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YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?

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So, you know the drill. What did you young  calorie counters (under 21)eat today? 

Meal plans less than 1500 for females OR 1800 for males will be deleted as they violate CC guidelines and are unhealthy. 

You need calories to grow, develop, and mature whether you realize it or not so PLEASE do not post low calorie meal plans. This is a space that should encourage healthy eating and give others ideas. I appreciate your respectfulness and abidance to the rules. 

If someone posts a meal plan UNDER 1500 calories for sedentary females, 1800 for sedentary males, then please report it by PMing me with a reference to the post # so that it may be deleted. It makes it much easier to keep this thread healthy. Thanks! 



B: French toast made w/2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 egg, splash of milk. Topped w/ 2 tbsp syrup and a sliced banana. With 1 cup skim milk.  - 550

S: 1 oz nuts and 1 oz dark chocolate- 320

L: 1 pita filled w/ 2 tbsp hummus, 4 oz grilled chicken, and sprouts. Baby carrots and an apple on the side-  400

S: 1 oz cheddar cheese and 1 serving kashi crackers- 220

D: 1 serving whole wheat pasta tossed w/ 1 tbsp olive oil and herbs. w/ a side of sauteed broccoli - 350

S: 1 apple dipped in 2 tbsp peanut butter mixed w/1 tsp honey~300

TOTAL: 2140


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avatallulah: I am so sorry. I am here for you <3. I hate it when people trigger without realizing it.


flor1234: Haha, I've never hear of that place! It's not a chain, just one location, and it is in the small town I live in.


inspireme15: redundant, but you eat the best food! That yogurt with chocolate chips sounds AMAZING, as well as the pb french toast (I eat that a lot), and DARK CHOCOLATE OATMEAL? YUMMY! I stir in dark chocolate peanut butter in my oatmeal sometimes (today, for example! :) )


So even when I was at my lowest BMI I never really had any joint pain, but I've noticed a bit of weakness in my knees for 2 days. I am going to try to get more calcium and protein.


Also, I have found that even though I've been eating normal breakfasts, I am hungry before my usual morning snack time (a.k.a. scarfing down a granola bar in the hallway at school at 9:30 since there is no snack/recess), so today I dug into my snack earlier than usual! I had my clif bar during my 2nd period class, and although I really enjoyed it, I somehow found myself digging into my lunch box right after! Not really sure why.


Breakfast: 1 pack plain oatmeal with 1 tbsp dark chocolate dreams peanut butter, a very small banana (255)


Snack: mint chocolate clif bar (240), and then I ate an an oikos vanilla greek yogurt I had been saving for my lunch (110), but I was very full after having the yogurt, and was not actually hungry when lunchtime rolled around (but I'm never REALLY hungry, I just wasn't as full as I usually am when I had that mini snack attack this morning)


Lunch: small whole wheat wrap with deli sliced chicken and cheese, 2 clementines, vegetable soup, carrots and hummus (330 --- would have been 440 if I had saved the yogurt for lunchtime as I had originally planned)


Snack after school: cottage cheese (70), 1.5 cups cheerios with 0.5 cup skim milk (190)


Dinner: 1 cup skim milk, salad with mushrooms and homemade vinaigrette, tofu marinated in teriyaki sauce, mixed peppers, brown rice (410)


Dessert: I went to the frozen yogurt place! They were having AWESOME flavors! Gingerbread, MINT PEANUT BUTTER CUP, and Hershey's kiss! (0.56 lb, ~475)


Snacks: ~5 cups (I don't measure my popcorn; the label says it makes 5 cups) fat free popcorn (75), 2 trader joe's peanut butter goodies cookies (160), 1 pack Emerald Breakfast on the Go s'mores pack (200)



peanutbuttercup12- Thanks! :) Oh my gosh, your tea party sounds delicious! Lemon squares are my favorite.
honeybanana- Mmm maple almond butter sounds so good! Two of my favorite things in one... 
avatallulah- So sorry your friend was triggering! I have a friend who does that all the time - pretty much bragging about how she eats two meals a day & apparently not realizing at all that it's bothering me or that it's unhealthy. Having friends trigger is the worst. :(
 caffeinatedbookworm- Ahh isn't french toast PB&J delicious? I'm slightly obsessed. And I'll have to try the dark chocolate PB in oatmeal! Yum.

Today was super repetitive but here it goes anyway!
Breakfast: (yet again) Two pomegranate waffles w/ 1 T cranberry apple butter, mug of hot chocolate (390)
Snack: Vanilla greek yogurt w/ 2 T chocolate chips, small container of cantaloupe (330)
Lunch: Tofu cooked in 1 T olive oil, 1 large baked sweet potato (420)
Snack: Blood orange greek yogurt w/ 1/3 cup ginger granola (280)
Dinner: Crispy apricot chicken, 1 cup brown rice, broccolini (630)
Dessert: Cookies n' cream ice cream sandwich (200)
Snack: 1 large bowl of Cheerios w/ vanilla almond milk  (200)

Total=2450 calories 


B: 3/4 c oats, 1 TB PB, light n fit yogurt, banana, milk chocolate ensure plus (850)

S: mini chocolate clif bar (100), apple (80)

L: 2 c lettuce (20), veggies (10), 1 TB Raspberry vinagrette (60), bread (100), apple (80), special K bar (90)

S: mini peanut butter crunch Clif bar (100)

D: 2 c lettuce (20), 1 TB FF Italian (15), 1 c grapes (110), skim latte (110), FF honey greek yogurt (150)

Total: 1895

Exercise: 60 mins misc, 15 mins treadmill

Hey guys! I am really nervous about my weigh in tomorrow :/ I think that I will most likely weigh myself at the gym en route to my doctor's office, and I hope that I can sleep all the way through the night until just a little bit before my appointment. On the bright side, I am looking forward to a long skype chat with my boyfriend tomorrow -- thank God for Skype!! :D -- we might even eat lunch together :) 

Breakfast - 1 C fibre plus, 3/4 C almond milk; 3/4 C frozen berries, 2 Tbsp LF yoghurt, 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal

Lunch - plain soy + linseed breadroll (fresh from the in-store bakery at work!); rockmelon; coke zero

Snack - almond, apicot + yoghurt bar; apple >> the 'healthy' option bar, turns out it has 20 saturated fat! not having that one again, i kept picturing the bar and 1/5 of it pure fat.... EW

Dinner - steamed vegetables; "chick'n" fillet; oven baked wedges

Snack - (will be) 150g caramel rice custard

**exercise; 8 hours work, really busy. so tired now, barely keeping my eyes open!

Weigh in went really poorly. Gah. I feel so bad. Doesn't help that my period is due to start in the next couple days, something I know because I am on BC pills.

Today (I have planned it out, and will update tonight if anything deviates:)

B: banana (100), 3/4 c FiberPlus cereal (80), 3/4 c cinnamon crunch Special K (120), 3/4 c FF greek yogurt (80)

S: 1 piece bread (80), 1 TB PB (95)

L: 2 pieces bread (160), serving turkey (45), 1 c steamed baby carrots (35)

S: Dark chocolate Ensure Plus (350), snickers marathon bar (150)

D: WW bread (100), 2 c lettuce (20), FF dressing (15), veggies (15), apple (80), 1/3 c chicken breast (70)

S: Special K crispy bar thing (100)

Total: 1695

I am thinking that I will have another 200 calorie snack after my shower!

Exercise: 65 mins misc pilates/repetitous, 10 mins treadmill

Hmm, today was a REALLY mixed day. When I was at lunch today, this girl who is friends with one of my friends sat at my table and stared at me ALL the way through lunch and it was really bothering me but I obviously couldn't say anything but one of my other friends was all "Why are you staring at her" and she just said RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME a really harsh comment that I really took to heart (Stupidly) and I very nearly burst into tears right there. She doesn't know about my ED but it was incredibly rude anyway. Some people just don't think. However, the day improved significantly when I found out that I have been accepted into Durham University providing I get the grades that are required *raves* :D so I'm obviously delighted about that haha!

Avatallulah: I totally get how friends can be triggering. I have a few that can be like that and I generally just try to ignore it but it can be difficult, especially if they know what you have been through. Just try to remember that YOU are doing the right thing by feeding your body and mind. Try to chat to another friend while anything triggering is being said too or ask if anyone needs the bathroom or wants to go for a walk or something just to get away (Thats what I usually do and there is nearly always someone who will come with me - I guarentee that at least one of your friends won't want to listen to the other person talking about that kinda stuff either haha ;) ) hope this helps! We are always here too! :)


B: 2 Chocolate Weetabix and FF milk (I know I have this a lot but I love it haha!) and a piece of granary toast with butter and homemade damson jam. Glass of cranberry, apple and cherry fruit juice. (~480cal)

S: Large Red Delicious apple and a banana (~170cal)

L: Salt beef and mustard homemade granary roll, Mini Moo malted milk chocolate chip cookies and Kelloggs Raisin bakes bar. (~570cal)

S: Aero Chocolate bar (One of my all time favourites haha!) (~230cal)

D: 2 tacos made with minced beef, Mexican seasonings, peppers, onions, kidney beans topped with Montary Jack chedder cheese, nachos with topped with more Montary Jack chedder, peppers and jalapenos and refried beans. Petis Filous Big Pot yogurt. (~775cal)

S: Glass of cranberry, apple and cherry fruit juice and a slice of homemade carrot, walnut and date cake with orange and cream cheese icing. (~420cal)

Total: 2645cal *another happy dance* :D

This feels so good! I can manage all of this food and I actually feel hungry which is fantastic! Definitely need to get those calories a little bit higher though. I've got another weigh in on Monday but I want to revved up metabolism to carry on eating all of this delicious food haha! However, I feel like I'm eating so much sugar and not particularly healthily though. Any thoughts guys or is this just ED talking?

plaidcupcake: congratulations on durham! i'm from canada but i used to live in britain, and when we went to durham for a visit i decided it was my dream university ... can't go because international fees are crazy. you're so lucky :) and your menu looks really delicious by the way, everything you eat looks great! objectively i wouldn't say you have too much sugar, it depends on how you feel (in your rational mind) about what you're eating. you're getting in a lot of healthy foods, so the sugar shouldn't be a problem.

flor: your weigh-in went badly as in you gained more than you wanted, or lost when you shouldn't be? if it's the gaining, i thought you needed to gain weight so you tell your ED to back off. if you lost, then maybe increase the calories?

hmh: hi, hows the gaining going? you work sooo much, i would be dead too! maybe take in some more calories, it may give you more energy?

Today was kind of an awful day, something bad happened this morning and in my messed up mind it was exemplified, I basically spent a good few hours crying, and now I'm just emotionally wacked-out. I have a friend coming over in a couple hours to sleepover, so hopefully that will take my mind off myself. I wish that I could get upset and it didn't affect what I ate, it's really annoying :(

Breakfast - english muffin with crunchy peanut butter; naval orange [400]

Lunch - ham/swiss/tomato panini; romaine lettuce with light Caesar dressing [420]

Snack - apple [90]

Dinner - dahl; roti; green beans; curried chicken [500ish]

Dessert - slice of applesauce cake; tea with milk [400]

*Exercise - 30 minutes swimming laps 

plaidcupcake: Wow! Durham! That is amazing. I used to live in England so I know what a brilliant school that is! Well done! 

I'm about to go to the gym and then have subway with my boyfriend, so I'm posting now :)

breakfast: Kashi Golean Crunch! Caramel and Chocolate bar [I think this is what it's called...] 

snack: 16oz tea with milk and sugar and a pack of apple chips 

lunch: 1.5c chicken noodle soup, 1/2c roasted carrots, 3/4c low fat vanilla yogurt with 1/4c granola 

snack: 1.5c Special K Red Berries and 1/2c Kashi GoLean Original cereal with 3/4c Original Almond Milk 

dinner @ Subway: 6-inch black forest ham sandwich with fat free honey mustard, lettuce, olives, peppers, onions. 

snack: 3 dried figs, a milk chocolate disk and a chunk of dark chocolate 

approx. 1800 -- I thought I ate so much more today, wtf, maybe I'll add some more later. 

Original Post by flor1234:


B: 3/4 c oats, 1 TB PB, light n fit yogurt, banana, milk chocolate ensure plus (850)

S: mini chocolate clif bar (100), apple (80)

L: 2 c lettuce (20), veggies (10), 1 TB Raspberry vinagrette (60), bread (100), apple (80), special K bar (90)

S: mini peanut butter crunch Clif bar (100)

D: 2 c lettuce (20), 1 TB FF Italian (15), 1 c grapes (110), skim latte (110), FF honey greek yogurt (150)

Total: 1895

Exercise: 60 mins misc, 15 mins treadmill

Hey guys! I am really nervous about my weigh in tomorrow :/ I think that I will most likely weigh myself at the gym en route to my doctor's office, and I hope that I can sleep all the way through the night until just a little bit before my appointment. On the bright side, I am looking forward to a long skype chat with my boyfriend tomorrow -- thank God for Skype!! :D -- we might even eat lunch together :) 

are you trying to lose? this is not enough for 75 minutes of activity.

why all of these 1800-2000 calories? ladies..many of you recovering from eating disorders. please reconsider..especially with activity!

chrissy1988: I eat 3000 calories! :)


flor1234: I am sorry you're going through a rough time. Stay strong and PM me if necessary!


Avatallulah: Yay for exercise and Subway! I hope you and your boyfriend have fun, and things are better than they were yesterday! I also love chicken noodle soup -- perfect comfort food! :)


Peanutbuttercup12: I am so sorry you had a rough morning :(. I hope the sleepover will make things better. PM me if you need help!


plaidcupcake: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting into college is awesome! Haha, I felt the same way about the sugar when I first started gaining. I would always think, "why can't I have something healthy like a peanut butter sandwich instead of this candy/cake/ice cream?" but now I just ignore that and enjoy a balance (although I do eat a lot of ice cream/cookies at night). We're gaining, so we can enjoy this sugar! :)


inspireme15: Blood orange Greek yogurt? As in the Chobani one? I had that last week and LOVED it! You should check out the apple cinnamon! :)


I also had a bad day today -- it seems to be a trend! I was feeling really triggered in gym class because we had to write down our "fitness goals," and this one girl whose name I don't know wrote "lose 10 pounds." And then earlier this morning, I kept thinking that since I am almost a healthy BMI, I don't look that much different than most of the girls I know, especially people I am friends with. That got me all freaked out, especially since my goal weight (a healthy BMI) is a tad lower than my doctor's for me, and I was really uncomfortable with my body at that weight. Gaaaaaaah.


But I will be posting my eats later --- it's Friday, so I'm going to have some mac & cheese, fun desserts, and watch Gilmore Girls! :)


Pre-Workout- one slice light italian toast w/tbsp apple butter

Exercise- 40mins elliptical, 35mins core work/arm weight machines

*Walked to my dad's after dropping car off for oil change, Dunkin Donuts french vanilla medium black coffee

12:45pm- 5oz quick oats, banana, 1.5tbsp pumpkin, tsp, pumpkin butter, cinnamon nutmeg

3:45-4:30pm- grocer shopping with mom, 90cal quaker oatmeal raisin granola bar, one piece of caramel creme candy)

5:10pm- baby spinach, baby carrots, cucumber slices, broccoli, onion, homemade yogurt dressing, 2oz tuna, homemade mini pumpkin muffin

6:00pm- tea w/lil added almond  breeze unsweetened vanilla milk

6:10pm- granny smith apple dipped in chobani plain yogurt

8:20pm- (went to Chilis!) Had the guiltless grill salmon w/ steamed broccoli and rice. (First time having salmon, I loved it!)

*At the movies had a diet/caffeine free coke

12:10am- Small handful of mini fat free pretzel twists

*Didn't sleep to well do to being hungry I think, should have got a appetizer before my meal too, since it wasn't too filling and I didn't have much throughout the day for being so busy



Breakfast: oatmeal with 1 tbsp white chocolate wonderful peanut butter, boca breakfast links, strawberries (310)


Snack: Chobani pomegranate (140)


Lunch: small whole wheat wrap with deli-sliced chicken and cheese, vegetable soup, carrots and roasted red pepper hummus, a small banana (330)


Snacks in the afternoon: 1 cup cappuccino chip ice cream (220), 1/2 cup cottage cheese (70), 1.5 cups cheerios with 0.5 cups skim milk (190)


Dinner: Trader Joe's mac & cheese, 1 cup shrimp bisque, side salad with mushrooms, 1 cup skim milk


Snacks/desserts: 2 slices homemade nutella banana bread (420), 2 pints arctic zero (300), 2 Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Goodies cookies (160), s'mores with 4 graham crackers, 3 mini marshmallows on each, some sugar-free dark chocolate (218), a glass of milk, warmed on the stove with 2 tbsp vanilla syrup (80 --- I really didn't like this, but finished it anyways because I am trying to get a lot of calcium right now)



Hey everyone! Time for replies!

peanutbuttercup12 -- I am so sorry that you had a terrible day!! I really hope that the sleepover helps. Please be gentle with yourself! Man, I don't even want to talk about/think about my weigh in. I have definitely not been eating enough to gain but my weight was up a pound. :/ I was so angry with myself I completely avoided going to my doctor's because I know she will congratulate me and say that I am doing a "good job" and I just can't take hearing that when I think of all the hunger I feel everyday and how much I deny myself! I know that my team suspected I would lose weight on holiday, and I didn't, I was spending all of my time with my boyfriend, who is very concerned about my weight, and very conscious of whether I am restricting or not, and I certainly do not want to let him down because I love him so much.

chrissy1988 -- I have to admit, I think that a part of me is trying to lose. How much would you reccommend I consume?

caffeinatedbookworm: Yep, the Chobani one! I actually had the apple cinnamon today - it was sooo good! I've been obsessed with trying all of them lately. 

Today was a really good day - actually got to take a walk because it was nice and warm out for once! My eats:

Breakfast: 2 blueberry waffles w/ 1 T blueberry lavender jam, mug of hot chocolate (390)
Snack: (inspired by annaattack over on the gainer's forum - this was so delicious!) Vanilla cupcake goldfish w/ 2 T biscoff spread (310)
Lunch: Tofu and sugar snap peas cooked in 1 T peanut oil mixed with instant pad thai noodles, bowl of cantaloupe (560)
Snack: Chobani apple cinnamon w/ 1 diced apple mixed in, 2 cinnamon fruit biscuits (320)
Dinner: Lemon/rice/chicken soup, 1 slice buttered toast (460)
Dessert: Cookies n' cream ice cream sandwich (200)
Snack: Large bowl of cinnamon toast crunch w/ vanilla almond milk (200)
Total=2440 calories


peanutbuttercup: hi, I am well thanks! I know I should be eating more to keep my energy up but it's so hard when my days are so long and besides my lunch break I get like, 5 minutes to inhale anything and so it's pretty hard to get enough in. I definitely thought I had gained though, I weighed myself this morning and was exactly the same my BMI is still about 17... it's so annoying! I really thought I would have gained SOMETHING. How about you, how have you been?

Breakfast -  1 C fibre plus, 3/4 C almond milk; 3/4 C berries + 75g LF yoghurt

Snack - assortment of cherries, black grapes and blueberries all bought fresh (my friend and I walked to the supermarket, then sat by the lake and ate them)

Lunch - wholemeal salad sandwich with wholegrain mustard; 150g LF vanilla custard (custard at lunch felt so so unhealthy...)

Snack - 40g orange dark chocolate

Dinner - lentil taco (one huge rye wrap, salad); steamed broccoli

Snack - 150g apple + cinnamon rice custard

**exercise; 1 hour walk with friend :)

Peanutbuttercup12, Avatallulah and Caffinatedbookworm and anyone else who congratulated me - THANK YOU! It means a lot :)

Inspireme15: Your eats actually look delicious! You are lucky to have warm weather too, the UK (Well, where I am anyway) has been really cold today! :(


B: One large English muffin spread with butter, scrambled eggs made with a dash of FF milk, salt and pepper (From the hens in my garden - don't get much fresher or free range than that haha! I used two eggs btw) and ketchup. Half a pink grapefruit, some pineapple and a glass of apple and lycee juice. (~500cal)

S: Toasted homemade hot cross bun spread with butter and homemade morello cherry jam. (~275cal)

L: A large toasted wholewheat tortilla wrap filled with turkey breast, pepper, sweetcorn, olives, red onion, dill pickles, lettuce and a sprinkle of Red Leicester cheese, another homemade hot cross bun (Naked this time haha!) and a Dorset cereals apple and raisin cereal bar. (~650cal)

S: Lots of blueberries with a dollop of apple, cinnamon and spice yogurt and a swirl of manuka honey. (~200cal)

D: Sunblush tomato, basil, rosemary, garlic and oregano orecchiette pasta with minced beef and sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms cut very finely with a sprinkle of mozzerella and gorgonzola cheeses on top and two pieces of homemade Sunblush tomato, garlic and gorgonzola cheese ciabatta bread on the side. Petis Filious Big Pot yogurt: (~850cal)

S: A mug of Horlicks and a packet of Reeses Pieces. (~325cal)

Total: 2800cal :)

inspireme15: OH MY GOSH last week I had a heart attack on this forum about my love for Apple Cinnamon Chobani! I LOVE that flavor, definitely my favorite! But I went back to the store today, and they didn't have any in stock! I was so sad :(. But I did get some biscoff spread, so I am looking for things to eat it with, that sounds yummy with the vanilla goldfish! Also you eat the coolest breakfasts -- blueberry lavender jam! Yum! And then pad thai noodles for lunch? Wow, great eats! :)


plaidcupcake: Whoa, you have hens? Haha, that's so cool! And I LOVE pink grapefruit, but I can't seem to find them at my grocery store since it is winter :(. They have the ruby and white ones, but I only like the pink ones.

Posting early in the day helped me stay on track yesterday, so I think I am going to try it again today!


B: 3/4 c oats, 1 TB PB, banana, light n fit yogurt, milk chocolate Ensure Plus (850)

L: 2 pieces bread (160), serving turkey (45), 1 c steamed baby carrots (35), serving Special K crackers (120)

S: Kashi Caramel Corn and Chocolate bar (150)

D: 2 c romaine (20), veggies (15), 2 oz turkey breast (60), light dressing (15), apple (110), mini Reese's cup (45)

S: 3/4 c Fiber One Squares (80), 1/2 c skim milk (45), 3/4 c special K (120)

Total: Around 1910ish

Exercise: 60 mins misc, 15 mins treadmill

I have a lot of homework :/

Tomorrow one of my friend's mom is coming to visit her and wants to take us to lunch, I don't know where yet, but maybe it'll be off campus! Hopefully it won't be too awkward. I can be kind of awkward.

plaidcupcake- your eats look so yummy! especially your dinner! MMM!

inspireme15- your food looks so good. I'm jealous of your lunch! Which instant pad thai noodles did you use?

Sooo... I woke up this morning and weighed myself and I've gained three pounds. I am extremely upset. I think it's because I've been eating quite so much chocolate and stuff, so I really have to be serious about healthy eating now. I'm really small so 3 lbs really does make a difference. I can't fit into a lot of my clothes.

Like flor1234 I am posting early since I've realized it really helps me stay on track too!!

breakfast: 1c Kashi GoLean Original Cereal, 1/2c Kashi 7 Whole Grain Honey Puffs, 1/2c Special K Red Berries and 1c Original Almond Milk.

exercise: 20 minutes weights, 30 minutes ARC and about 2-3 miles walking

lunch: 2 homemade salmon fishcakes (medium sized?), 1/2c cucumber, 1/4 of a medium orange bell pepper and 2tbsp homemade hummus 

snack: 2c grapes and a Lemon Zest luna bar 

dinner: a sashimi appetizer [salmon sashimi x2, tuna sashimi x2, and some white fish (?) sashimi x2], miso soup and 1 avocado roll 

snack: 1c grapes and 1c strawberry slices 

total: approx. 1700

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