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16 and wanting to lose weight! anyone want to partner up

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I'm 16 and around 130 to 135 pounds. It's almost summer and I want to loose as much weight as possible before I start going to beach parties and stuff. But it would really help me out if someone joined me in my quest. If you're around my age and also struggling with the same problems, please message me, I'd really like it if we could help one another! Thanks alot!
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I'm 15 and I have the exact same goals! I weigh about 130 too and want to get in shape before vacation. I would love to have a buddy.
I'm 15 and around 140 and I want to loose weight too! Let's do this! What I am wondering is what is your exercise routine and food? Bc I can't control my dinner. My mom cooks one meal
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Actually I'm in a boarding school, so if I don't want to go to dinner, I dont have to. Thank you guys for replying! How can we contact each other throughout the day? Do you have a whatsapp?
My mom makes my dinner too. I make recipe suggestion and help her cook so we're both making healthier choices. I'm not sure what a whatsup is but I have an email.
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Do you have an iphone? Whatapp is an app where you can talk to anyone in the world. Anyways yeah I'd love to be buddies it's just hard for me to check my email all the time

Hey guys !

I actually have just about the same stats as you do: 15 years old, 133 lbs and I would absolutely love to have weightloss buddies.  (I want that bikini body too haha :) 

I don't have whatapp yet but I've got an Iphone so there should be no problem there :) Where are you guys located? I'm in Germany at a riding center facility. (I homeschool.)


Anyways can't wait to talk to you guys, we can so do this ! :) xx

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I'm 15 I weigh 125 trying to be 115 let's dooooooo it
I'm 15, 5'3 and 132! Im hoping to get to 120 ASAP! Like by the time my school gets out... I don't know if this is realistic... But I'd love to join you guys :)
Must be a full moon again..

Most of these goals are really unhealthy. Talk to a doctor before you try any of those.
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Ok so in a week and a half I'm getting an iPhone. We should totally make a whatsapp group and talk. Im from Israel. If you guys are into this then we should totally make it work
Will whatsapp work on my iPod?
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Hey Im 15, 5'8, 139 lookin to be 130
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Yes, it should. Everyone just download the app and then post your numbers on this site so that we can all add each other

Hey what happened? I thought we were gonna start a whatapp group ? 

I'm 16, 5"3 and 129.. I want to be at least 120 by summer anyone want to team up?
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Hey I'm 15 6"2 130 want I would love to team up with some people so I can look great by summer
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Oops spelling mistake I'm defs not 6"2 I'm only 5"2
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