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YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?

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So, you know the drill. What did you young  calorie counters (under 21)eat today? 

Meal plans less than 1500 for females OR 1800 for males will be deleted as they violate CC guidelines and are unhealthy. 

You need calories to grow, develop, and mature whether you realize it or not so PLEASE do not post low calorie meal plans. This is a space that should encourage healthy eating and give others ideas. I appreciate your respectfulness and abidance to the rules. 

If someone posts a meal plan UNDER 1500 calories for sedentary females, 1800 for sedentary males, then please report it by PMing me with a reference to the post # so that it may be deleted. It makes it much easier to keep this thread healthy. Thanks! 



B: French toast made w/2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 egg, splash of milk. Topped w/ 2 tbsp syrup and a sliced banana. With 1 cup skim milk.  - 550

S: 1 oz nuts and 1 oz dark chocolate- 320

L: 1 pita filled w/ 2 tbsp hummus, 4 oz grilled chicken, and sprouts. Baby carrots and an apple on the side-  400

S: 1 oz cheddar cheese and 1 serving kashi crackers- 220

D: 1 serving whole wheat pasta tossed w/ 1 tbsp olive oil and herbs. w/ a side of sauteed broccoli - 350

S: 1 apple dipped in 2 tbsp peanut butter mixed w/1 tsp honey~300

TOTAL: 2140


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reinewen:  congrats on the 2500!!! that's awesome :D always listening to your stomach works :)

rugby: banana pb oatmeal is the best, isn't it? hehe


Very proud of myself today!! i wanted a bagel with butter so badly for lunch, even though I didn't have much protien with breakfast. I got the bagel anyway :) I'm having a clif builders bar now though, so hopefully that and dinner will fix that up. I went with what i wanted though, so that's what counts i think!

Breakfast: 1 bowl of high fiber cereal w/ cinnamon; 1 vanilla yogurt; 1 apple sauce; 1 hard boiled egg

Lunch: 1 WW bagel w/ two containers of butter (1 tbsp-ish); 1 fruit cup

Snack: Chocolate clif builders bar; 1 cup of cantaloupe; 1 hard boiled egg

Dinner: WW spahghetti w/ meatballs; salad w/ dressing

Snack: 1 kashi cookie; mango apricot yogurt w/ granola; strawberries

Exercise: 40 minute walk home 

Past 2 days:

B: Whole wheat crepe + strawberries + 0% greek yogurt, coffee + 2% milk

L: potluck of doom :) ate loads, and  nibbled a bit before/after as well (Quinoa, salads, cookies, pie, eggroll..)

D: Ravioli w/ mushroom/tomato sauce

It totaled ~ 1900 cals, but I really can't be sure

B: 1/2C 2%milk, coffee, 1 whole wheat english muffin, 1 tbs peanut butter, loads of strawberries

S: Carrot cake clif bar

L: Ravioli w/ tomato/mushroom sauce, oatmeal cookie (not on meal plan, but trying to realize that if I want something, I can add it without it being the end of the world. Too much sugar today because of it, but meh.)

S: Coffee w/ 2% milk, walnuts

D: Whole wheat rotini with lentil tomato sauce (more pasta, hurray! ..unintentional)

S: Flax bread w/ almond butter

Exercise: Beep test! + walking

~1880 calories. I still don't know if this is maintenance or not.. I feel like I ate a lot, but it was really fiber-rich foods (especially the lentil sauce) so.. I really don't know. I'll see how my weight is after a week or so.

Goals for tomorrow: less sugar, less sodium.

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Very proud at the moment. I resisted the cookies! It was hard and I'm still thinking about the yummy goodness.... But I will prevail!

So today I had about 1 cup of left over fruit smoothie (made it myself! Only 200 calories.) for breakfast. At lunch I had a banana, boiled egg, clementine, and yogurt. After soccer I had another boiled egg( soooo good) with a little bit of cheese. Total of about 500 calories, but I haven't had dinner yet. Oh, and I went for a 20 minute run. This might be a little extreme but I have a water park field trip that the whole grade is going to coming up. I just want to feel confident and have fun but it's only a month away! Any ideas?

Unless your dinner is 1000 calories your meal plan is too low, especially considering your activity level..

 "If someone posts a meal plan UNDER 1500 calories for sedentary females, 1800 for sedentary males, then please report it by PMing me with a reference to the post # so that it may be deleted. It makes it much easier to keep this thread healthy. Thanks!"

I suggest you eat a bit more, either way. Ideas: Eat more veggies+whole grains/sweet potatoes. You're 14, you're growing, and you want to obtain a BMI of 17.5, which is considered to be underweight. Please don't starve yourself, gaining weight/curves at your age is normal, and you'll get trapped in a viscous cycle if you don't get out soon.

breakfast: cinnamon raisin english muffin with peanut butter, banana

lunch: fruit cup and 3 newton's blueberry fruit thins 

dinner: this GINORMOUS wrap made of chicken salad, lettuce, and cheese on whole wheat, pizza goldfish crackers, strawberries & grapes

snacks: going to try to get some more veggies/fruit before the night's over


i realize that my lunch was awful. i had to stay late after class and didn't have enough time to eat before work, so i just ate the snacks i had brought for break :'(  i need to find a way to bring actual meals out and about with me. i go way too long without eating and then eat a huge meal when i get home at 11 p.m.

Mochacafe: Thanks!! I am so happy I went with my gut and ate all that I wanted. And guess what.. my weight today was exactly the same as it was about a month ago! Well, maybe 700 grams difference, but that's a fluctuation for me(I fluctuate between 1kg)! So I'm going to keep eating 2500 or more and just monitor my weight. If it starts creeping up, I can drop back to 2300 or something. No biggie. =) By the way, I love the look of your eats! I've never had clif or luna bars, but I would love to try them sometime! I eat just regular chocolate bars, because here in Australia we don't get clif or luna bars.

So, yesterday was around 2600 calories if I were to count it all up. WOOT! With around 40 minutes of walking. I am SO surprised that I am able to maintain my weight with this intake. It's crazy to think that I maintained on only 1800 for ages.. I must have restricted big time! I feel so much brighter now, not dizzy at all, and most importantly FREE!


- A bowl of uncle toby's Plus fibre, with soymilk

Morning Tea~

- A skim mocha with a mini anzac biscuit

- An orange


- A tuna, salad and cheese toasted sandwich

- A large glass of apple and mango juice

Afternoon Tea~

- A pear

- A snickers bar

- A handful of 'delicious mix': almond, pistachio, cranberry and white chocolate.


- Vegetable pasta


- Two scoops of So Good vanilla icecream with mixed berries

- Two plain biscuits.

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Hey guys!

Mocha -- ABSOLUTELY! I love, love, LOVE banana PB oats!

thisiskaty -- I know what you mean when you talk about how filling high fiber foods can be, it makes me worried some days that I am eating too much haha even though calories are calories. Good luck with maintanence -- but don't you think that maybe you could eat more and maintain? I know what ED can be like, so I know it's tough to trust your body.


B: 1/3 c oats, 1 TB PB, 3/4 c cereal, fat free greek yogurt (490)

S: peanut butter Clif bar (240), light n fit yogurt (80)

L: 2 c romaine, fat free dressing, julienne turkey, apple (180)

S: muscle milk (220)

D: 2 c romaine (20), fat free dressing (20), grilled chicken (70), apple (70)

S: 2 slices light wheat, 1 TB PB, light n fit yogurt, 1 TB mixed nuts

Total: 1685

Exercise: 25 mins stationary bike, 25 mins walking, 60 min strength training

Similiar to yesterday, but I was so nice and satisfied yesterday!

Hey, it's been a few days - I haven't forgotten you all, I have just been really busy with uni :'(

Anyway, today!

Breakfast - x4 weetbix, 250mL soy milk; banana

Snack - 200g fat free yoghurt + 2 Tbsp mixed seeds

Lunch - wholemeal sandwich with falafel, light hummus, spinach, tomato and red onion; red apple; diet sprite

Snack - 40g mint chocolate bar (2nd day in a row of chocolate o_O)

Dinner - I made an awesome pita and vegetable lasagna!

Snack - hot chocolate; apple + cinnamon rice custard

**exercise - 4.2km run, 1.8km walk, 2.5km bike ride, 15 mins strength


I was back and forth about it for so long. I was thinking "what if it's not challenging enough?" But then, I realized; i'm looking for a challenge. If I really want a challenge, a mental challenge would be more in order in my current position. Plus, it's only 3 weeks ish. I'm worried abotu weights though. Would I lose muscle mass if I did weights after practice and after dinner? no, NO! I'M GONNA DO THIS THING! 

reinewen: so happy for you girl!!! You seem to really have it together, so kudos! And luna and clif bars taste good, but they don't fill me up in the least. I'm going to stop buying them once I finish them because they just don't fill me up. I could have them for dessert when it's not necessary that i'm full but honestly, i'd ratherust eat a chocolate bar lol. 

h m h: good luck at uni!!! Hope all goes well :)


Breakfast: bowl of strawberry joe's o's; 1/2 cup of strawberries; raspberry yogurt; hard boiled egg

Lunch: buffalo chicken sandwich; chocolate milk; 1 cup of fruit salad

Snack: Kashi crackers w/ 1 tbsp. of peanut butter; 1/2 cup of strawberries

Dinner: 4 oz-ish hamburger w/ a slice of cheddar soy cheese; Small WW bun w/ ketchup and sliced pickles; salad w/ dressing

Snack: 1 organic strawberry toaster pastry; cantaloupe

Exercise: 30 minutes of free weights, 40 minutes of cardio (i've been doing 45 lately, so it was a big accomplishment that I cut it down to 40 :D), 15 minute bike ride to the gym and a 15 minute ride back, 20 minutes of walking in gym class.


EDIT: I think i'll post for tomorrow too, because it's going to be a busy day, and I already know pretty much what i'm going to eat. So, for 4/26/12...

Breakfast: Cinnamon Raisin Bagel w/ Cream Cheese; 1/2 cup of Strawberries

Lunch: Roast Beef Sandwich w/ lettuce & tomato; mocha yogurt; about 1 cup of watermelon; carrots

Snack: Trail Mix; 1/2 cup of melon

Dinner: Chicken Chipotle Wraps bistro box; tall passion tea lemonade

Snack: 1 banana chocolate chip protein muffin; vanilla yogurt w/ almonds; 1/2 cup of strawberries

Exercise: 30 minutes of free weights, 40 minutes of cardio, walking around at the mall, buying my new running shoes :D


mochacafe: good for you!! :D cross country was my favorite thing ever <3 i miss it. it is definitely a challenge, don't worry about that, haa. it's only three weeks, though? we ran for like, 3 months. started off getting heatstroke and ended by getting frostbite. :) aha. 


breakfast:  whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter

lunch: half of a baked potato, grilled barbecue chicken, 2 rolls, salad (i went out to eat with my mommy :D) i am actually kinda proud of myself for having 2 rolls. i can't handle bread, ahhh. it's too good. :'(

dinner: banana and three fruit thins. i'm still full from lunch, ha.

snacks: coffee, strawberries

exercise: walked around the mall for 3ish hours, going to go to the gym and do the elliptical for 30 minutes in a bit


Hey guys, I am officially a newbie in the YCC eats thread! I am 18 years old, fresh out of high school, taking a gap year before I enter university in the fall.

I have never been overweight. In fact, I was at a healthy weight all my life, but I wanted to lose some "stomach fat" (there was a lot considerably), so I did. I overall lost not too much. About 5-7 pounds by eating "healthy." But then it became obsessive...Controlled everything in my life. I felt miserable. To this day, I am still so troubled by "dieting." I can never stop dieting. I tried everything. Calorie Restriction. Meal timing. Food combining. Low carb. High carb. Paleo, etc. Because of all the food restriction, I am starting to binge sometimes although my "binge" is never that huge as one would think. I have skipped my period 4 times in a row now. My eating cycle is extremely out of whack, and I believe I have a tendency to be exercise bulimic. Luckily, my body is extremely stable and it does not lose or gain weight easily no matter what (from eating too much or too little).

Right now, I am counting calories and keeping track of my food to find consistency in my eating plans. I need to fight the good fight against my troubles. I want to conquer food, not let food conquer me. I need to eat more so I can fuel my exercise better, and focus better. All my life, I was a star student. Always #1 in academics, and I excelled in pretty much everything else as well, especially music and theater. I don't want to eat so little that all my mental development will be setback. I've got to be in top health if I want to succeed in uni. It is competitive and difficult there...very...

Anyways. Here was my eats yesterday. I binged after postexercise, but it was not a huge binge really...I was just really hungry...until I overate on pineapple. Heh.


7:00~7:30 Breakfast: Omelette with 1 whole egg and 1/3 C egg whites. 1 cup cooked broccoli. 1 medium sized tomato. 145 g of steamed sweet potato. 1 oz of walnuts.


12:30 Lunch: 100g of cooked carrots, 75 g of cooked oyster mushrooms, some cooked spinach, half of cooked onion, 1/4 C red bell pepper, 1/4 C green pepper, 1/4 C yellow bell pepper, 80 g of steamed sweet potato, 150 g raw chicken breast (maybe like 4 oz cooked?)


5:40 Dinner: A large romaine lettuce salad (~3 cups), 1/4 C red bell pepper, 1/4 C green pepper, 1 small tomato, 1/4 C yellow bell pepper, 80 g of steamed sweet potato, 1 tbsp of olive oil, 150 g raw chicken breast (4 oz cooked?), 1/2 of whole cucumber, 2 medium sized tomatos I oddly felt so starving after dinner...that must have been one trigger to my postexercise binge. :/


7:30 Exercise: 12 minutes of BodyRock, 12 minutes of fast paced aerobic walking (seriously, just 12 minutes of BodyRock causes pools of sweat on the floor!)


8:15 Postexercise: (sigh) 200~250 grams of tenderloin filet mignon beef, lots of lettuce and chicory, 1/3 king oyster mushroom, 200 g pineapple, 1/4 C soy sauced potato, like 6 pieces of soy sauced stewed chicken wings, 180 g acorn squash (steamed)...sigh. WHY did I do that to myself? 



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B: 1/3 c oats, 3/4 c cereal, fat free greek yogurt, 1 TB PB, banana (485)

S: Luna bar(170), light n fit yogurt (80)

L: 2 slices light wheat (70), 1 TB PB (95), 1 TB sugar free grape jelly (10), apple (80), 1 c carrots (70), fat free chobani (140) = 465

S: Light muscle milk (160)

D: 2 c romaine, grilled chicken, fat free dressing, apple (180)

S: 2 slices light wheat, 1 TB PB, 1 TB mixed nuts

Total: 1760

Exercise: 25 mins stationary bike, 60 mins strength training (raining so I don't even wanna TRY walking outside, might walk inside the gym for 25 mins though)


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I'm really disappointed today. I was doing pretty well and resisted the candy but when I got home there was pizza and there went all my self- control. I just can't resist pizza so I ended up having about one and a half pieces but they were so greasy! And I have testing today and tomorrow so I kind of have to eat bigger meals than I normally would. Oh well.

mochacafe: that's awesome news about joining track! it will be such an awesome way to make new friends, have fun and get fit at the same time!! :D

sparkie1010: hey girl and welcome! i just wanted to say, the reason you "binged" was because you eat so little during the day! your meals are like, salad. and nothing else, minus a bit of chicken breast. i get that it's hard to control eating and stuff but i think you would find you would be WAY more satiated and less likely to eat extra at night if you ate 1. an appropriate amount and 2. more CARBS and PROTEIN. and also, maybe snacks. you leave a very long time between meals, that definitely contributes to overeating. Even though you "binge" honestly wasn't a binge - you exercised, you had barely eaten all day, your body needed sustenance.


breakfast - x2 weetbix, 2Tbsp flaxmeal, 1 C soy milk; banana

snack - 230g sugar free greek yoghurt (passionfruit)

lunch - wholemeal sandwich with organic PB, spinach and red onion; 250mL OJ

snack - some (6?) apricot halves; x2 carob coated licorice sticks

dinner - x3 weetbix, 2Tbsp flaxmeal, 1 C soy milk + 1/2 C tinned fruit (got home late, didn't want to cook!)

snack - hot chocolate; LF rice custard

**exercise; 4km run, fair bit of walking actually today, and 1 hr body balance class (which i found out is what americans call body flow!)

night x

Breakfast: two fried eggs with a cup of skim milk sprinkled with cinnamon

Snack: a cup of strawberries

Lunch: baby carrots with a tablespoon of PB

Snack: apple and popcorn

Dinner: 2 chicken wings, carrots, broccoli and small salad

So, my weight went up 1kg, then back down 1kg, and I'm still unsure about how much I should be eating to maintain. 2500 consistently may be too much, so I tried 2300, and will just make sure I have 2000-2500 which means I can have SOME 2500 days, but mostly 2200ish. Seeing as having a few days on a higher intake made little effect on my weight, I can afford to eat more on occasion. =) Woot!



- A bowl of rice bubbles with splenda and soymilk

Morning Tea~

- A skim mocha, an orange


- A turkey, salad and cheese sandwich, a cup of apple and mango juice

Afternoon Tea~

- A pear, low fat natural yoghurt with honey, a small handful of white chocolate bits


- Chicken tikka and rice


- A skinny cow vanilla and chocolate sundae, three plain biscuits and tea



- 15 minutes brisk walking, 15 minutes cross-trainer

Breakfast - fruit + nut muesli bar; 230g sugar free greek yoghurt (on the train)

Snack - regular sized (375mL) skim iced latte

Lunch - vege delight sub on wholegrain; banana

Snack - 40g dark chocolate

Dinner - sandwich on wholemeal with vege sausage and salad; banana (got home late, couldn't be bothered cooking.... haha)

Snack - hot chocolate; LF caramel rice custard

**rest day, little bit of walking 'round

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Hey guys!

A little unsure of what the food situation will be like today because fo some super cool celebrations coming up! :D

B: yoplait light yogurt (100), 2 slices light wheat (70), 1 TB PB (95), 1 TB sugar free jelly (10)

L: 1 c melon (60), banana (100), celery+carrots (40)

S: fat free chobani (140)

Other food/dinner: possibly part of Chipotle burrito around 700 cals, piece of cake, maybe 400

Hey everyone :) I thought i would start posting here now  if that's ok and i only have about 4 kilograms to put on now :)


Breakfast: A bowl of rice krispies with whole milk. (195)

Snack: A go ahead bar and a bunch of grapes. (150)

Lunch: Two slices of toast spread with peanut butter and a packet of yogurt coverd raisins and two plums. (541)

Snack: Two oatcakes spread with a laughing cow triangle and an apple. (176)

Dinner: A quorn "pepperd steak" with spicy cous cous and cucumber. (323)

Dessert: A rice pudding pot and a pear (189)

Snack: An options hot chocolate and two Hovis digestives (114)

Total: 1688

Breakfast: 3 weetabix; 1 vanilla yogurt; 1 hard boiled egg; 1/2 cup of strawberries

Lunch: PB & J sandwich on WW w/ 3 tbsp. PB; 1 apple; baby carrots

Snack: 2 wedges of light creamy swiss laughing cow cheese, 1 serving of kashi crackers; strawberries

Dinner: Yaki Udon (1.5 cups of udon noodles, sauteed mushrooms, carrots, onion, edamame and garlic, and 3 oz-ish of chicken w/ yakisoba sauce)

Snack: banana chocolate chip protein muffin; granny smith apple

Exercise: 0 (except for some dancing at a friends party)

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