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School lunches are making kids overweight?

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At my school, alot of kids are overweight/over eat. My school offers too much junkfood such as brownies, chips, cookies, muffins, teddy grahams, double servings of fries/hotdogs/burgers/everything. People can get as much as they want and eat as much as 1500 calories just at lunch. Do you think this is bad? Do you think school lunches a factor for childhood obesity?  

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I think it's terrible.  The only reason schools started providing lunch for kids was that many kids in the US were poor and suffered from malnutrition.  When they grew up, they couldn't join the military because they were too weak.  The government got involved so kids would grow up to be healthy and strong, and now schools just serve the kids cheap, fried crap, they get too fat to join the military, and we end up with the same problem we had before.  

The corporations that sell the lunches bought their way into the favor of Congress, so they keep getting the rules laxed on them; they're trying to make pizza a vegetable to make their quotas.  They serve the kids pink slime and all other kinds of garbage.  I wouldn't let my kids eat a typical school lunch, or my dog for that matter.

In my school, i'm so lucky that there are options availiable, so that kids can make good choices. There are sandwiches on whole grain rolls, the wraps are made whole wheat, they have baked lays, and most of the food looks edible


A lot of the food isn't that great either. Yeah they have baked lays, but they also have the fried ones, and most kids buy two or three. They have loads of cookies and crap too. Oh, and the salads. Yeah, they're healthy, but once you're done with the 200 calorie packet of dressing, and 3-4 oz. of feta cheese, you've got one hell of a high calorie meal. 

It is healthy high calories for the most part with the salads, but if you have enough money, you could buy 5 cookies in one sitting. If you're armed with the knowledge, you can make good choices (such as light dressing, taking half hte cheese off the salad, etc), but, most kids don't know/don't care. In a way, ignorance is bliss, but when it's causing an obesity epademic the way it is in this country, we do have a problem. They need to set limits. Like, not offering doubles or triples. I understand some kids, wanting two sandiwches, because the sandwiches really are kind of nothing, but so much of the fried stuff is unecessary.

My parents simply didn't let me eat school lunches. My lunches were always packed by my parents and sent with me to avoid the junk.

They are getting improved little by little, but school lunches still aren't nearly as good as a healthy home-brought school lunch. Even though my school is probably healthier than most -- there's always a whole wheat option, salad bar, mainly healthy snacks in the vending machine, etc -- I do see a lot of kids eat a lot of junk for lunch. I have been bringing my lunch since last year, my junior year, and I noticed that it helped my weight loss tremendously. And when I used to buy in my sophomore year, I'd get a salad, whole wheat pasta with some sauce, a slice of bread and milk. Although it sounds healthy, the portions were probably way too big. Now I bring a nice sandwich, greek yogurt and a piece of fruit, and I can't imagine going back to buying.

So, yes, school lunches need to be revamped entirely in my view. It just isn't right to be hypocritical, teaching kids about proper nutrition and then offering them junk that they probably can't resist.

my school lunches were always disgusting/unhealthy. we had the same exact things every week. it went like this:

monday- greasy pizza w/ corn

tuesday- chicken sandwich w/ tator tots

wednesday- hamburger w/ tator tots

thursday- this weird hunk of meat that was supposed to be chicken fried steak

friday- leftover (we assumed) hamburger or chicken sandwich with tator tots

they sold pizza, cookies, ice cream, and burritos as well. most kids ate burritos and cookies every day because the school food was so disgusting. they did have salads, but the lettuce was usually brown and they tasted like pickles. if they had extra tator tots or sandwiches, they gave them out for free. it's no wonder childhood obesity is a problem. -__-

i always brought my lunch.

Yeah, when I was in high school the lunches were such crap. Burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and grilled cheese on white bread just about every day. Your "healthy" options were either peaches canned in sugar water or those disgusting red apples that are always grainy and horrible. And then there was a student store that sold candy, chips, cookies, bagels, soda...nothing healthy ever.

Even being in college, it's still hard to find good options. The healthiest thing is the salad bar, but for a small plate of salad it could easily cost almost $10 when the cost of the ingredients is probably less than $1. Every other "salad" is drenched in mayo. I always bring my lunch. It's so much easier just taking 20 minutes to pack a yummy and healthy lunch instead of just hoping the cafeteria has a decent option.

I am a school food service manager for a school and school lunches are really improving. Granted the district that i work for is leaps and bounds above most. We offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and do our best to limit the canned stuff with all the sodium and perservitives. We also only offer 1% or low fat skim milk. All of our bread products, including pizza crust, breading for our chicken , hamburger and hot dog buns, pasta are all whole grain. We also participate in many USDA program's that help promote healthy eating, such as farm to table. If you get a chance google "Healthier Us school food challenge" . this site provides tons of good information.

If my daughter were provided with the same types of food that I was as a kid, she would most definitely be taking her lunch daily.

However, her elementary school requires them to take both a fruit and a vegetable before leaving the serving area. They offer whole grains, fried potatoes aren't considered a veggie and they don't serve "pink sludge." aren't in Kansas, are you?! ;) Our school food services sound very similar.

No im in south carolina , we dont fry anything at all, and very prould to say all of our ground beef products are pink slime free.

All of our snack options that we sell have to meet very specific requirements set forth by the usda as well.

Ah, pink slime! That's what I meant.

So, do your schools participate in the government's snack program? Our schools do and get fresh fruit or veggies for snacks three times a week. It's something they just started doing this semester and it's great!

My daughter is also in the YMCA's after school program and they're really starting to focus on balanced meals/snacks and physical activity. We have a YMCA backpack that comes home every weekend with healthy snacks and a journal to keep track of physical activities that our family does together. We've been on board that ship for a while but it's nice to see them encouraging other families to be the same way.

My school dosent participate in the snack program as of now. We offer 2 fruits and 2 vegetables every day and out of a weeks possible 20 serving of fruits and vegetables at least 10 of those choices are fresh produce. We participate in the South carolina grown program and farm to table, where as much produce  as we can get from local farmers is served to our students.

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