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Soda addiction!! Ahh!

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I love soda! But I know I can't be drinking it when trying to lose weight! But I just have a hard time stopping!! I did good for about a month but got right back on it at! Any suggestions on trying to stop?
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Don't buy it. Sparkling water with a little lemon or fruit (:

You could also buy carbonated flavored water. I drink it. Stores have TONS of flavors and their are no calories. Works for me. I am also drinking water with lemon juice. No calories! I just got lime juice tonight and tried it. Tastes just about the same, but good for a change. Good luck!Laughing

I think of it as poison. I quit soda once I learned about the ingredients. I think educating yourself about the health risks associated with drinking it will help curb the addiction. Personally, I will not drink it now unless it's a healthy version made with natural ingredients and real sugar and then I only have it as a dessert/treat.

If you care about your body, mind and your future self you should take quitting seriously.

Google - High Fructose Corn Syrup and Brominated Vegetable Oil.

If you have other habits to break a quick and educational read is Michael Pollan's Food Rules - An Eaters Manual or one of his other books.


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Dont stop completely at first. Try one a day, then once a week, then once every two weeks, and so on until you dont even feel the need to have one any more :)
That sucks.:/ive never really liked soda,so im lucky but i always get cascade ice which is 2-0kcal.i switched to just that except for special occasions it is so good!!!you won't even miss soda!
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