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Sometimes, I really hate food.

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This whole month I've been binging.. And now I'm facing the consequences. I use to weigh only 102 pounds but now I'm a whopping 109 pounds. I need help. I want to go back to that weight...
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A whole whopping 109 pounds... oh the horror!

^^ no need for sarcasm, it's not a beneficial attitude to project in this forum- do please don't :)

It would be a lot more soothing, however, if we knew that you were at a healthy bmi at your previous weight though, just saying. It can be difficult being impartial about your body and I don't think anyone will be comfortable encouraging you to lose weight if we don't know your stats- how tall are you? X
Haha ok right, but it is funny... My advice: just stop binging. Regardless of your height, u are still at a pretty low weight being in the 100's so unless u are like 4 ft tall or something, u are probably still on the low side. That said, u have nothing to worry about except your improper eating habits (i.e. binging) I'm guessing u really try to limit your calories and later end up eating a whole ton when your body is starving. Just listen to your body- meaning eat when u are hungry. Also, eat in proportion, try to choose healthy foods. If you want, U can even eat small portions and eat frequently (6x~) throughout the day. Right now, u are young and growing so u need the energy. U do not want to stay this tiny all your life- u will look like a child not an adult. And that would be very unhealthy to try to stop the developing process at such a young age (I'm assuming your young considering the name of this forum). Hope That makes sense to u.

Based on other posts from this person, their height is 5'5".  So 102 to 109 pounds means BMI of 17 to 18.


don't focus so much on your weight as much as your BMI as everyone else is saying as 109 is still low

FYI, for 5'5, an adult could manage to be 149 max and still not be considered overweight. It's suggested u be between 119-149 for healthy bmi.

you'll be binging for a reason, it's reactive eating. It means your body needs more calories to properly function. I'm going to make an assumption that your distress towards your weight gain and the presence of reactive eating means perhaps you don't have a totally healthy relationship with food or your body. Have you been restricting to get to that weight? A weight increase of 7 lbs isn't much at all...probably mostly water weight. 

Also If you are still in your teen years then binges are a very normal part of growing and go with it. 

It took me years to come to grips with binging. The answer lies in ceasing any restricting.

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