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did you have one too:(? share it with me<3!

my day didnt turn sour up until 5 oclock >.<

my weekly 2 hour zumba class had just ended, and i was doing what i normally do; hanging out in the changing rooms laughing with some girls i knew from my school, eating my almond butter and applesauce sandwich and what not. but then, this new girl came up to me. all she said was, "wow. well look at you!" and for some reason that reelee hurt! i mean, i know that after my zumba class im a messy eater. this is 2 hours of some pretty intense dancing here, no duh im going to be ravenously messy! but this girl, she just looked at me with these eyes and this smirk on her face that made me feel horrible about eating. at first i just felt like a pig, ya dig? (hahah rhymes!) now though, im feeling.. ugly:s?

sorry i just had to get that out of my system! feeling much better now, yay

xx cara

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Don't even think twice about what that girl had to say! She's has no right in judging what or how you eat, especially after a zumba class! Gosh, girls like her are just out to make people feel bad about themselves.

Wellllll my day, healthwise, hasn't been that great :( it's my brothers birthday so naturally he wanted a huge birthday meal, and it just so happened to be chinese food. I found it really hard to resist eating any. I feel terrible now! Just by eating that chinese food it feels like I've gained 5 extra pounds, and I don't even have the chance to work any of it off until tonight. :( Ugh, I just hate this feeling I have.

Oh well! Tomorrow's a new day right :) even though I feel like a pig today, tomorrow I can start over and start eating healthy again. xx

im trying hard not to think about it^.^!

aww that sucks that you had to have a huge meal. i feel for yaD;<3 heyy, dont feel too bad though! everyone finds it hard to resist on birthdays! i mean, if you resisted the birthday persons feelings mightve gotten hurt. and nobody wants to feel like that on their birthday! besides, unless you ate like 32.5 big macs today (17,550 calories or just a little bit more than 5 lbs) there is no way in the world that you couldve possibly gained 5 lbs! and a little exercise is better than none right:3? even if you do have to wait a few hours..

yep, right!! and you are not going to feel like a pig; just like how im not going to feel bad about myself!

anybody else have any stories to share:)<3?

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I had a bad day too!! Well rather a bad few days. My brothers birthday was also this weekend and we went out to eat and let's just say this weekend I took a break from my diet. I gained nearly three pounds. I feel super sick even thought I didn't have any breakfast I still ate nearly twice the amount of calories I normally do. And even though I ran I still feel fat. Tomorrow I am still going to have to deal with it too!!! Leftovers!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Thanks for letting me share that!!! I love y'all.

Well, I'm glad you had a good sandwich after a two-hour Zumba class. You need the nutrients! Phooey on that girl for acting oh-so condescending.

I feel a song coming on!

Lol my day wasn't the greatest starting at dinner...we had barbecue and cake fe my bros b-day so I went plus 900 on the calories :P

every time i read this threat title, i get that song stuck in my head.  ugh!

but in all honesty, ignore her and move on.  she can only bother you if you let her.  and remember: tomorrow is a new day!

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Ughhhh! Awful day. I'm the worst about eating one bad thing and thinking my whole day is ruined! You guys are right though, tomorrow is a new day! A fresh start! :)
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