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School Year Resolutions?

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Here's the place to post your goals for the world to see. What are *your* resolutions? (Don't forget to include NON-health resolutions, like get an A in math or make new friends) I'll start:

This year i want to be better organized. Specifically, Im going to keep my room clean, make my bed, sort my clothes, keep my binder neat.  

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My resolutions are:

- Get in shape. - Get A's and B's only. - Participate in more activities. - Get more organized. - Get a job. - And last, but not least, become more positive and confident in myself.

f^_^;) That's a lot.. Haha!
Im not going to have candy, chips or pop. Im going to stay under 130 lbs :) Im already doin these so i just need to MAINTAIN :D
My goal lose 30 lbs and get to 105 lbs. Also I am going to get all As in my classes and were going to win all our basketball games... LEGGO BC! Plus I'm going to take better care of myself and get my face clear!
Get a flat stomach , Get A's in school , Stop my depression , Exercise more , Be thin...
I want to:

-Get to my goal weight and gain confidence through this -Get at least B's in all my subjects -Eat less fast food -stop procrastinating and get homework/coursework done on time (damn you Internet!) -exercise at least 2 times a week

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Lose 20 pounds, do all my homework, be more friendly, stretch more, practice dance and trombone more, spend less time on the computer and go for runs more - a lot to remember :/
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My resolution is to get a six-pack. 8D
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My resolutions are: - Be more confident, organized. - Make new friends, strengthen friendships. - Lose 10 kgs. - Don't follow everyone around like last year, no. This year I'm going to follow what I think for the first time in ages.
Iim going into grade 8 I find if I have my fitness life intact it's so muh easier to concentrate at school- I am a straight a student on the honour roll I weigh 116 lbs and height5'7 yes I know in tall!

My resolution is to lose these last ten pounds (which has been taking way too long) so I can feel good about going to Florida for spring break!!

I would like to lose 25 pounds by the time graduation hits, so I can start our my college years healthy. I want to get A's in all of my AP classes this next semester. And I want to be able to get through varsity swim season without any shoulder Injuries :)
Make it to valley in track and State in cross country.(did it last year) eat more.
I'm going to get an A on my German and an A* on my Art Exam this year!

Yeah. I also need to be more organised.
My goal is kind of long-term (4-5 years) is that OK? Anyway, goal: graduate from one of the top ten universities in the US before I'm 18 with a major in some kind of maths -- not statistics. I just started a few months ago.
Hmm...well my personal goal to boost my self-confidence (through losing weight) and ask out this girl I know to the 8th grade dance.

Hey everyone, I'm Jen!! I'm at the end of my quarter but I need to do well next quarter and finish this quarter OK (3.0+ is all I'm asking for)! The independence of college (e.g. doing homework though it's not going to be graded) is definitely new to me. I'm struggling :( Also, I hate the quarter system!!! Semester folks, I'm jelly!

I also can't afford to skip any more classes. I want to study at least everyday for 3 hours. I slid by high school easily by putting no effort whatsoever so I ended up doing tons of extracurricular activities. Now I don't even focus as a commissioner in my student government because there are so many things to juggle.

Off to read Invisible Man!

Good luck everyone xoxo

New 6 weeks starting Monday, my resolutions are: -Get Straight A's (only have gotten it 1 time, I have an A/B average) -Be nicer to everyone -Help others as needed -Lose 40 pounds (at least) before I go to Spain this summer -Get a 100 average in at least 1 class -Stop watching a lot of TV
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My goals are -lose at least ten pounds before June -be lea of a dreamer and more of a doer -exempt all exams except EOCs -be able to run at least 3 miles consecutively -be less contained and become more open, flirty, friendly and hopefully make friends.
I am a fresh men I am 5"4 n weigh 130 my goal this year is to loose 10 pounds Before summer and keep my stuff more organized!
My resolutions are :

-lose 20 pounds -get straight a's -meet new people -fix a of my broken friendships
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