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School Year Resolutions?

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Here's the place to post your goals for the world to see. What are *your* resolutions? (Don't forget to include NON-health resolutions, like get an A in math or make new friends) I'll start:

This year i want to be better organized. Specifically, Im going to keep my room clean, make my bed, sort my clothes, keep my binder neat.  

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  1. Lose the Freshman 15 that I managed to gain after Christmas break on
  2. Keep my grade average to at least 80 or 85%, because at my school if you reach that the school board gives you cash and a little more cash for uni wouldn't hurt
  3. Stop being so damn socially awkward and make some new friends :)
Get a girlfriend! Date for prom! Be extremely fit! Get A's!
For my freshman year I want to ? be ~105 pounds by the first day ? get straight A's the whole year ? make new friends

College goals:
- Get  an A average
- Participate in my school's ECAs and clubs
- Make some new friends! While keeping in contact with some old ones , too.
- Get a part-time job
- Do all my assignments, readings and attend all my classes 
- Keep my schoolwork and room organized.
- Continue to eat healthily and maintain a healthy body weight for my height and build, and hopefully get to a better level of fitness. 

I would like to make sure i keep up fitness wise, to keep up with grades(A's) and want to be flexible(ex. Splits! Idk why i want to be it would just be cool) and to put at least a little into my appearance, instead of the i-just-woke-up look
Self Goals ? Get to 100 pounds ? Maintain weight ? ALL A's every class ? Nice to every SINGLE person ? Become more popular

-Continue to exercise (I tend to slack because it's hard for me to find time, but I guess I'm just gonna have to make it!:)

-Make new friends (this is always hard for me)

-Continue to get mainly A's with the exception of a B here and there in tough subjects

-Have fun!! (I sometimes get too focused on just schoolwork and forget to enjoy it and my friends)

Good luck to you all!!!!! :D
-be my goal weight by next summer -maintain honor roll -make new friends -more self confidence.
For the 2012-2013 school year I would like to, -reach my goal weight in the first month of school -turn in all of my work on time -stop procrastinating -exercise everyday -and be less shy
I want to have lost at least 10 lbs before school starts! I won't be at my goal weight, but it's a good, reasonable starting place. I would say I want to stop procrastinating, but I know that's not going to happen. So, I'll say my goal is to achieve high honor roll again! (:
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This school year i'll :

-Lose 22punds by december

-Stop being so nervous abour everything

-finally make a list of  univercities 

-start saving money(well that will be a bit hard)

-be healthyer  

Goals for 2012-2013: I'm going to try to maintain my weight (stress gets to me so I comfort eat like mad!!) I'm also going to maintain my relationship with my wonderful boyfriend. And I want to make good lasting memories and finally stop being so shy and plain looking since it's my senior year. Get/look for a job afterschool and save up some money for college (I'll splurge on really nice clothes and shoes ???) And most importantly, get into art school!!
I'm going to be a senior this year and I have gone from 135 to 155 in the past year and I would really like to get back to 135. I want to work my butt off in cross country and just get my confidence back.
This year I need to be less lazy! I feel like I spend way more time in a chair then I do with friends or exercising, which has caused a ton of health problems for me. I could solve a lot of social, academic, and health problems just by getting up and keepin' busy! :)
1. Remember how hard I've worked to go to college as a high school senior. 2. Keep my grades up and don't procrastinate like I always do! 3. Don't obsess over my body when I should know I'm not fat 4. Be proud of and enjoy my new job and internship 5. Make healthier eating choices to not binge when I'm not hungry

What are some of your healthier lifestyle choices you are making? I'm so glad others my age are working to achieve better health! Anyone have any first time college advice for commuters? Or any good meals to have during college?
- maintain working 20 hours/week - get all homework done on time with no all-nighters - lose 22.5 lbs, preferably in the next few months - get all A's and B's! A's preferred, but my marks last year weren't great so I'm not gonna beat myself up if I slip up
my resolutions are to make all a's and b's to lose 15 pounds and to make new friend
For my 8th Grade year:

My resolution is to make lots of new friends, stay positive, and maintain my straight A record. :)

My school year resolutions-

~lose 30+ lbs by...... SUMMER 2013

~have grades no less than 86% (b+) all year long!

~don't get overwhelmed (8 credits freshman year.... everyone says yikes I say BRING IT ON)

~EXERCISE 6 days a week!!!!!!

This year my resolutions are 1) get straight A's, sounds cliche but I know if put my mind to it I can do this for myself 2) keep my room organized, organized room equals organized life 3) lose AT LEAST fourty pounds by the end of the school year, starting today, that's about ten months, and I'll be able to do this losing only four lbs a month, hopefully I'll be able to lose more. 4) tone my body. I really don't want to deal with any sort of saggy, squishy, skin, even if it means lots of hard work. 5) eat a balanced diet, that means initiating my family on a much healthier path than they are on now. 6) be a more well rounded student, no more late night cramming sessions, and extra anxiety. 7) have more self confidence, and I don't mean being more outspoken, but to be much kinder to myself mentally. I don't want to have to battle constant voices in my head putting me down, and I also don't want this weightloss to be my crutch to reassurance. I want to gain self confidence even before I lose all the weight. 8) stop the binge eating. It's un healthy and degrading. 9) expand my vocabulary. The world is filled with so many beautiful words and the average person uses about 7,000 words to communicate. 10) become a better writer. I want to captivate other's souls with deep meanings, breathe taking descriptions, and other embellishments. That means writing more poems, short stories and just little descriptions of my day. Also means reading more an expieriencing true literature.

I guess I just want to grow and mature as a person. Looking forward to coming back in a year and reviewing my progress!
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