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YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?

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So, you know the drill. What did you young  calorie counters (under 21)eat today? 

Meal plans less than 1500 for females OR 1800 for males will be deleted as they violate CC guidelines and are unhealthy. 

You need calories to grow, develop, and mature whether you realize it or not so PLEASE do not post low calorie meal plans. This is a space that should encourage healthy eating and give others ideas. I appreciate your respectfulness and abidance to the rules. 

If someone posts a meal plan UNDER 1500 calories for sedentary females, 1800 for sedentary males, then please report it by PMing me with a reference to the post # so that it may be deleted. It makes it much easier to keep this thread healthy. Thanks! 



B: French toast made w/2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 egg, splash of milk. Topped w/ 2 tbsp syrup and a sliced banana. With 1 cup skim milk.  - 550

S: 1 oz nuts and 1 oz dark chocolate- 320

L: 1 pita filled w/ 2 tbsp hummus, 4 oz grilled chicken, and sprouts. Baby carrots and an apple on the side-  400

S: 1 oz cheddar cheese and 1 serving kashi crackers- 220

D: 1 serving whole wheat pasta tossed w/ 1 tbsp olive oil and herbs. w/ a side of sauteed broccoli - 350

S: 1 apple dipped in 2 tbsp peanut butter mixed w/1 tsp honey~300

TOTAL: 2140


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flor1234: Loving your eats, Ensure buddy! Wink

caffeinatedbookworm: I want to tell my mom that it's impossible, but I know she'll just get upset over the idea and take out her frustrations on  me.  It's happened before.  I hate feeling bloated, but I'm trying to get in extra fluids...Oh, and I LOVE Whole Foods.  I'm glad you had a nice time in the cooking class.  And Dunkin' Donuts? *Does happy dance* I'm so proud of you!

inspireme15: Welcome! I'm glad you're getting your calories up to gain.  I'm a fellow weight-gainer around these parts.  Nice to meet you and how in the world did you get a hold of pomegranate waffles? They sound quite marvelous.  And congrats on trying a Pre-ED fear.  Baby steps :)


Breakfast: 1/2 cup oats w/ scoop vanilla protein powder, Chocolate Ensure, 1/2 cup blueberries

Lunch: English muffin w/ two slices Tofurkey, a slice of watermelon, vanilla greek yogurt, Vanilla Ensure

Dinner: ~a little more than 1 cup goulash w/ tofu, a piece of  Ezekiel bread, Vanilla Ensure


Avatallulah- I wish I have tried more types of seafood, my mom is not a fan at all so all I have had is haddock and shrimp, and tuna if you want to count that haha. But I got Apple Butter from Shaws Super Market. I love apples so needed to buy it although can be pricey, but it tastes amazing.

themanicdoll: congrats on the gain! one pound is really a very small amount (could have even been a fluctuation), so please don't use it as an excuse to restrict! your eats from today looked pretty small, and though bloating is definitely uncomfortable, think of the big picture. you can do it! <3

plaidcupcake: thanks, i love it too! basically my favourite meat. we had it for new years day dinner and i've just been steadily having the leftovers :P by the way, what is horlicks? i've seen it on a few mealplans but i have no idea what it is, i think it's a british thing and i'm in canada!

Ate out TWICE today, hence my lack of lunch - bfast was at 11am and it kept me full for ages! Tomorrow I'm waking up at 8am, to go back to my usual eating times. I'll have breakfast and go back to sleep after :P I have to start waking up earlier ...

Breakfast (at Eggspectations) - bagel sandwich (montreal style bagel, egg whites, ham, lettuce, tomato); grilled potatoes with ketchup [620]

Snack - spartan apple [80]

Dinner (at Swiss Chalet) - chicken stirfry with half the rice [550]

Snack (thanks flor for the ideas, i basically had them all :P) - raspberry yogurt with peanut butter granola and raspberries [350]

*No exercise. I have to get back to the gym! Tomorrow ....

Breakfast - 3/4 C fibre plus, 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal, 3/4 C almond milk; an orange

Snack - 30g almond/yoghurt sultana mix

Lunch - 1 C chickpea/lentil mix, spinach, broccoli, capsicum, cucumber, carrot, red onion + sweet chilli sauce; 150g mango rice custard

Snack - 200g fat free berry greek yoghurt; 1/2 C rockmelon

Dinner - garden goodness burger; pepsi max

Snack - 150g vanilla rice custard

**no exercise :( OH except 20 mins of strength type stuff (leg lifts, sit ups etc) but i don't think that burns much, ahaha

themanicdoll -- MY PARENTS FOUND DARK CHOCOLATE ENSURE PLUS!! :D Haha I really, really hope that you will be able to participate in the play!

peanutbuttercup12 -- It looks like you had a fun day, and I wish I had snack suggestions, like it IS only 8:30, if you are hungry before bed do you think you would be okay with a yogurt or piece or fruit or maybe a serving of oats?

I am back at school, and I had forgotten how draining it is! Yesterday my dentist idenitified the cracks on my teeth as stress fractures -- which is really scary, especially since I know that I had a stress fracture in my foot in the fall. I am scared because part fo me knows that this is related to nutrition. My boyfriend is very worried about me -- so is my whole family, but his level of concern makes me wonder if maybe I really am in denial.


B: 3/4 c oats, 1 TB PB, light n fit yogurt, DARK CHOCOLATE ENSURE PLUS, banana

S: tiny pink lady apple

L: 2 pieces turkey, 1 small piece swiss cheese, 2 pieces wheat bread, apple, 1 c lettuce w TB raspberry vinagrette

S: skim latte, 90 calorie FiberOne Brownie

D: 2 pieces WW bread, 1 1/2 oz turkey, 1 1/2 c steamed carrot sticks, serving Special K Savory Herb crackers, diet hot chocolate

S: 1/3 c oats, FF strawberry greek yogurt, tsp nutella

Exercise: 60 mins pilates/ repetitious exercise, 15 mins stationary bike

I'm so worn out!

flor1234: I am OBSESSED with pink lady apples! And I love those fiber one brownies! I'm back in school too, the stress sucks :( but we'll get through it!


themanicdoll: Thank you so much for you supportive messages all the time! I also have difficulty talking to my mom about weight gain stuff.  She doesn't know how much weight I actually lost nor how much I weigh now/have left to go. In fact, she thinks I weigh more than I do, which is really awkward because she is always like "why are you eating so much?!?!?!" which, honestly, makes me feel kind of embarrassed sometimes! I won't let this cause me to restrict since I need the calories, but I think that parents will, as much as they try, never be able to fully understand the recovery process unless they themselves have been through it. And I was SO proud of the Dunkin Donuts as well! Especially since after school Dunkin Donut runs are what initially caused me to gain weight last year right before my ED, so it was kind of a double f-you to my ED! :)


I had REAL pizza from a pizza parlor AND frozen yogurt! AND trail mix! So many new foods! I have never actually had trail mix before nor am I a huge fan of nuts, but I figured I might as well give it a try!


Breakfast: 2 slices of wheat bread cooked in an egg white as french toast, 1 tbsp dark chocolate dreams pb, strawberries, boca breakfast links (365)


Snack: kashi chocolate pretzel bar (160)


Lunch: small whole wheat wrap with chicken and cheese, vegetable soup, carrots and hummus, kashi crackers and laughing cow wedge, 2 clementines (480)


Snack:1 piece homemade fudge (70), cottage cheese (70), mini homemade espresso cake in a mug with chocolate chips and chocolate ice cream on top (212), 1.5 cups kashi puffs with 0.5 cups skim milk (145)




Dessert: Went to the froyo place! It weighed less than usual at 0.38lbs, so 375ish


Snack: I had leftover calories and was full (lol when am I not?), so I decided to try an Emerald's Breakfast on the Go chocolate peanut butter banana trail mix pack (200)



krystalambro- Thanks! The pomegranate waffles are actually just from Whole Foods. They're made by Nature's Path, I think. Super tasty & really quick to just heat up in the morning!

themanicdoll- Nice to meet you too! :) Like I said, the waffles are just from Whole Foods. I would definitely recommend them if you can find them! Haha it feels kind of ridiculous being afraid of something as simple as yogurt & chocolate chips but either way it's definitely a little victory to eat them again.


Breakfast- (same as yesterday) 2 pomegranate waffles w/ 1 tablespoon cranberry apple butter and 1 mug of hot chocolate (390 calories)
Snack-1 packet dark chocolate instant oatmeal, 1 baked banana (sounds really weird but is so good - it tastes just like bananas foster!), 1 glass of skim milk (410 calories)
Lunch-California rolls and a cup of miso soup (390 calories)
Snack-1 apple cinnamon greek yogurt w/ 1 chopped apple mixed in (250 calories)
Dinner-Roasted salmon and parsnips with ginger, 1 glass of skim milk (590 calories)
Dessert-1 ice cream sandwich
Snack-Large bowl of honey bunches of oats w/ vanilla almond milk (200 calories)

Total=2430 calories 

Peanutbuttercup12: peanut butter granola???? Gimmie! Where did you find that? I want to start experimenting with granola.
Original Post by caffeinatedbookworm:

Peanutbuttercup12: peanut butter granola???? Gimmie! Where did you find that? I want to start experimenting with granola.

I actually made my own: tter-granola/ . It's great because it's really easy, it's a small batch (like 3 - 4 servings), and it takes 15 minutes total, so I can actually make it right before I want some :P

However if you want to buy, I used to buy this kind last year: It was really good and I definitely recommend it, but it's sort of expensive for a small-ish amount ... if you eat granola by the bucketload, which I definitely do.

Hope that was helpful :)

Posting now before scurrying off to do homework, ahhhh. 

peanutbuttercup: that granola looks/sounds delicious! 

inspireme15: Your morning snack sounds amazing! Jealous. 

caffeinatedbookworm: Jealous of the froyo, I've been craving 16 Handles since we went there aha. Also, I love those Emerald's Breakfast on the Go mixes! They were such a staple for me over the summer when I was gaining :) 

flor1234: It's nice to see you back! I'm sorry about everything that is going on-- I feel you on the stress front though! 

breakfast: 6oz nonfat caramel yogurt and a red delicious apple

snack: big chunk of peppermint bark and a handful of shredded wheat 

lunch [this was all a bit random]: TJ's herb & mushroom risotto [~1/4c dry], about 1/2c cooked egg noodles, 1/3c red pepper, a few chili kidney beans, and some roasted vegetables [zucchini, red pepper, tomatoes, onion]

snack: 1c Special K Red Berries, 1/2c Kashi Go Lean Original Cereal, 1/2c Original Almond Milk, and 1 milk chocolate disk

dinner: 3/4c brown rice, and ~1/2 pack of Kashmir Spinach [spinach and paneer cheese curry]. ~20 baby tomatoes dipped in homemade hummus.

snack: banana and 2 shortbread cookies

total: approx. 1,800-1900 

exercise: ~15 minutes Helix Lateral Trainer

Pre-Workout- one slice light italian toast w/tbsp apple butter

Exercise- 40mins elliptical, 15mins core work

Post-Workout- 5oz quick oats, banana, 1.5tbsp pumpkin, 1tsp pumpkin butter, cinnamon, nutmeg

Snack- hot cocoa made with water and 1.5tbsp ovaltine, two homemade mini muffins(huge i havent had asnack inbetween bfast and lunch forever!)

Lunch- baby spinach, 1/3cup mixed frozen stirfry veggies, baby carrots, broccoli, celery pieces, homemade yogurt dressing, 2-3oz baked chicken breast dipped in 1/4cup natural applesauce.

Snack- glass of diet cranberry/blueberry juice, small handful of special k southern ranch cracker chips,2 pretzel m&ms

Dinner- baby spinach, baby carrots, celery pieces, frozen mixed sitfry veggies, 2-3oz baked frozen haddock, fat free balsamic vingerette, 2 mini tootsie rolls.

Snacks tonight- 100cal popcorn bag, hot cocoa made with water and 1tbsp ovaltine with a lil cool whip on top 

*I hate the feeling of constantly thinking about food, and today I even had a snack inbetween my breakfast and lunch, and seemed hungrier for lunch when it came :/. I know if I continue to eat a little more it seems like I will get hungry a lot more and easier but I just don't want to overdo it. This is all frustrating, and on top of it I can barely sleep at night so I'm tired and moody all day long ugh!

peanutbuttercup12: I know, I've been in a bad mindset lately and my eats have kind of dwindled but not terribly restrictive yet.  Just nervous about a weigh-in I have tomorrow.  And yeah, I know one pound could just be a fluctuation, but I seem to be the only one that seems to acknowledge that little fact. And thanks again for the encouragement. You rock! I am going to try your pb granola recipe sometime. Looks delish!

flor1234: YAY DARK CHOCOLATE ENSURE!! :D And thank you very much.  And school is SO draining, that's why I'm not really in school right now.  Kind of homeschooling because my therapist doesn't want me getting too stressed out.  Not fun stuff.

caffeinatedbookworm: You are a superstar :D

inspireme15: Ooh, I'll try and look for them next time!  I might head there tomorrow, so we'll see! Loving your sushi eats <3


Breakfast: 1/2 cup oats w/ scoop vanilla protein powder, a little coffee, Vanilla Ensure, 1/2 cup blueberries

Lunch: 3/4 cup banana almond cereal (high calorie) w/ 1 cup soy milk, honey greek yogurt, Vanilla Ensure mixed with coffee

Dinner: ~2 cups Salmon and corn chowder, end slice of a baguette, diced tomatoes in balsamic vinegar, Chocolate Ensure

themanicdoll: Thank you, you too! :) Stay strong for the weigh-in tomorrow, and I hope everything works out for your part in the musical!


peanutbuttercup12: Thank you! I made the granola! We were all out of honey, so I substituted sugar free syrup, and it tasted really good in some plain Greek yogurt!


I'm feeling bloated today again! The bloating has recently gone down, but it is back today! I am thinking that will mean I might have a larger gain this week, but I just have to suck it up and keep on going!


Breakfast: s'mores oatmeal! 1 pack plain oatmeal with 1 crumbled graham cracker, tiny bit of chocolate syrup, 7 mini marshmallows, strawberries, boca breakfast links (262.5)


Snacks at school: an apple (100), 2 peppermint white chocolate pretzels (70), a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on 2 slices of whole wheat with 1 tbsp dark chocolate dreams and 1 tbsp mint jelly (275)


Lunch once I got back from school (my school ends early on Wednesdays): salad with black beans, tofu in teriyaki sauce, feta cheese; baby carrots and hummus on the side (310)


Snack: one slice of homemade nutella banana bread!!! (210--- SO YUMMY!!!!!), cottage cheese (70), a blend of a tiny bit of chocolate ice cream and some coffee in the blender (75), oikos plain greek yogurt cup with some peanut butter granola, made from the recipe peanutbuttercup12 gave me! :) (175)


Dinner: Whole Foods butternut squash ravioli with low sodium tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, salad with mushrooms, milk, garlic bread and 1/2 tsp olive oil for dipping (522)


Dessert: another slice of nutella banana bread (210), yoplait red velvet yogurt (100) with a poptarts thin crisp pack to dip in the yogurt (100) (REALLY good combo btw!), Godiva peppermint white chocolate truffle bar (220), s'mores (218), one candy cane oreo (70)



Hey guys!


B: 3/4 c oats, 1 TB PB, Dark Chocolate Ensure Plus, banana, light n fit yogurt

L: tortilla, turkey, 2 tsp honey mustard, c romaine w carrot chips, 1 TB FF French, apple

S: Light Muscle Milk (160), Snicker Dark Chocolate Marathon bar (150) (They changed the recipe of these or somethin! They're different.)

D: 2 c spinach, 1 TB raspberry vinagrette, 1/4 raw veggies, 2 TB Kidney beans, apple

Dessert: carrot cake (~300)

Total: About 1,900 - 2,000, I AM hungry, maybe I will have a snack?

Exercise: 20 mins on stationary bike, 60 mins various

caffienatedbookworm --Congratulations on your success at the pizza parlor and the frozen yogurt place!! out of curiosity, is the yogurt place a Menchie's?

inspireme15 -- How do you do baked bananas?? Sounds wonderful!!

avatallulah -- Good luck with the homework, I feel your pain, ugh!! It's what I am doing, or am SUPPOSED to be doing, right now!

themanicdoll -- Gah, you are the only one who understands how wonderful it is to have dark chocolate ensure plus, gosh!! haha I think I mihgt need to diversify though to conserve my stores lol and have milk chocolate tomorrow. Have you ever had the almond kind? They're my second favorite! And absolutely that pound very well may be a fluctuation, man, I know I get so frustrated when people are like "yay, you've gained!" when I know very well it might just be a temporary thing :/




avatallulah- It was really tasty! And the peppermint bark you had sounds so good - haven't had that in ages!

themanicdoll- You should definitely try the waffles if you can find them. I'm kind of obsessed with them lately... I've been eating them almost everyday haha!

flor1234- They're super easy to make - preheat the oven to 350 and then bake a whole banana (w/ skin still on) for 15 minutes. The skin turns black but the inside tastes sooo good. 

caffeinatedbookworm- Oh my gosh, your s'mores oatmeal sounds delicious! Will have to try that one day soon! :)


Breakfast- 2 gluten free blueberry pancakes, 1 mug of hot chocolate (390 calories)
Snack- 1 piece of cinnamon raisin toast w/ butter, 1 baked banana (310 calories)
Lunch-Tofu cooked in 1 T olive oil, 1 baked sweet potato (410 calories)
Snack-Lemon greek yogurt w/ a pear and 1/2 c. blackberries mixed in (290 calories)
Dinner-Peanut butter & jelly french toast (love this!), 1 apple, 1 glass skim milk (620 calories)
Dessert- Theo coconut dark chocolate (200 calories)
Snack-Big bowl of lucky charms w/ vanilla almond milk (200 calories) 

Total=2420 calories

Breakfast - 1/3 C rolled oats, 2tsp brown sugar, Tbsp mixed seeds; homemade banana/berry smoothie

Lunch - cheese + salad wholemeal sandwich; 1 C frozen grapes + watermelon

Snack - 250mL 'up & go' drink

Snack - rockmelon; skinny cow bar

Dinner - salad; tofu pasta bake with tomato pesto saucy stuff and cheeeese; diet lemonade

Snack - vanilla rice custard

**exercise; 5 hours at work, yay for having money!

caffeinatedbookworm: glad you enjoyed the granola recipe! i love it on yogurt too, greek or just activia (which my fam usually buys). i also felt super bloated today too, it was really odd when i read that because i had the breakfast i basically always have, but my stomach was bloated like crazy, it was really uncomfortable for almost 2 hours :s my cycle is still sort of messed up though so i think i may be at that time of the month soon again. i've heard drinking peppermint tea can help? i don't like it myself, but anytime i feel bloated i just try to drink lots of water. it sucks at first, but if you down enough it really helps :)

flor: i love carrot cake :) and if you're hungry you should definitely have a snack, you did quite a bit of exercise so your proper intake should certainly be over 2000, probably close to 2500!

inspireme: hi! haven't actually welcomed you yet, welcome to the thead :) your eats look really great, super yummy and healthy.

Breakfast - english muffin with peanut butter and a banana; tea with milk

Lunch (a tea party, eaten over 2 hours) - 1/4 cream cheese & cucumber sandwich; small lemon square; small caramel square; small yum-yum bar; small scone with strawberry jam; tiny slice of applesauce cake; lots of tea with milk

Dinner - meal-sized salad (romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ham, freshly made whole wheat croutons) with light poppyseed dressing

Dessert - hot chocolate

*No exercise. Did two hours of yoga yesterday though - anti gravity and hot. It was awesome, I'm really feeling the burn today :)

I've been busy and haven't posted in ages! Hope everyone is doing well :)

peanutbuttercup12- I love hot yoga! Ive never tried anti-gravity but Ive been dying to. It looks so fun!

inspireme15- your eats sounds so delicious. I'm so jealous of your pb&j french toast!

flor1234-carrot cake is my favorite cake! yummm

Today I had:

B: whole wheat bagel, 2 tbsp maple almond butter, 1/2 of a banana

L: teriyaki stir-fry with brown rice, broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms topped with a naked quorn cutlet and teriyaki sauce

S: coconut luna bar (this is my new favorite! and I didnt even think I liked coconut but it's so good!)

D: a salad with onions, mandarin oranges, kalamata olives and grilled salmon; a cup of black bean vegetable soup

S: vanilla ice cream! 


*Ate at random times today*

10:20am(Pre-Workout)- slice light italian toast, w/tbsp apple butter

Exercise- 60mins elliptical, 30mins core work, two weight arm machines, and used resistance bands

1:00pm- 5oz quick oats, banana, 1.5tbsp pumpkin, 1tsp pumpkin butter, cinnamon, nutmeg

3:00pm- baby spinach, 2oz plain tuna, baby carrots, broccoli, mixed stirfry veggies, homemade yogurt dressing, glass of diet cranberry/blueberry juice

4:00-4:20pm- one homemade mini pumpkin muffing, cup of tea, handful of special k sea salt cracker chips

5:10pm- small piece of a lindt chocolate reindeer, one mini tootsie roll

*Went bowling for about 50mins, had another mini tootsie roll

7:10pm- homemade pumpkin yogurt pancakes w/sf syrup and baked apple on top. *Only ate half of my makings since the first batch came out way to droopy :/

Evening Snacks- 100cal buttered popcorn, one homemade meatball, cup of hot cocoa made w/water and 1.5tbsp ovaltine. (Would use milk but I have a lactose intolerant issue I think)

*Update later!

One of my friends is triggering me so much lately-- she hasn't eaten lunch in 3 days and keeps talking to me about how she is "proud" of not eating. She is the only person who really knows about my eating disorder so it's really upsetting. She likes to compete with me so I feel like to her, this "not eating" thing is like her trying to get the attention I got when I was skinny. I really can't tell if she actually has a problem or not. Uhhhh.

breakfast: 2 caramel corn ricecakes, 1 banana and about 16 oz English breakfast tea with milk and sugar 

snack: peppermint bark [...again!]

lunch: 2oz breaded chicken, 1/2c corn salad and 1/3c really oily garlic-y spinach 

snack: caramel nut brownie luna bar 

dinner: 2c chili con carne, 1tbsp light sour cream and 1 veggie patty with 1tbsp ketchup 

snack: 1 chocolate disk and a 6oz nonfat vanilla yogurt with 1/3c crunchy nut clusters 

approx. 2000-2100

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