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I am currently recovering from anorexia and bulimia and am looking for a buddy to stay healthy with. Anyone?
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Hey I am trying to recover from bulimia with anorexic tendencies too!! I really don't know how to go about it. I'm not underweight and I have pounds to shed. How are you planning on recovering? I think I'm going to create a meal plan about 1300 calories and eat a lot of low calorie foods like fruit, yogurt, and vegetables. I also stopped exercising for the time being because I found it to be triggering.

1300 cals isn't enough - 1500 is the bare minimum for overweight teen girls. You aren't overweight, and need more to recover, so I'd aim for 1800+. You may gain 2-3 pounds, but it will be water weight and drop off when your body readjusts.

Not an expert, just repeating advice I got which helped me.

You need professional help.  Eating 800 calories a day and excessive exercising is still disordered living.  

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I have anorexia. I just hate eating I hate it. I hate food everything. I have no advice but I know what u r going through
Just remember: anyone who is trying to recover can't help someone as much as someone who already has recovered because everything will become triggering... Stay strong beautiful girls!:)
I'd love a buddy! I'm 18 and recovering from EDNOS, with restriction and purging and I'd love someone to talk to and to help both of us through!
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