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Are there any teens who are actually overweight?

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I can't seem to find anyone who is overweight and ACTUALLY needs to lose weight like me. I keep trying to ind a buddy to keep me motivated but I can't. Tactically everyone is 120 and think they're obese. Also, I need help from someone who's good with counting calories, I mark what I eat but it's hard for me to know what's in my food. I want to learn how to count calories religiously ha.

I'm 15, 5' 2", and 182 lbs. For now I want to get down to 130 lbs. Is there anyone else who has similar stats? :)
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I don't think you need to learn how to count religiously - it'll become an obsession, and then what will you do once you maintain?


Focus more on healthy eating, count, but don't go crazy. Don't measure exact amounts for veggies/fruits, but measure fats, breads and protein more.

That's true. I'm having trouble starting my diet though. I don't know how many calories I should eat and it's hard for me to know how much I lose when I work out. I just don't know how to target my stomach fat, the only thing I can do is cardio to lose all around right? Do you think it's okay if I stick to the same meals everyday?

Not actually overweight as the question asked, but I hope my opinion is valid anyways: Log your foods for a day. Just an average day. If it is an insanely large amount, then you might want to target the ones that rack up the most calories, and plan a bit more. If you're just slightly over, follow the "replace by veggies" rule for a couple things here and there. Make sure you don't under eat - it'll be harder to lose and keep losing.

You can't target stomach fat, but do some cardio and some strength so that you develop muscle while losing the fat - you'll look ehalthier. Essentially, cardio burns the fat, to reveal the leaner muscles being developed underneath.

As for the same meals every day, if they're nutritious, I don't see why not: maybe switch up the veggies every once in a while to make sure you get enough nutrients, but really, if they're balanced, there's nothing wrong with repetition.

Good luck!

I am. I'm fifteen, and I'm 165 pounds. I started at 201 (definitely overweight) and I want to get to 150.

I know what you mean, though. I see all the posts about teens who are 110-ish and say they "need to lose weight" and it really discourages me.

Anyway, good luck on your weight loss! :)
I am 14 5'8 and 185lbs and want to get to 145lbs and it's really easy to count calories!! All you have to do is maybe have a chart of some sort and label it Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Then say some things you want to take out of what you eat. I said sugar and enriched flour basically anything not heathy for you!!!! Then you just need to count the ingredients and if it's 5 or above dont eat it and then you need to read the serving sizes because some things aren't just one servings then just count what the calories say!!!! See its really easy!!!!!!
Thanks you two! I've been keeping a limit to 2000 cal and under even though that's a lot. I'll try the calendar out, thank you. I've been putting together a list of meals so I like/are healthy so that might help too :)
Nope sorry, I am 4'11", 13, and 132.
But I am overweight.
You aren't that overweight though so don't lose too much weight ok? If you want maybe drop 10lbs and tone your muscles but I don't think you should lose more than that :) good luck!
I'm 5'8" and 175. Started at 185. This is the second time I'm dieting bc I gained all my weight back after I lost it two years ago. This time around is so much harder to lose weight .. And it's discouraging . -.-
I've never stuck to a diet before, and I've tried but wasn't able to. It feels different this time so I'm hoping maybe I can lose weight. If you did it once you can do it again! And don't worry, you aren't alone.
The last time I dieted though, I was in lacrosse in spring and winter , field hockey In fall, and I walked everywhere . Then I got a job, a car, and a boyfriend who didn't care what I looked like ... So we ate out a lot .. And drove everywhere, and got fast food a lot. An I work Around food(waitress). And I eat while I work/ stand, which I heard isnt good because your body doesn't recognize your eating and doesn't burn the calories as fast. So I feel like its going to be harder this time .
Well, there are people here who will be having a hard time too and everyone supports each other. I'm still in school and I'm not even very active but I still make an effort. Maybe try to snack less or make it healthy snacks? :)
Yep. 16, 5'7 and over 250. I do have underlying medical problems but that's no excuse. I'm here because I'm going to change my life even if it drags me to my grave.
Yeah I really need to make healthy snacks. I went to the store earlier this week and bought bunches and bunches of fresh fruit. But fruit has a lot of sugar ... -.- And I had a peanut butter egg today ..... Bc a regular customer brought it in for me because he says he makes the best and wanted to see if I agree. And I couldn't say no!!!! Then I got home and wanted more chocolate .. It stirred my cravings ... (that time of the month.) so I kinda mini binged on chocolate ... But tomorrow's a new day right ?? And if I eat it all now then I just won't let myself buy anymore and hopefully itll make me feel sick so I wont want it for awhile !!

Choose fruit over refined sugar - it has fiber and vitamins! However, maybe choose strawberries/blueberries/apples over bananas/grapes, if you eat a lot of them.


maybe make some chocolate covered strawberries : not much chocolate, still sweet enough to be satisfying with a nutritional boost! :)

Mmm! I forgot about chocolate covered strawberries! I have a big mix of fruits right now. I've been eating oranges pears mangoes apples strawberries and raspberries. And at the only fresh fruit we have right now at work are bananas.. Can't wait for summer! Then we have all kinds of fresh fruit at work ! But we also have a lot of chocolate ::l
@little moke , I just realized you commented my status I actually have no idea how to use this (I have the app) and I can't figure out how to comment ! I'm going to see how different the site is tomorrow so hopefully ican be more supportive!
That is totally fine, I understand :) I have the app too and I go onto the site on my phone :)
I used to be but then I found a love for biking and jogging... I lift weights 4 times a week too
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