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I'm just wondering who's saving it til marriage and who's all ready done it? :0 -and what age, I'm so curious about ppl my age.....I'm 15 SOOOO yeah.
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I'm not like a creepy perv, lol I hope you guys don't think so it just one of my curiousitys.
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18 for me, but wish i'd lost it earlier. sex is healthy and normal when it happens under safe, comfortable, and consensual circumstances. I almost feel like waiting until marriage is abnormal...having had sex now, i can't imagine that, lol. Gotta try out the goods before you buy 'em! ;)

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Haha I lost it in between 7th and 8th grade! I wish I would have waited cause my
Lol thanks! It's a weird question but, did it hurt? I heard that it does ://
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Oops sorry on my iPod anyway my current boyfriend almost kinda feels like I'm with him just for the sex, which I'm not!!
Oh I see that must be hard :/ I hope everything is ok with u guys and hopefully he understands! Lol

I would wait for marriage but it is too late. Can't really go back with that one.

When did u do it? And why would you have not done it? :0

17 for me; drunken sex wahooo! I don't really care, to me virginity is a bit overrated and I am in no way religious at all so I'm cool with it. I always thought though that I would lose it to someone who I was in a long-term, lving relationship with etc (but still before marriage, never been one for abstinence) but I guess it just didn't turn out that way. OH WELL ;)

I've been all over with mixed feelings on this topic. I'm with a guy I've been with for over a year. It's going great, and I know it is likely we will have a future together. But before my senior year of high school (this is when we started dating), I grew up in a religious family and my mother really drilled it into my head that sex is for marriage. So I figured "Sex is for marriage" and that was that. Then I got into the dating world. Yeah, opinions change a bit when you start dating a really good guy. So then I thought, okay when I know I really love him, then we can take that step. Well it's been a year, and I know I really absolutely love him, but I'm uncomfortable going that far. I've even had to take some steps backwards in our physical relationship  because I didn't feel comfortable even though it technically really isn't that fast. 

Bottom line? I'm probably gonna end up waiting til marriage even though I know this guy I'll probably end up marrying. He's totally cool with waiting, too which is good. But I'm not waiting cuz of my religious views. I just think it's good to wait until one is completely ready, and I'll know when I am. And right now I'm not. So it just depends on the individual and I don't really see a problem with having that relationship before marriage, though I think it is an emotional connection that is meant for more than just physical pleasure. Yeah, I know I'm a romantic like that :) Sorry this was long, this subject is super complicated to me, even though it really shouldn't be.... but good luck in the dating world! Just remember you're 15, don't just give yourself to anyone, make sure he's special cuz you deserve it :)

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I lost it at 15 It's no big deal to me, it's natural

Obviously as a virgin (well, I'd hope so at 15!) I can't really have an exact opinion on the subject but I have definitely given it a lot of thought. I've been raised in a family who believes that unless a female waits until marriage to have sex, she's basically dirt and "unworthy of any decent man". And yes, I put it in quotes because that is an actual quote from my parents. When I actually began to think about it, it seemed a little bit odd that women must abstain until marriage but men can feel free to sleep around.

Whenever I ask about it, the answer is: "It's just different for men and women."

No buts about it. 

I still don't understand the part about men and women. It seems like a bit of a double standard. Also, I don't really appreciate the almighty importance of receiving a sheet of paper stating that you're now legally "married" before you do something which you would have instinctively done long ago. It just seems unnatural.

Even though I have mixed feelings on the subject, there is no way that I would ever have sex with some random person that I didn't KNOW was someone that I loved and was willing to spend my life with. And to me, marriage would be the seal of that dedication. So yes, I plan upon waiting until marriage-for that reason and because my parents would never forgive me if I did otherwise.

wow, just re-read my rreply - i think i come off as kind of easy! i'm really not like that at all, hahha. i pretty much stand by the view that sex is just sex; i felt the same way after as i did before, it didn't change me or make me more of a woman, more of a tramp, anything really. to me, it's a physiological need of human beings and whilst one needs to be ready to engage in such an act, it isn't 'dirty' or 'sacred' or 'scary' - just something we were meant to do at a time that we felt we should.

i hope i cleared that up, and that i don't sound so blaz`e and cheap or anything, eehe.

@aminalkisses123 thanks so much(: I really understand everything and get it thank you thank you thank you!
@sungiant I thought about it and that might be the bestt to wait til marriage thank you.
@h_m_h don't worry you don't sound cheap or anything xD haha.

I lost my virginity at 16 and I am turning 18 in March. I do not believe in waiting till marriage - I believe in waiting till you find someone you really like. Sex is healthy and a great way to bring two people closer together. I would never consider waiting till marriage, personally. 

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I feel like the creepy older aunt, posting in the Young CCers section but here is my £0.02:


I had what is usually refered to as sex 19 (ie, there was sexual contact before that). I waited until I was good and ready, and didn't rush it.


I waited until I was good and ready before I got married too, which ended up being at 34. Can you imagine, all the wasted years in between, if I'd waited? Smile


Sex before marriage allowed me to have my cake and eat it, so to speak. I'd have made rash choices if I thought I ought to "save" myself for marriage... Even though I was brought up in a culture where women are excoriated for doing so. *pokes patriarchial Muslim culture in the eye*

I'm a lot older than probably most of you but just thought I would add to the conversation. I waited for marriage. Mind you I did get married at 19. To me, losing my virginity was something special that I would give to someone who meant the world to me, that I would latch my life to. I also found it a good judge of a guy's character. I told my boyfriends/potential boyfriends that there would be no sex. Many didn't stick around. For me, just because everyone was doing it, that made me all the more special. 

Don't feel pressured into doing something just because everyone else does it. And if you do, make sure you take precautions. So many girls think that that they won't get pregnant, but unfortunately for them, the systems of biology and the fact that they have an uterus counters their logic. 

Original Post by caroline9626:

I'm just wondering who's saving it til marriage and who's all ready done it? :0 -and what age, I'm so curious about ppl my age.....I'm 15 SOOOO yeah.

I'm waiting until I get engaged. It's more of a trust and intimacy thing for me rather than a 'can't wait to get it other with' thing..

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