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Ugh stressed out. Listen to my story.

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I'm 15years old, trying to recover from anorexia. I'm asian, small build, both my parents are very small too. I'm 157cm weighing 41kg upped from 33kg since January all on my own ;D and the help of my mother. I don't know what to do from here though, struggling with how much to eat :/ I've been told it's fine for me to maintain at current weight and let my weight climb naturally over the years as I get older. I eat minimum 1800, today I think I've eaten much more and I still have dinner left... I estimate I ate around 2000 already please check this ing/help-please-s and calculate and also answer that too. Thankyou :/

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Don't feel discouraged if people haven't replied. It doesn't mean that your question is stupid or that you don't have real issues that people care about. Most people are not really knowledgeable about anorexia and we might put our foot in our mouth if we say something we shouldn't have. Have you tried getting some professional help? 

Actually, i just think that nobody know the metric system :P

Try to post this in the 'health and support' og 'weight gain' thread. That's were most people with EDs are, and there will be lots of people to help you! ;)

Personally, I'm not too crazy about the bmi scale, so I'm not going to really say much about your weight. I believe if you are eating healthy and not being disordered with food and exercise then you can be somewhat under or over the bmi scales "healthy weights" and be perfectly healthy. Especially if you have a super tiny/large build, or carry very little/or a lot of muscle. Besides all of that, you are only 15, so you are technically in the normal weight range. But you do have to pay attention to the fact that you probably will gain as you get older, and you can't force it to stay the same. If you are not overexercising, and are eating enough I would say you are fine to maintain that weight. However, 1800 cals is not enough for a growing girl. 1500 cals is the MINIMUM for a female teen that is sedentary to LOSE weight. You are not trying to lose. I don't know if you are active or not, but I would make your minimum at least 2000. And by miniumum, that means you can go over without freaking out. I am recovering from anorexia too. I'm 18, 5'7-8" (closer to the 8 if not 5'8...) Andd  maintaining at the moment at 92-94 lbs. I AM trying to gain because I'm way underweight, but I am eating about 3000-3500 at the moment, and not gaining. I am also very sedentary for now. Yes I have a freakishly fast metabolism (always have) but honestly, I think you can maintain on more than what you are eating, and if you can't you probably are not at a healthy weight for your body...Hope this helps..:)

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