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Teens: what did YOU eat today?

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I'm kind of copying the oh so popular topic found in the food forum. This is different, though: for teens! I think it's pretty interesting to see what we teenagers eat, and this will kind of give the chance for teens to see what other healthy foods they can add to their diet.. I sure know that my diet needs improvement XD

Oh, and the same rules as the one in the other forum applies.. especially do not post if you are not eating enough. Nobody wants to see it, and you're only hurting yourself in the long run; believe me, I found out the hard way.

I'll start!
breakfast: cheerios, a yogurt, & and orange
lunch: a turkey sandwich (i love low carb bread! really.) an apple, another yogurt, &wheat thins
after school: a peanut butter sandwhich on whole grain & an orange
dinner: probably light soup & a salad or something!

don't be shy XD

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B: blueberry muesli and golean kashi cereal with almond milk; ginger cookies
L: fruit salad; hummus sandwich on whole wheat bread with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, sprouts, red wine vinegar
S: part of a cherry bran muffin
D: rest of cherry bran muffin; hummus sandwich on whole wheat bread with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, sprouts, red wine vinegar
S: popcorn
not much variety today... lazy lazy sunday (:
Breakfast: Activia peach yogurt, half a small blueberry muffin, water

Lunch: 3 oz pork tenderloin marinated in balsalmic vinegar (YUM!), 12 oz. Diet Pepsi

Still working on what I want for dinner...

breakfast- 1/2 whole grain cinnamon raisin english muffin, kiwi, unsweetened almond milk

lunch- curry braised seitan stir fry w/ celery, broccoli, onion and carrots and 3/4 cup jasmine rice made w/ vegetable stock (wow. what a big lunch for me.)

dinner- baked portobella mushroom sandwich on whole wheat bread w/ carrot, green pepper, baked garlic cloves, horseradish mustard and a teeny bit of veganaise, unsweetened almond milk

snack- 2 cups coffee, 1/2 bottle life water

Breakfast: oatmeal w/ oat bran, almonds, nonfat soy milk, and rice krispies

Snack: FiberOne bar

Lunch: two hamburgers on white buns and a bag of Lays barbecue chips *shakes head in disgust*

Dinner: morningstar patties on whole wheat bread w/ avocado, tomato paste, and lettuce

Strawberry Yogurt
Raisin Bran
Toast + Jam
"Salad" (shredded lettuce) with Italian Dressing
Strawberry Yogurt
2 (unbuttered) rolls

Wow, I thought I ate a lot more then that. o_O Weird.

B: porridge (oats and soya milk)

L: toasted pitta bread filled with salad and crab, soya yogurt mixed with puffed wheat

S: apricot and almond bar, 4.5 prunes

D: salad with cottage cheese and pineapple, dressed with balsamic

S: more soya yogurt mixed with rice krispies, some pears

breakfast- whole grain cinnamon raisin english muffin, coffee w/ splash of rice milk

lunch- snack bag spicy thai kettle chips w/3-4 tablespoon hummus, 3 smart dogs, plain without buns (only 45 calories each and fat free!!!), a couple sheets of nori (seaweed)

snack- shake (10-ounce soy milk blended w/ 2 tablespoons crushed pineapple and ice), silk key lime soy yogurt, couple handfuls of air popped popcorn

dinner- sloppy joe on marble rye bread w/ 2 tablespoons veganaise

b- 3 glasses of water

l- 1 glass water, 1 diet green tea

d- pasta with scallops and muscles, drink: diet fresca orange citris

s- 1/2 serving of ben and jerry's mini cookie dough things lol

Breakfast: egg whites and whole wheat toast

Snack: kix cereal

Lunch: sandwich (made with whole wheat toast, 3 slices of meat, and mustard) and jello

Dinner: salmon patty and salad

Hungry still probably going to eat something later!

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So hear me out:

I didn't eat anything today because it's 2:56 a.m., but yesterday I ate one McChicken sandwich from McDonalds and then a hot dog later on during the day. That was all, no sides, no drinks, nada. And before that McChicken, I can't recall how many days have gone by where I ate that amount or smaller.  I'm 15 years old, and I don't want to be fat. I know I'm not fat, but I want to have a flat stomach, and that's why I'm decreasing my food intake. Now, all I want to know is if this is anorexia or not? Although, you might not be able to defer this without knowing a little more about me.

Hmm for some reason I'm thinking people are missing a key part to the original post: "do not post if you are not eating enough."

Please follow this guideline...seeing people barely eat anything/not eat enough can be quite triggering for some.

I completely agree with deflepfan, particularly because I find it triggering in the sense it INFURIATES me. Glasses of water and green tea do not constitute breakfast and lunch!

tara92 i suggest you try and get help on another thread, look in the health & support section, there are some useful links there. 

Breakfast: oatmeal w/ oat bran, soy milk, almonds, and rice krispies

Snack: FiberOne bar

Lunch: salmon patty on a ww pita w/ avocado, lettuce, and honey mustard, and a bowl of pineapple/soy milk/blueberries

Snack: piece of toast w/ pb, couple bites of a pear

Dinner: apple/chicken sausage on a pita w/ lettuce, hummus, tomato paste, and avocado

Snack: few slices of frozen peach/mango

Breakfast - Slim Fast protein shake

- Muscle Milk

Lunch - Low fat muffin and iced coffee with skim and splenda

Dinner - 3 pieces of ika (squid sushi) and 2 pieces of tako (octopus sushi)

- Special K Protein bar

breakfast- key lime soy yogurt, 2 cups of coffee w/ splash of rice milk

lunch- smart dog, plain w/ no bun, baby carrots w/ jalapeno hummus, tortilla chips w/ salsa verde, dried apricots, 1/4 bottle nantucket nectar lemonade

dinner- mie noodles in vegetable broth w/ spinach and garbanzo bean

i'll probably eat a midnight snack later too. :)

midnight snack- 1 raspberry soy yogurt and 1 blueberry soy yogurt w/ 1/2 cup low fat cranapple granola

b-strawberry naturalia yogurt, cherries

l-raspberry naturalia yogurt, cherries

d-roasted veggie salad (roasted zucchini, carrots, celery, cauliflour, green peppers, topped with feta on salad greens, guava juice, raspberry raisin apple crumble with vanilla bean icecream. numnumnum.

breakfast: 2 slices of toast, one topped with TJ soybean butter and one topped with homemade cashew butter; plain yogurt and frozen mixed berries

snack: a fruit omelette made with some egg beaters, mixed berries, and a strawberry yogurt

lunch: chili with a dollop of plain yogurt, homemade corn tortillas, some watermelon, and kozyshack chocolate pudding (yum :) )

snack: a peach

dinner: spinach salad with kalamata olives, feta cheese, toasted almonds, and mandarin oranges

dessert: a banana and a bowl of mixed fruit - banana, fresh raspberries, fresh strawberries, and fresh blueberries

bites: a little piece of a chicken tender, a small piece of tuna from a poki salad, and a piece of marinated zucchini

Breakfast: oat n' honey bread w/ peanut butter and honey; a little bit of oatmeal

Snack: same kind of bread, w/ cottage cheese, honey, and sliced apricot on top; a nectarine

Lunch: chicken breast sandwich on ww w/ salsa verde and a little cantaloupe; a pear

Snacks: strawberries and blueberries

Dinner: homemade mac 'n cheese; a FiberOne bar; Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich

Snack: small bowl of crushed pineapple/soymilk/blueberries; and the smallest apple known to mankind

breakfast - porridge with oats and soya milk, hot choc
lunch - egg mayo and cress sandwich
snack - soya yogurt mixed with puffed wheat
dinner - crab salad dressed with balsamic
snack - yogurt coated apricot and almond bar, hot choc (edited)

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