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Are you supposed to feel hungry when your on a diet?

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Are you supposed to feel hungry all the time when your on a diet?

I heard that if you're hungry, it means your body is done burning the calories from the food you've eaten, so it's now burning fat from your body to use as energy. So if your full, that means your body is still burning calories and energy from food and not from fat, so you're not going to lose weight. I don't really know. I just want to know if it's normal to feel hungry all the time when your on a diet. 


The thing is, I think I'm eating enough, but I still feel hungry all the time. It's getting really bothersome because I'm afraid I'll binge...


So yeahh, I don't really know if it's a good thing, normal thing, or bad thing to feel hungry when you're on a diet. 



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Satiety is not necessarily directly connected to how many calories your body has used up. I'd say it has more to do with digestion. There are a lot of hormonal/chemical processes that stimulate hunger depending on the time of day or things you eat. But in general, reducing calories is going to make your body feel hungry since you're eating less than your body may be used to. Its just a physiological process. Thats why its good to count calories so you can say "I feel a little hungry but do I REALLY need another 400 calories? after all I've eaten?"

For greater satiety, try to eat more complex carbs, fibrous veggies, and especially protein (protein is VERY satiating). This will help you stick to your diet better.

But yes, people get hungry.


It's because you've cut down on your regular caloric intake to lose weight. Try eating low calorie foods that keep you feeling full like vegetables, fruits, and beans.

I am losing a steady 1.5 lbs week

I never feel hungry

I do drink a lot of water

Sometimes Your body sends a "Hungry" message when it really means "Thirsty" The reason is most of our natural food contains a High water/fluid level so eating would bring our fluid levels up. Now much of our food is dry and dusty processed food, so we get no moisture from it, but our body takes generations to reprogram so we still get hungry messages when we are really thirsty



Personally I've come to terms with the fact that it's not realistic to think that I'm going to lose the weight I want to lose without feeling hungry at least some of the time.  

Now this next part may be over-simplistic and is not based on any research on my part.  

The way I look at it, you burn more calories than you eat and so your body has to burn its fat stores to sustain you.  Nobody's body wants to burn its fat stores.  It put that fat there for a rainy day and so even though your body has fat to burn and is burning it, it would much prefer to burn some new calories and is going to let you know by telling you you're hungry.

With that being said, there are ways to combat that hunger.  Eating protein rich foods, drinking water, eating low calorie dense foods like vegetables.


Yeah feeling hungry somtimes is just a part of dieting and trying to lose weight but when I feel hungy i usually drink a HUGE glass of water or you could munch on a serving of those wheatie ceral chunks those make you feel soooo full or if you dont want to eat usually taking a nap takes my mind off being hungry

I get hungry and I eat up to 700 over maintenance somedays...

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yeah of course lol, think about what you used to eat & what you eat now ;)

what i do is drink a lot of water, or make a fruit salad. and it's going to sound vain but when i feel like bingeing i look at pictures of skinny (healthy, not anorexic or anything) girls :P

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