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what size do you wear and what size would you like to be?

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What US size are you. And how tall and how much do you wiegh. I was just wondering what the typical size of people are. Oh and whats ur age. I'm 16 and 5'3. I wieght about 110 and wear a small in shirts and 2 in pants.

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Original Post by anakittyluver:

Okay...some of these 'goals' you guys have for yourselves are really unreasonable. Size 0?! WTF? That's really unhealthy and unrealistic. Size 3-10 would be reasonable and healthy. Most of you are in the healthy weight range so you shouldn't try to cut back any more. Just worried here!

I agree. Maybe I should have known to stay away from this thread from the title, but I'm kind of triggered reading these answers all the same. The answers to this thread are ranging from healthy to very unhealthy :/

I agree with anakittyluver some of yalls goal are crazy size0 WOW when your already a 3 kinda impossible to get much smaller we all need to be happy with who we are and how we look :)
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I'm 13, a size 5, 7, or 9 in jeans. I'm 5 foot 7 and 120 lbs. I'm a medium in juniors tops.
I'm 15 i weigh 118 an im 5"5 I wear a small or x small in shirts and size 1-2 in jeans. I gain all my weight in my legs and hips. ah:/ I really want to Lose the extra fat on my legs! Especially inner thigh. My goal weight is 105!
Im a 10, tried on my american eagle shorts from last summer and thy dont fit! I wanna be like 6 or 4.
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Um...Moderators please? 5'8 and xxx pounds? That's more like a SIZE ZERO!  

Girls...You guys are GROWING! ACCEPT THAT PLEASE! Don't expect to fit into you jeans from last year or whatever. It's just not right and it just looks sick if you have unrealistically low weight goals. You WON'T feel happy and your life WILL be affected. I'm dead serious. I've been there and it's hell.

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age 21, 5'10", 182 lbs and size 12, large in shirts. Would prefer to be a size 10, perhaps an 8. Ideal weight seems to be 160. 

Size 0/1 13 years old 109lbs 5'6
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Dude, you're already underweight. Why in God's name would you want to lose any more?  Because if you're endorsing an eating disorder, then you ARE in violation of the CC posting rules.

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I'm 18 I weigh about 155 I'm 5' 8'' right now I'm like a size 8 but I'd like to be a 4 and back down to 130.
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I am 14, 5'4.5" in weighing in at 145 and I am for the most part a size 4 in pants and dresses. I just want to maintain my figure but loose 5 to ten lbs. but I have come to terms with my body after all I am stuck with it.
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I am a size 5 and I'd like to be a size zero.
I'm 14. 4'2. 69 pounds. Medium-small. I want to be a small-extra small.
I'm 15 and I'm 4'11". I currently weigh 94 pounds. In jeans I'm 00, and in tops I'm XS. I can't really get any smaller, mostly because I am very short, so I'm just maintaining my weight and size right now.
Ricaray and kaydiddy... Zero is not a size.

I can't help but notice that WOW some of these posts are really triggering. Anyway.

I started out at a size 13 in junior's jeans two years ago. I was wearing XXLA ballet costumes for dance. Large to extra-large shirts. 

I just recently turned 18. I'm currently between 5'3 and 5'4 and weigh somewhere between 130-135 pounds. I wear between a size 5 and a size 9 in junior's jeans and anywhere from a small to a large in shirts. I'm pretty sure my measurements for dance came out to be either a medium or a large. 

My goal is to be about a size five in jeans and dresses, and if I can manage it, a medium in dance costumes and a small in shirts. 

i'm 5'9 126 pounds and i'm size 5/6 and i want to be size 3

To the multitude of teens on this thread trying to reach unrealistic/underweight goals in order to be a size 0 (or X-small or whatever your goal weight/size is).

There's nothing particularly glorious about being the smallest size in the clothing store.  Nobody sees the tags on the clothes you wear when you walk around.  And sizing is really pretty arbitrary, based on where you shop. 

So what if you're a size 0?  For some (short) people, it might be healthy, but for most of us, it isn't.  And then nobody can see your cute clothes anyway because you'll most likely be freezing cold and bundled in layers from being underweight.  Wearing a size zero doesn't 'feel' any different than wearing a size 6 or 12.  It makes shopping a little more difficult, but that's about it. 

^ Please tell me you're a moderator...D: This post is so unhealthy and triggering!

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