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What size are womens pants with a 28 inch waist?

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Given that they aren't highwaisted jeans, what size are they? Are they an 8? I want to know what size I am...
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idk.. but i just wanted to say congrats on getting to 28, under 30 is pretty good :)
it really depends on the store and the brand.  Everywhere is different.
Thanks peacelovehominy. Woo :)!
But vanity sizing aside what are they generally?
Before vanity sizing, the size was inches - 20 (I'm pretty sure). So you'd be an 8. But now a days, in the United States probably closer to a 5
yeah i was going to say probably a 4 or 6

24 = 0
25 = 2
26 = 4
27 = 6
28 = 8

and so on...
So my initial guess was correct though with vanity sizing I'm more like a 5/6. Thanks for the help!

In the UK i would say a size 28 is around a size 8, however when buying a pair of 26's i have been told that this is a UK 6 which confused me. Still i would generally say that..

26- 6




It depends on your hip size as well. Are you honestly wearing your pants up around your belly-button? Hahaha. Kudos if you are!

I have a 27 waist, and hips 38" (i know, i know... I'm curvier than a mountain road. I get it!) and I wear a size 5-6 depending on the brand. It sounds like you should be in that region as well, but like I said, it all depends on the hips. If you got 'em, you're probably a 6, if you don't, you may be a 4 or even a 2? 

Check out sizing charts on your favorite brand's website. They're always really good if you know your exact measurements, but not size. 


Happy shopping!  

Actually at my smallest point my waist is around 25" but at my navel it's more like 27/28" and then my hips are around 35/36".. this sizing thing confuses me. Maybe I am just a 4-6.. and when you measure your waist for pants you measure it at your navel right?
When I had a 28 inch waist I also had 39.5/40 inch hips, so that put me into a size 11. Which, of course I had to wear low rise or I'd have a huge gap at my waist. Now I'm up to 30.5 in the waist and 42 in the hips and I'm a 13.
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