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Young Calorie Counters
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yay cc is working for me!

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I'm 15 and I started calorie counter 11 days ago, and so far it is working great. Ive been eating about 1500 calories a day and working out pretty much every other day(sometimes less) I started at 162 pounds and am at 156 pounds. I'm really motivated to get to my goal! :)
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Good job! I read somewhere that drinking chocolate milk after a workout or eating something with a lot of protein totally helps!
Thanks! I don't drink milk, but I totally dig a healthy snack after a workout. I usually go for fruit or nuts and a bottle of water
Woah! 6 pounds in less than two weeks? Congrats! I just started but I hope I'm as successful as you.
That's awesome!!!!
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Good for you, congrats!!!!
this just inspired me!
Good job! I'm just starting :).
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