6:27… haha very strange but I like it! I go to bed insanely early. I wake up at 6:07 and I consistently go to bed between 8:45 and 9:30 every single weekday. On the weekend because of debate it's inconsistent. I am an extremely early riser. So I have this inability to sleep past like 8 o'clock. I just physically can't. I always go to bed early though so I usually always get 8-9 hours sometimes more… because if I go to bed late I won't get enough sleep because I will be physically up at the crack of dawn..What about you? 

That's really interesting! Awesome. I am glad that someone feels my rage too! haha. 


avboston- i've never tried the chocolate chunk flavor, but it sounds good! i'm definetely gonna try that one! :)

rosered93- aww, that sucks :/ i'm sure you stalk up on food whenever you come to america! haha. for "splurge" foods, i love frozen yogurt and any type of chocolate! i also love bars & nut butters, those are my favorite snack! :D


breakfast: organic plain yogurt with frozen blueberries, agave, and coconut flakes; toasted flax bread + apple butter

snack: chocolate-peanut-butter Odwalla bar

lunch: creamy pb & apple butter on flax bread; baby carrots, annie's organic chocolate bunnies

snack: cucumber & mushroom slices + eggplant hummus, a bosc pear

dinner: organic teriyaki ground beef on a bed of spinach + romaine, sauteed orange pepper + onion, tomato, green onion, mushroom, & balsamic + vinegar; sweet potato + organic ketchup

snack: frozen blueberries + agave + coconut flakes; banana chips & dry roasted mixed nuts

exercise: 25 minutes elliptical -- 15 minutes jumping-rope; interval/strength workout

breakfast: nutmeg organic whole rolled oats filled with warm blueberries topped with organic lightly salted roasted soy beans, snack sized gala apple, cinnamon soy milk, organic peanut butter and almond butter. 

lunch: baby organic spinach topped with, sesame garlic organic tempeh, and steamed green beans, red peppers, yellow peppers, carrots, and onions.

snack: petite carrots, snack sized gala apple

snack: (the last two days I have been starving so I came home early because of the early release and ATE) organic multi-grained oatmeal filled with warm blueberries with dried apricots and dried pineapple. 

dinner: kilbasa with steamed carrots, green beans, and cabbage with baby organic spinach. 

snack: organic corn tortilla chips topped with vegan mozzarella cheese and roasted pine nut hummus warmed in the microwave together. dried pear and dried pineapple 

exercise: N/A


I had an early release from school because of a possibility of ice! I could also have a late start tomorrow because of it! This is insane. 

Also, I been so hungry the last few days. what's the deal? is it possible I am not eating enough or PMSin going on?


rosalie: wasn't feeling great yesterday. i'm feeling okay today though. upward and onward!

breakfast - greek yogurt with coconut almond macaroon granola, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and honey @ starbucks. green tea.

lunch - whole wheat baguette with gruyere, hummus and sprouts, string beans & honey sesame almonds.

dinner - 1/2 honey whole grain thin crust pizza with cremini, shiitake, white and portobello mushrooms, pesto, mozzarella, fontina & parsley. + 1 slice margherita. 

snack - small handful of tj's mini peanut butter cups, 8 oz odwalla strawberry protein.

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