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YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?

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So, you know the drill. What did you young  calorie counters (under 21)eat today? 

Meal plans less than 1500 for females OR 1800 for males will be deleted as they violate CC guidelines and are unhealthy. 

You need calories to grow, develop, and mature whether you realize it or not so PLEASE do not post low calorie meal plans. This is a space that should encourage healthy eating and give others ideas. I appreciate your respectfulness and abidance to the rules. 

If someone posts a meal plan UNDER 1500 calories for sedentary females, 1800 for sedentary males, then please report it by PMing me with a reference to the post # so that it may be deleted. It makes it much easier to keep this thread healthy. Thanks! 



B: French toast made w/2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 egg, splash of milk. Topped w/ 2 tbsp syrup and a sliced banana. With 1 cup skim milk.  - 550

S: 1 oz nuts and 1 oz dark chocolate- 320

L: 1 pita filled w/ 2 tbsp hummus, 4 oz grilled chicken, and sprouts. Baby carrots and an apple on the side-  400

S: 1 oz cheddar cheese and 1 serving kashi crackers- 220

D: 1 serving whole wheat pasta tossed w/ 1 tbsp olive oil and herbs. w/ a side of sauteed broccoli - 350

S: 1 apple dipped in 2 tbsp peanut butter mixed w/1 tsp honey~300

TOTAL: 2140


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hehe I know it sounds wierd, but it´s just the word ;]


Good luck with gaining! I didn´t post in the weight gainers´ forum ´cause I think I don´t quite reach the 2,500 cals that´re needed :S

average_batgirl: I know what you mean. I don't know if I've ever reached the 2500-3000 calorie mark out of treatment. In treatment, I'm sure I hit that mark, but I find it difficult to get up that high by myself.  There' still time to increase to meet those requirements though! It's better to gain on a higher amount of calories, anyway; it'll repair your metabolism.


B: 1/2 cup oats w/ scoop vanilla protein powder and Chocolate Ensure Plus

L: Veggie sausage patty, a sweet potato, apple cinnamon Chobani greek yogurt

D: ~1 1/2 cup Pad thai with shrimp, 1 cup egg drop soup

S: Cranberry and oats Luna bar

Maintenance on a relatively sedentary day:

Breakfast: Toast & almond butter, sugar free 2% latte, pear (378)

Snack: Oatmeal to go cinnamon roll breakfast bar (160)

Lunch: Greek Yogurt & tomato salad (I make weird concoctions... it was tasty! Kind of like Tzatziki without the cucumber) (~105?) and a Clif bar (250).

Tea. (insignificant)

Dinner: Vegetarian scallopini, zucchini and baked potato.(560)

Snack 2: Walnuts + 2% Milk.(115)

It came out to ~ 1570 calories, which is on the low side, but last night I went out for dinner and ate tons of pasta (yum!) so I wasn't very hungry today.  Normally, I would have had an afternoon snack, too.

Really struggling lately. Want to lose weight, even though I know I shouldn't. I was going to start posting on the maintainers forum, but now I don't feel like I can because i want to restrict. I really just need some support :/


Breakfast: 3 weetabix, 1 mocha yogurt, 1 small spoonful of almond butter, 2 gigantic strawberries

Lunch: Roast beef sandwich on WW (w/ lettuce tomato and cheese), 1 fruit frenzy Ice Pop, 3/4 of a banana

Snack: PB& banana sandwich, Baby Carrots

Dinner: 1 fillet of baked fish, 1 cup of eastern-style rice w/ 1 shrimp, 1 cup of melon, steamed broccoli, bunch of grapes

Snack: Chocolate brownie clif bar, yogurt, and more grapes and melon!


Exercise: 30 minutes of free weights, 45 minutes of cardio, 10 minute run, 15 minute bike ride, 30 minute walk


update: feeling much better hehe. messaged a few friends, got nourishment into my system, and i'm feeling better :)

mochacafe9874: I'm sorry you were struggling, but it's great that you reached out and received some support from friends :)


Breakfast: 1/2 cup oats w/ scoop vanilla protein powder and 1 cup milk, pomegranate Chobani greek yogurt

Snack: White Chocolate macadamia Clif bar

Dinner: Salmon fillet, a sweet potato, 2/3 cup peas, Chocolate Ensure plus

Snack: Detour chocolate caramel protein bar

themanicdoll: thanks for that :) I actually didn't reach out to them ,but just decided to text someone and get it off my mind, and it luckily worked :) by the way, how does the oatmeal taste in the morning with the protein powder? I like mine with PB and banana and condiments, but find that it's not super flavourful. Does it taste, err, vanilla-ey with it? haha :)

Breakfast: 1 bowl of high fiber cereal, 1 fried egg (fried in oil!), 1 cup of grapes, 1 mocha flavored yogurt

Lunch: Buffalo chicken sandwich w/ lettuce tomato and cheese, baby carrots, bunch of grapes, 1 iced oatmeal cookie clif Z bar

Snack: vanilla yogurt w/ almonds, granny smith apple, 1 serving of WW pretzels w/ honey mustard

Dinner: gratin (veggies w/ oil and breadcrumb basically), about 3/4 cup of mashed potatoes, 6 thin slices of steak, broccoli

Snack: Chocolate soy milk, 1 chocolate chip brownie cookie, 1 granny smith apple


Exercise: 40 minute walk home from school, 1 hr spinning class, 15 minute-ish yoga cool down

Once again, when I had my portion on my plate today for supper i was CERTIN it had 600+ calories.. and would make me gain a ton of weight.

In reality, it was ~500-550. And normal. Gah.

I need to realize I ate more than this before my pointless diet, without gaining.

Anyways, :

Breakfast: Oatmeal with walnuts + fresh blueberries :) Coffee + almond milk

Snack: Pear and cheese.

Lunch: Veggie scallopini + zucchini + potatoes.

S2: More blueberries! And toast w/ a tiny bit of peanut butter.

S3: Tea!

Dinner: Spicy chickpea stew + couscous

S4: 2 squares of Lidnt chili chocolate. My cals were a little low, considering I'm doing a lot of physical activity tomorrow.

Total: ~1720 calories. Still slightly under maintenance.

haven't posted in ages, but figured I'd give it a go today

B: oatmeal with dried cherries and pistachios, a banana, 2% cottage cheese

L: clif mojo mountain mix bar; gala apple

D: amy's brown rice and veggie bowl, added steamed broccoli and cauliflower, spinach salad with light balsamic dressing

S: homemade morning glory muffin spread with 1 tbsp almond butter, small glass of light soymilk


The last time I posted was several months ago during ED recovery, so I thought it'd be interesting to post how my eating habits are now! Here's what I had today:

breakfast: Bowl of nonfat greek yogurt with cinnamon, a small scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, 5 cacao beans(found them at Whole Foods yesterday. They're bitter, but taste ok when with nuts or yogurt), and a sprinkle of brown flaxseeds and dried goji berries

snack: 1 hard-boiled egg with hot sauce and a glass of homemade fruit juice made with apples, pears, and carrots

lunch: 1 bratwurst(no bun) with sauerkraut, mustard, and a side of raw baby carrots

snack: Fruit salad: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, and apple slices

dinner: 5 oz.? of grilled chicken breast with a large baked sweet potato with cinnamon

dessert: A large handful of sprouted almonds with some blackberries

Drinks: 2 cup of green tea, bottle of crystal light pure, an entire liter of seltzer water, 2 bottles of plain water (I spent a lot of time outdoors, and it's as hot as hell now, so I was really really thirsty today xD)

Exercise: 45 minutes of yardwork(mostly raking), 20 minutes of strength training w/ 8 lb dumbbells, 20 minutes of HIIT on stairmaster, 20 minutes of light stretching and yoga

Not bad! :D

kittycats502: congrats on your recovery!

This thread makes me feel less like I have to restrict - seeing older calorie intakes on the dash is always kind of disheartening (aka 1400 was too much, etc), seeing teen logs makes me realize that hey, eating more is normal.

Breakfast: Scrambled egg + onion, whole wheat toast, latte (369)

Snack1: Oatmeal to go cinnamon roll flavoured bar (160)

lunch: Spicy chickpea stew + couscous (448)

Snack2: Dried apricots + chocolate egg (95)

Snack 3: Banana + milk (~166)

Dinner: 2 croque monsieurs (open faced onion, tomato + cheese sandwiches) + radishes (530)

Snack 4: leftover croque monsieur (265)

Total : 2032 calories

Exercise: 40 minutes outdoor yoga, 30 minutes of track, 35 minutes of step/weights, 45 minutes of running for track.

Almost maintenance. Possibly so, since I'm not sure exactly how much cheese was used..

I was going to have a square of dark chocolate after supper, but I was still really hungry and for once actually listened to my body. (Hurray!) I should probably have just packed some more snacks so my calories didn't pile up at the end of the day, though.

kittycats: congrats on recovery! Your breakfast sounds mad good by the way! and bratwurst is really good too!! :)

thisiskaty: great to have people joining, and even better that you don't feel you need to restrict. I wanna make croque monsieurs the way you did. I thought they had ham, but now that I see yours doesn't, i'll be able to enjoy it (i hate ham lol). If you could give me a recipie of some sort, that'd be awesome (i'm not a very good cook lol). Congrats on the chocolate too!! :D

rough day. Was tired as hell but I worked out. Tomorrow's gonna be a full rest day though, so i'm looking foreward to it :) So scared i'm gonna start binging, but have restrained myself from having extras and such. Except for breakfast today, but I had an extra apple because I actually WAS hungry for it. I'm eating enough though, and slowly finding a good healthy balance :) 


Breakfast: 1/2 cup (dry) of oatmeal, 1 banana, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, cinnamon & vanilla; 2 pork rice sausages;1 granny smith apple

Lunch: 1 WW cinnamon raisin bagel, 1 TB cream cheese; 1 bowl of fruit salad; 1 carton of low fat milk

Snack: 1 Chocolate Chip Clif Bar; Baby Carrots

Dinner: 1.5 cups of pasta w/ tomato sauce, 2 meatballs w/ a bit of cheese; salad w/ dressing

Snack: 2 slices of melon;1 vanilla yogurt; baby carrots


Exercise: 20-ish minutes of walking in Gym Class, 30 minutes weights, 45 minutes of cardio (elliptical) 

i went to the orthodontist yesterday and had a ton of inhumane things done to my mouth, so eating is killing me. D:

breakfast: 3 mini pancakes topped with peanut butter

lunch: pizza made out of a whole wheat wrap, pizza sauce, and reduced fat cheese

dinner: cheesey rice with broccoli and peas. i had to nuke it in the microwave so it was mushy enough for me to eat. -__- ugh, braces.

snack: a few pizza goldfish crackers (too painful), spoonful of peanut butter

i feel as though i didn't well enough today, but it just hurts too bad :( i need to go buy some soup and such so i don't starve tomorrow.

4/17 Total:  

Cal: 2,437 Grade: D


Breakfast: None

Lunch: Armour Corned Beef Hash 498 D-, Egg, Scrambled 199 B-, American Singles - Sandwich Cheese 70 F.

Dinner: Franks 360 F , Hot Dog with Bun & Toppings 560 F, Hot Dog Enriched Buns - Sliced 220 B-, Ketchup - Tomato 80 C-, Classic Yellow - Mustard 0 -, Sweet Relish 120 D.

Snack: Wine, Dessert, Sweet   330 C-.

My goal is 1500, so i failed horribly.

YAY can we get this thread going again??


Breakfast - x3 weetbix, 1 C skim soy, 2 Tbsp flaxmeal; small banana

Snack - apple

Lunch - wholegrain salad sandwich with light hummus + falafel; 125g fat free greek yoghurt

Snack - 40g mint 'bubbly' chocolate

Dinner - baked beans; steamed vegetables; LF cheese

Snack - LF rice custard; hot chocolate (water)

**rest day!


Breakfast - x4 weetbix, 1 C skim soy; apple

Snack - small banana

Lunch - wholegrain sandwich with tofu, spicy capsicum dip, beetroot and spinach; giant pear

Snack - 125g fat free greek yoghurt; dark chocolate + blueberry muesli bar

Dinner (will be) - peanut butter lentil curry (wish me luck, wingin' it with a new recipe I am developing)

Snack (will be) - LF rice custard; hot chocolate (water)

**exercise; 5km run; 2.5 km walk; 15 mins strength

loofahsaurus: I take it you got braces? They suck so much, i'm sorry :( They get easier to deal with eventually though :) How long u have em on for?

dxso200: Nahh, you didn't fail :( Sure there's always room for improvement, but no need to say you failed so horribly! it's one day in the big picture. Don't sweat it ;)

h m h: yeahh, lets get it goin ;Dand ur snack for yesterday looks so good. I take it you're a runner too from your exercise? Is it fun? I'm trying to get into it so I can join cross country next year and make sure I can keep the commitment :)


Posting early once more to keep on track. And also, because I know i'm going straight to bed after my math tutor leaves

Breakfast: 1 bowl of strawberry joe's o's; mocha yogurt; granny smith apple; 6 almonds

Lunch: Greek Salad (load of lettuce, a few croutons, 2 oz-ish of feta cheese, chicken, lite dressing); red apple; bag of pirates booty

Snack: Cheese sandwich (2 pieces of babybel cheese, 1 WW sandwich thin); 4 triscuits; 1 kiwi; baby carrots

Dinner: 2 large cheese burger sliders (2 small WW buns, 2 2 oz. burgers, pickles, & 1 tbsp. ketchup); salad w/ balsamic dressing 

Snack: granny smith apple

Exercise: 2 minutes of walking :) (rest day haha)

mochacafe9874: i've had my top braces for almost two years now... i just got the bottoms put on monday. i know i'll eventually get used to them, but for now... they suck :'(

breakfast: apple cinnamon belvia breakfast bar dipped in peanut butter

lunch: grilled chicken salad from zaxby's, piece of garlic bread, couple sips of my mom's vanilla milkshake

dinner: harvest tomato and basil soup

snacks: a giant piece of some sort of cranberry raisin bread

Breakfast: Whole wheat English muffin w/ 1.5 tbsp peanut butter + 1 large sliced banana, almond milk + espresso 'latte'. (405)

Snack: Vanilla Greek yogurt (I didn't know it was sweetened OR vanilla until I ate it.. kind of disappointing.. way too sugary.) (140)

Lunch: Broccoli and cheese baked empanada, large apple, salad w/ a tiny bit of ranch dressing (630)

Snack: Tea, peas (72)

Dinner: Stuffed onions + rice (440)

Dessert: Dried apricots (51)

Exercise: Nada, except for walking a bit. Still sore from yesterday!

Total: 1738

Well, I've been at home doing nothing for the past few days, because the medicine my doctor put me on is making me really sleepy. Ugh. Anyways, the first time I've posted what I ate, here goes:

Breakfast: 1 cup oats w/ cup fat free milk, 1/2 small banana + smidgen coconut oil, 15 almonds. Yum!

Lunch: 1 wholemeal roll w/ 2 egg whites + tsp curry paste, grilled with 1 slice red pepper. 1 cup steamed broccoli + 1 small apple.

Dinner: 1 Small baked sweet potato, 1 whole egg scrambled with 2 egg whites. 1 cup spinach, 1 cup broccoli, 1 cup cantaloupe for dessert!

Also 100g plain yogurt with 1/2 tbsp honey, frozen. Had that as a snack. Much love for frozen yogurt!

mochacafe9874: hell yeah lets get it going! i missed having somewhere to post! yeah i guess i am a runner but i have been injured for about 6 weeks, so i am just getting back into it :) i love it so much, it's such a release and makes me feel so strong and accomplished. i totally reccomend it!

Breakfast - x4 weetbix, 1 C skimmed soy; orange

Snack - frozen blueberries; fat free natural yoghurt; mixed sunflower seeds + pepitas (2 Tbsp)

Lunch - wholegrain sandwich with falafel, light hummus, spinach, tomato + onion; apple; diet sprite

Snack - 40g chocolate mint 'bubbly' bar (on sale for $1, wooooo)

Dinner - 375mL meal replacement shake; big carrot (came home at 8.30pm from class, couldn't be bothered cooking!)

Snack - hot chocolate; vanilla rice custard

**exercse; 4km run, 1.8km walk, 15 mins strength; 1 hr body balance class

loofahsaurus: 2 years?! that does suck :( they do get better though, and plus, so many people think they look adorable, so they're not all bad. I don't know about you, but when I was little, I wanted braces so badly haha. Then I got them last year, hated them, got them off a year later, and almost missed them o.o XD 

h m h: thanks for the advice on the running! :D i'd type more but i gotta get to school :O


Not sure if this is gonna be it exactly, so i'll come back and edit:

Breakfast: Poppy seed bagel w/ cream cheese; granny smith apple

Lunch: Roast beef sandwich w/ lettuce & tomato; red delicious apple; bag of original popped chips

Pre-workout snack: 2 weetabix, baby carrots

Post-workout snack: red delicious apple, carton of chocolate milk

Dinner: 4 oz. sauteed chicken breast; 1.5 cups of brown rice pasta; salad w/ dressing

Snack: apple sauce; chocolate brownie clif bar. 

Exercise: 30 minutes free weights, fully body, 40 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes walking (gym class)


MAMA, WHY YOU NO GO SHOPPING FOR MORE FRUIT. I'm getting sick of apples :/ XD

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