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Can someone help?

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I have been losing weight really fast and everyone thinks I'm anorexic just cause I don't eat lunch. My friend told me to only eat dinner every night but I don't know if I should. Help?
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Skipping meals is never a good idea, as your body needs the nutrition. Healthy weight loss happens at a rate of 1-2lbs per week, max, so if you're losing more than that you need to step back and re-assess what you're doing. Ideally you should eat 3 meals per day, and 2 snacks. You should, hopefully, also do some sort of exercise for 30 mins a day, even if it's just light cleaning.

Skipping meals can cause hunger and cravings. Or, more severe, it can cause a large calorie deficit, which would make you lose weight even faster, but could also cause health problems like malnutrition.

Not eating lunch isn't a good idea, and your friend's advice (to skip breakfast as well) is even worse.

Without more info (age, weight, height, gender, goal, calorie intake, activity level) it's hard to give you specific advice, but skipping meals is rarely the answers, especially for teens.

Please eat lunch. Over the past year due to bullies calling me fat (I was like 12stone for 12 years old) I gradually ate less for lunch until I eat nothing now. It got worse though and I stopped eating breakfast and only ate dinner. I feel fat and disgusting whenever I eat and think I may have a ED. all I'm saying is please don't skip meals it makes you feel depressed,tired no energy and messes up your head. Please eat before you start getting problem that I've got it really is horrible I didn't think it would be this bad. Xxx
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