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Hello everybody!

So, I have a bit of a problem. When I'm at college, I have an apartment and a full kitchen and can pretty much cook whatever I want. At home over the summer, however, I'm at the mercy of what my mum decides to cook. Although I love my mum's cooking, it's not exactly diet-friendly. Today, for example, she's making "breakfast for lunch" - bacon, sausage, eggs, etc. - and cottage pie (minced beef, veggies and mashed potato) for dinner. If I turn my nose up at what she makes, she gets angry, and she doesn't seem to understand that I'm trying to lose weight. What should I do? Any pointers on how to counteract the English Mother?


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Haha, I know how you feel, I have the same problem with my grandparents. I don't want to upset them and make them think that their food is no longer delicious, which it is. What I do is that I tell them I'd like to cook for myself some days because I've taken an interest in cooking and you'd like the opportunity to cook. And as well I tell them that since they do so much for me the least I can do is cook for them. And as for the unhealthy part, you're just going to have to suggest lightly that you don't want to be eating unhealthy foods. Try making something for her to try that IS diet friendly and chances are that she'll understand. :P

Is there a reason you can't cook your own food when you're home for the summer?

ETA- are you worried it will offend your mother?  She shouldn't get offended- you are an adult!  Perhaps the two of you could try cooking together, and you could share some healthy tips with her. 

I have this same problem! Except that it's all year long, not just summer. My mother isn't a cook though, the problem is that all she buys is junk food. She won't buy any meat or fresh produce.

My grandma used to cook when my brother was still living here. But now that no one else in the family will eat her cooking, she won't make it. And it was healthy and tasty!

So I'm trying to figure out how to get these these without spending my paycheck that I'm trying to save for a car.

In a way I have to fit in around the same problem - the rest of the family isn't trying to diet, and we're on a limited budget. Here's what I do:

(1) You don't have to eat the lunchtime mass if you arrange  to be elsewhere - take a sandwich and go for a walk maybe? Obviously warn your mother inplanty of time so she doesn't cook for you.

(2) Breakfast - eat healthy then - high fibre cereal.

(3) Main meal. Start your logging with the main meal, and log the next 24 hours so the following day's breakfast and lunch make up the "day". That way you know what your calorie intake was from the main meal, and can adjust the next two meals (breakfast and the sandwich) to compensate as much as possible.

you need to ask yourself if you like these foods,  if yes then my advise is to take smaller portions and have a good amount of veggies on hand you can have,  so have 1/2 a portion and always have some extra veggies,  

if you dont like the food explain to your mom very carefully, that you want to try new things,  that you will cook your own food, or you two can switch you cook lunch and she does dinner or you do 3 days a week and she does 4. 

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