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Teens: Good songs to dance to?

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Such as workout songs..?

and what genre?




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shake it by metro station!

i love to work out to that song!!

im rachel, by the way, nice to meet you :)

oh shoot, dancing is my THING. it really depends on what you want - basic club dancing(just movin to the beat, not much of a workout), or freestyling and basic choreography material.

here's a list of my faves (I do alot of great Kpop songs, but I wont include them unless you ask. oh and some of these are best for girls...for obvious reasons):

Lipgloss - Lil' Mama

Shawty Get Loose - Lil' Mama

OMG - Usher

Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz

Whine Up - Kat Deluna

I Wanna Be - Chris Brown (slow song, gets you loose for footwork)

Insomnia - Craig David (another slow one with a good poppin feel)

Boom Boom Pow - BEP

Wait a Minute - PCD

I Don't Need a Man - PCD

I'm Good - Blaque

Speedin' - Omarion

The Way I Are - Timbaland

Treat Me Right - Backstreet Boys (I know, but it's good for locking)

Radar - Britney Spears

Eat You Up - BoA


lemme know what you think, and if you're looking for something a bit different I can make a new list!

Hampster Dance - Hampton the Hampster ;)


Here's a few I can think of!

Ok Go - So Damn Hot, Train - Soul Sister, Sublime - What I Got, Eenie Meeni - Justin Beiber ft Sean Kingston, and of course All Star - Smash Mouth!

If I think of anymore...I'll be sure to holla'.

Uh...okay I have a few...hahah

Toxic ~ Brittney Spears

Say Hey (I Love You) ~ Michael Franti & Spearhead

Boom Boom Pow ~ BEP...that's really fast :)

Boogie Police ~ Omarion

P.Y.T. ~ Michael Jackson

Everytime we Touch ~ Cascada..another great fast song

One, Two Step ~ Ciara (feat. Missy Elliot)

Jai Ho! ~ Slumdog Millionaire (be sure to buy the remix by the Pussycat Dolls)

Gotta Lotta ~ Prima J (it's from Jump In!)

Whenever, Wherever ~ Shakira (it has a Spanish feel to it)

Lose Control ~ Missy Elliot

Love Drunk ~ Boys Like Girls

Drop It Low ~ Ester Dean and Chris Brown (it's from More Than A Game)

Move ~ Mims

Rude Boy ~ Rihanna

Jump ~ Flo Rida

Carry Out ~ Timbaland

Tilt Ya Head Back ~ Nelly (this is a great warm-up song)

Unwritten ~ Natasha Bedingfield

Don't Trust Me ~ 3OH!3

Whine Up ~ Kat DeLuna

3 ~ Brittney Spears

Hope this helps!! :))


Definitely OK GO's Here it Goes Again.

I also like The Royal We - Silversun Pickups, Minority, Know Your Enemy, and Before the Lobotomy - Green Day, All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix's version, and Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns. <-- That's what I listen to when I'm working out in the den. I also play the entire Black Parade and Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (minus Ghost of You) albums and the A Fever You Can't Sweat Out album. Those get me through my cardio and calisthenic workouts.

I think K-Pop is fun to dance to. Especially trying to copy the dances in K-Pop artists' music videos.

If I had You -Adam Lambert

telephone - lady gaga

imma be - black eyed peas

sexy bitch - david guetta ft. akon

woohoo - christina aguilera

in my head - jason derulo

get me bodied (extended mix) - beyonce

diva - beyonce


if you're after more sort of contemporary, or softer music, dance songs, let me know.

Asian Pop:

Big Bang, (Momusu)Morning Musame and BoA (Brand new beat).. 


Madonna (Get Into The Groove)

Aqua (My Oh My)

Cascada (Bad Boy, Miracle, Everytime We Touch,)

Daft Punk(Harder Better Faster Stronger)

Bjork ( Declare Independence, Army of Me, Bachlorette)

Le disko (Shiny Toy Guns)

MSTRKRFT (Easy Love, The Looks)

Justice (D.A.N.C.E)

Gorillaz (Dare, Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry)

 Continued later, when I have my mp3 player...

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