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stomach bloat?

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Ok sooo this may sound really weird but I'm gonna say it anyway. My stomach goes from flat to bloated all the time and I don't know why. I stopped chewing gym, I'm not "clogged", I drink a lot of water and run about 3-6 miles 3 times a week. Is anyone else like this? What do I do?

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I feel like I'm bloated all the time too, regardless of what I eat that day. Do you get enough fibre in your diet? I don't so I think that's the problem for me.


Do you have any intolerances? You may be eating something that is making you bloat without realizing it.

Try taking out dairy or gluten. These are very common food intolerances and can make you feel super bloated and eliminating can help a lot. Also monitor your sodium intake because that can make you retain extra water which can also make you feel bloated. If the water retention is your problem green tea can work wonders especially if you drink it before you exercise. Just be aware that it is a dietetic so it will make you sweat more and you might have to use the restroom more frequently. If nothing else eat a banana. I don't know why this works but the boosting will usually be gone in 8-12 hours.

In addition to abby's suggestions, consider whether or not you are (or were, in the past) eating enough. If it's not an intolerance or water retention due to excess sodium or another condition, undereating for a period of time can cause bloating.

Sometimes it's just what you are eating, things like cabbage, onion, etc cause more gas to be produced in digestion, hence more bloating.

Kateb2121 : Thanks a lot. I don't have any allergies or I intolerances . I eat fiber bread and fruit. I don't think that was the problem but thanks for the help!
abby3008: I have tried eliminating gluten but that just Messed my digestive track. I haven't tried dairy but my parents always want me too get enough calcium to grow but I eat bread with calcium so I will try eliminating dairy. I have green tea in my pantry but have never tried it is it good? My sodium intake is moderate because I really watch my salt and I eat extremely healthy. Could you be my buddy or something so I could send you messages?
antibinge: There actually has been a time where I was only eating 800 calories a day. Wad that too low? I'm pretty scared of gainin weight so I'm gradually raising my calorie intake. I'm almost at 1200. Do you think this caused my bloat?
niwiltshire1678: I do eat a lot of cabbage and Brussels sprouts. I guess i know why I bloat so much. I do almost all this stuff!
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