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i'm a 16 years old Malaysian..i saw some  other school in other countries serve little choice of food ..mostly fried..then i thought ,i love my school!!for its food!!

heres some thing my school serve..

nasi lemak

 curry chicken/fish/veggie

fried eggs with/without sambal

white rice



seafood/cheese/chicken sandwiches


ice cream(fried or normal)



Fried mee/maggi/rice/kwey tiow or asam laksa 



there's still more but since i don know about the name,i'll just stop here..what kind of food do you have in your school? 

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we have healthy food but tbh its not really healthy and really overpriced so i dont eat it

Pizza, Salad, Deli Sandwiches, Bagels, Pudding, Chips/Junk Food, Ice Cream, Cheese Burgers, Hamburgers, Nachos, Soft Pretzels

Whatever is the main meal at lunch

Tater tots, Buffalo chicken wraps, Nachos, Burgers, Chicken Patties, Pizza, Calzones, Deli Sandwhiches, and snacks galore.

They serve the best cookies though...

I pack my own lunches, but here's a sample of what the other kids eat.

  • Country-fried steak
  • Chicken Sandwiches
  • Burgers
  • Shrimp Poppers (fried shrimp)
  • Bacon-cheddar omlettes on a white bagel
  • Chicken wings with cornbread
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Lasanga
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Turkey casserole
As for sides...

  • Potato chips
  • Pretzels
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Mashed poatoes with butter
  • French fries
  • Cheese garlic bread
  • Fried hush puppies (poatoes)
  • Breadsticks

our school went through this major "wellness policy" makeover where basically everything now has to be healthy. that means no fries, smaller bagels, cookies, etc., only baked chips and other healthy snacks, no ice cream, no soda, teacher's can't give out candy, no selling junk food for fundraisers, etc. as you might imagine, it pissed a lot of people off. i can't eat school food anymore because of my celiac disease, but I didn't think it was that bad. We have four lines:

 bar line- things like baked potato bar, nacho bar, they also sell chicken patties, hot dogs, etc. your typical school food, but made a little better for you. once in a while they have an AMAZING salad bar once in a while but not very often

stiry fry- this used to be my favorite. it was chicken, meatballs, shrimp, or beef with stir fry veggies over rice in one of several chinese sauces

pizza/pasta- pretty self explanatory. ravioli, manicotti, calzones, pizza, etc.

 deli- most meats on most types of bread- but no white, and the rolls are majorly downsized

you can also get premade salads but they're pretty much just iceberg lettuce and whitish tomatoes. for snacks they have baked chips, pretzels, chex mix, granola bars, fruit juice, small soft pretzels, bagels, cookies, fruit, things like that. all the milk is lowfat or skim.

aww I'm jealous! We have the usual school junk that gave me food poisoning a few years ago so I haven't touched it since. Hmph- lucky. : P
what in the world is "fried ice cream"?
fried ice cream??

i'm not sure if its asian food or not..

fried ice-cream is make by putting ice-cream into the oil to fried..the outer layer will be hot while the inner layer is still cold..its delicious but has lots of calories..

 now that i remember..we also had fruit juice and ABC at school..

I always thought it was only served at Mexican restaurants!

I had some on my birthday last was yummy!

we had choices at my school there was like the hot lunch line that had something different every day like pizza, soup, tacos, etc and you got your choice of fruit or veggies

then theres the express lane that was pretty much all junk food and snacks

we had another lane to but i dont think it had a name lol but it was healthy foods lke salads, yogurt boxes (they have like yogurt,bagels,fruit in them) 

the fried ice cream at my school is basically those tollhouse cookie sandwiches covered in sweet batter and dunked in oil. you'd have to be one of the first people in line to get one because they're completely sold out barely halfway through lunch.

yuck. i've only had a bite of it, and i was sick for the rest of the day. and my tongue started to swell.

of course i am allergic to peanuts, and i believe they fry it in peanut oil, so that was probably the reason. but still...
idk, fried ice cream doesnt sound good for some reason..
ahhhh! i have not eaten nasi lemak in the longgggggest time! i miss it! but it's sucha calorie overload.

Yeah...I used to have tater tots and some cookies everyday. Geez I wonder how bad my calories were back then, hahaha.

The one good thing about my school, at least for calorie counters, is that all the snacks and drinks are healthy. The most sugary drinks our school serve are snapple and Vitamin water, but they serve plenty of water and flavored water. All the snacks in the vending machines are also less than 6g of it's not THAT bad when I'm stuck after school without anything to eat.


My school's food is trifling. I never eat it. It barely even looks appetizing.

Well, I do eat the apples that my friends give me from their plate everyday. I guess they don't like the healthy part of their otherwise fatty meal.

this forum is so old...but i have to add...

they have some healthy stuff at the snack ar like fruit and yogurt...and in the lunch line they offer things such as salads (fruit and green)

but they also offer french fries, and you can buy them everyday...they also serve crap at the snack ber, like chips, cookies, crackers, muffins ect.

this is what my friend had today:

-vitamin water

-2oz bag tostitos

-double chocolate cookie

-ice cream (they have low-fat soft serve called avasoft...its good and i have it on occasion)

my other friend, who bought from the lunch line, had:


-chocolate milk


-chocolate chip cookie


And yesterday, i saw a girl buy:

-4 oz muffin

-cookie (2 oz)

-2oz bag tostitos



if she ate this all, it would total up to about 1170 calories just for lunch!

I am amazed at what some people for me, today I had GoLean cereal with 2% milk, and an apple. It really kept me full until after school! I can't imagine eating what other kids eat!


omg luckkky!!!!


we get pizza, cheese and hambergers, tator tots, fries, philly cheese steak, parmesan hero, horserad ish sandwich, cookies, cappachinos, coffie, air heads....JUST JUNK


thats why i dont eat it....only the people that can eat the world and not gain a pound eat it

everyday they serve:
Pizza, burgers, fries (with no salt, gross!) , sandwiches, cookies, chips, milk (and stuff), chicken patties

specials include:
corn dogs, chinese, soup, foot long hot dogs, curly fries, salad

they only serve one type of fruit a day. its either a tiny apple or a tiny orange. how pathetic, right??

i usually get a sandwich, chocolate milk, and whatever fruit they have that day.

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