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How tall are you?

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I am trying to figure out how tall the average teen is.

I am 17 and I am  6,3

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i'm 16 and a half and am 5'8 :)

Also 16 and a half, I'm somewhere between 5'4 and 5'5. x'D (around 165cm, so...)

female, 5'4", 15.

I'm 5'2-5'3 ish

But my dad is 6'2 so I still have some hope of growing more! :D

I'm tiny...5ft ^.^

and I'm 16.5 yrs old...but i pretty much have no hope of growing anymore >.<

I'm female, 15 and 5"10. :) I love being tall!

I'm 16 and 5'8" would love to be a couple of inches taller to help my rowing :)

I'm 15 and 5' 8" C: I guess its expected that I'm to be tall in the first place since my dad is 6' 7" XD Unfortunately, I'm done growing ;__;

16 but 17 in a month and 151cm whicgh is about 4'11

im shortest person in my year :'(

5'3 I wish I was taller :(

16, 5ft8, and wish I were 5ft10 haha!

I'm 13 and 5' 3" (:

I'm 16 and 5'1

I'm 15 and 5'7.

I want to grow more, like an inch more. :D

I'm 18 and 5'9.5" and prob will keep growing until my early 20's

14 female and I'm 5'9" (almost 5'10 which is my predicted height).

I'm ok being tall (its actually pretty nice) but sometimes it's hard shopping for things like jeans.

When the waist fits me the length is too short. So annoying!
14yr old girl at 5'9.5"
I'm 14 at 5'9.5"
I'm 15 and 5'6. Also a girl ^^

I'm not going to grow anymore though.

I'm 14, 5'7" and a half

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