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Rapid weight loss...

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Ok, so I have been successfully losing weight at a rate of about a pound a week for around six months, and losing weight for a total of 8 months. Anyway, we all know that when we first start, weight just falls right off and you lose like 5 pounds in the first week! Annyways, the past three weeks have been like that all over again for me! I jumped from 138 to 135 two weeks ago and I just thought "It's water weight... has to be water weight!" But then the next week, which really was a terrible week, I didn't gain (I seriously thought I would gain a pound or two...) or lose a pound, I simply stayed at the 135 mark. So I just assumed it was water weight.
Then this week I went to go weigh myself and the scale said I weighed 130. Five pounds in 1 week, and 2 days of not even working out is just CRAZY! I am about to start my period again... totally PMSing over here, lol, but even then I'm just curious, should I just assume this is water weight or what?
I've been eating the same amount of calories from when I started, although I did realize I was most likely lying about my calories a little bit and eating more than what I was logging what with all my snacking, so I've been trying to cut that out for the past couple of weeks and be absolutely 100% truthful, even if I didn't really want to believe it. I might even be over-estimating a little bit...
And I'm almost done on my weight loss journey! I want to weigh 125 I think. Not totally sure yet... anyway. Is this just water weight or am I being crazy unhealthy somehow? I aim to eat about (yes, I know, no teenager should ever eat less than 1500... but, I never *lose* weight on that! I have the slowest metabolism and I'm pretty sure my daily burn is like 1600 on sedentary days!) around 1250-1300 a day. So, am I totally starving my body and causing 5 pounds of real weight loss in a week? Or is it just water weight? 

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What a coincidence! Same thing happens to me, one time on vacation I ate 3000 calories for 3 days and didn't work out and then the next day I lost a pound! It's so weird. Yesterday I ate over my limit and I lost a pound. I think it has something to do with metabolism. I can't lose weight on 1500 either.

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I have been losing alot of weight with eat stop eat, it does involve fasting but not too much, only 24 hour periods every week or so. don't need to exercise, thats what i like about it. found it at

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I think that it depends when you weigh yourself. When on a digital scale in your bathroom it depends on if you just ate and if you've gone to the bathroom recently! That's why they use weird scales at the doctors. I think that if you weigh yourself three times a day in the morning in the afternoon and at night the weight will be completely different! Well that's my guess anyway.
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