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Summer Running

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Just curious to hear everyones plans for running this summer?

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I plan to run a mile around my neighborhood every morning this summer, just to get a head start in the day.
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I plan to start running at least three times a week ( other workouts the other 2 days that I plan to work out) and build up a little bit every few days or so so that by the end of the summer I will be able to do a 5k at the least. Super excited to get started but I've just been so busy with School and other stuff that I havent gotten the chance.

This summer i'm going to try to run 5-6 miles three times a week. I would run more but its hard because i have gym the other four days and i'm way too tired after gym so poooop! Can't wait till schools over! Only four days left :))

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My goal is to run a mile a day with my neighbor. Well, except on basketball days... I'm also going to do at least one 5k with my friends.
I'm 13 and run six miles in the morning and am gonna try a Half marathon in fall!!:)

25-35 mpw, working up to 40. I did a half marathon in april, and am joining the cross country team at my university next semester! So this summer is all about keeping up and working on speed!

Usually I run in the morning, 3-9 miles, and sometimes I do evening runs, or do two a days with a longer run in the morning and a shorter one in the evening.

rocktarbrook- awesome! 13 years old and already doing a half!!! Totally cool!

I have a running schedule from my cross country coach (joining the team for the first time!) But so far I haven't kept up with that... oops! Trying for 3-6 miles a day 5x a week (thats his chart) but so far its been less because of my work, which requires me to either run or carry a 25-50lb bag on my back and walk.  Its usually 3-5 hrs of work at a time (have fun guessing it haha!) So usually I'm pooped by the time I get back from work.  Going to work on my energy though! And I'm excited :D!

4X a week. 

Currently, XC practice hasn't started yet, so what I'm trying to do is run 4X a week. 

One day a week will be a long run (like 6-ish miles hopefully), and the other three days will just be 30 minute runs, at a higher intensity (either a somewhat fast 4 mile run, or maybe a workout, speed work/tempo workout type of thing).

I actually broke my mile time yesterday on a treadmill (got 7:30!) and since it was on an incline, and at a fixed pace, I probably could have gone even faster!! It'd be nice to break 7 by the end of the summer, and I think it's entirely possible :D

I'm also planning to do a spinning class once a week, and on the 3 30 minute run days, I'm going to be lifting weights too, so all in all, I think I have a fairly well rounded program set up :)

I plan to complete c25k (failed the last time...) with a friend and run a 2 mile race with my dad and sister in July. We don't have to be the fastest people there so long as we make it to the finish! (: Annnddd, I'm planning on running a 5K in September with the same friend. (: 

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I run 2 miles a day
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