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petite girls wanting to lose 10-15 pounds!

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I just joined this site in hopes of losing 12 pounds. I have gained about 10 in the past year (poor college kid) and would like to lose them. I am very short and even a little bit of weight gain shows on me, so I need to stop it now! I need supporters! be my friend!

I am 5 ft tall, 106-108 pounds, stubborn belly fat :-P and my goal weight is 95 pounds. and advice from anyone?

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I'll be your friend. =]

I just joined this site. I'll post my stats.

HW 126

LW 108

Cw 120

GW 110/108

I'm going to be a senior next year. Oh, and I'm 5'2. My belly is okay but my thighs are my big problem area.

Sounds perfect for me!

I'm 4'11" - I fluctuate but I weigh about 115, I'd like to weigh 105.

Belly fat is my problem too! If I get down to 105 I might keep trying to lose or tone from there - I want to see how I look!

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yes! okay I think we need to pick a day every week where we weigh in and post it here to motivate us... also, what are you doing to lose the weight? what is your calorie intake going to be? I'm going for 1500...

if you come up with any foods or recipes that you are really liking and want to share them, I'm looking for ideas!  I'll post if I find any also!

also lafoutloud, if you find any ideas for toning up the tummy area besides situps let me know! thats my biggest problem! I have the thigh problem also alw00. I've tried to lose weight on my own but it never works. so we can motivate each other and we can do this!

Squats have been some of the best things to do because they work ALL of your muscles, especially if you hold weights while you do them! Lunges have also been really effective.

I eat between 1200-1800 depending on my calorie expenditure for the day, if I'm sedentary it's 1200 and if I'm more active I adjust accordingly, it was working really well, I was down to 112, then I went away for 4 days and had my birthday (4 days of restauraunt meals and cake) and I went back to 116 but I think it's just bloat, hopefully I'll be back down pretty soon!

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Yeah, I do the same thing calorie-wise as you do lafoutloud01. And I totally agree with the weigh in thing. Any days work better for you girls than other ones?

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I'll have to try  those workouts. good luck with that birthday weight! once in a while it's good to let yourself indulge for a few days though, just not to fall back into a bad pattern :-P

any day works for me, I'm thinking maybe mondays, that way we can't let ourselves go over the weekends.

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Yeah I agree. Weekends are usually bad for me so mondays would hopefully push me to be good over the weekend.

Also according to this website its going to take me like 4 months to lose like 10 pounds which seems long to me. I think it will take me less based on past dieting I've done. Or at least I hope it will. Is yours like that too?

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hmm thats odd. mine says 1-2 pounds per week. thats what is healthy for young ladies :-) I think yours is off a bit. just stick to your diet and hopefully it will be more rapid than that. so hopefully by next monday we're each 1-2 pounds lighter! ;-)

Can I join you too? I am 5 feet as well and I am 106.  I want to be at 100.  I still have some tummy but my issue is in my lower half!

of course! the more the merrier... we just have to motivate one another, and weigh ins will be monday mornings.. sound good to everyone? hopefully seeing each other losing the weight will be motivating! I'm hoping to lose 2 pounds by next monday.... anyone else have a goal for next monday?

I wanna join I wanna join! I'm 18, 5'2", 113. GW: 105 by September. I weigh every Friday. I enjoy mellow music and cozy winter nights by the fireplace ;) lol but seriously let's do this!

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Welcome =] I'm 5'2 too but I weigh more than you haha. I love fireplaces too.

And I'm with mallzballz, I want to be down at least 2 pounds by next monday.

Hi guys! I seem to be in the same boat as all of you.  I am 4'11 and I weigh 105-106 pounds.  I want to be 95-98 pounds. 

I used to always weigh around 110-114 pounds but I became a vegetarian (semi-vegan) and now I could never weigh that much again.  It entirely changed my body composition where I was oince chubby in the thigh area, I now have thin and sculpted legs.  The 5-7 pounds I want to lose are only excess pounds in lower belly/love handle area. 

I recently realized that in the past I was not getting at least 1200 calories which has significantly lowered my metabolism and prevented me from being able to lose any weight permenantly.  I am now making sure that I eat at least 1200 calories (1400-1500 on active days) and so far my weight has been pretty stable.  Hopefully I will be able to see some change as well!  I think mondays to weigh in is a great idea!

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Welcome yeedy =]

Also, I have some questions for you. I was considering going vegetarian or at least ruducing my eat intake drastically and only eating meat like once a week. Do you think I would still have good results from this or would I need to stop eating meat entirely?

And, I had the same problem with undereating in the past and I'm trying to increase my daily intake now. I'm raising the amount of calories I eat everyday and I want to eat about 1200 a day but I'm worried about gaining weight. Do you think it would work to get up to about 1500 and eat that much for a few days and then go down to 1200? I'm just thinking it might give my slow metabolism a boost.


I think it's great that you are considering vegetarianism.  The thing is, the type of diet that works best is going to be different for every person.  I just happen to be one of those wierdos who hate meat and I'm not really a dairy person either.  But eliminating red meats from your diet is a good choice for everyone. (Besides the benefit of being high in iron) red meats just have way too many draw-backs to be beneficial in any diet, mainly the very high amount of saturated fat.  So if you want to cut back on the meat definitely cut that out and try to stick to fish (they have the healthiest fats that your body needs and have the highest nutrition out of any other meat - a metabolism booster).  Unfortunately my body rejects fish (I used to love it) and after not having eaten meat for so long I can't even eat fish anymore because it makes my stomach upset.  Also, all women, whether they are vegetarian or not should pay attention to their iron intake and if it is low (which very possibly is the case because a majority of women have low iron) they should take iron supplements (ESPECIALLY when cutting out red meats).

As for upping calories, I have found that the only way to permanently lose weight is to ensure you have at least 1200 calories (otherwise you prob won't be as successful in losing weight and if you are I gaurantee you the pounds will creep back if not a week, 2 or 3 weeks).  I started eating around 1500 calories this week and like you I was afraid that I would gain weight but found to my surprise that not only did I not gain a pound, I even seem to be losing weight!! I've paid attention to short women who have lost weight and have found that the most effective way it seems is not to restrict calories so much as to burn calories!! So the answer is to not aim for 1200 calories (always allow the 1500 calories) but go to the gym, play a sport, run, so that you are burning the calories to create the calorie deficit.  But do make sure those calories are good, HEALTHY calories and not trash calories from food that do not offer much nutrition.

Ahhh I hope I lose a pound on monday!!!

:D id love to join! I have almost exactly the same measurements as you =]

I'm 5'0 (we're so short! but i'm hoping to get taller with a healthy diet and mucho excercise; since i just turned 14 i hope itll work!)

right now I'm 104, but I'm aiming for 90-92. Even a little bit of weight shows on me as well~; I feel so sensitive to even a pound off here or there.

Mondays sound great for weigh ins! I am hoping to be 104 by then.  I am 105 now so 1 lb, I have a birthday party to go to on Saturday so I know I may go over my calories a little bit so I am not hoping for some big number!

I like the idea of a monday weigh in! Though I weigh everyday, that's the day I'll count and log. I was 113.4 before my birthday weekend and by monday I hope to have lost my birthday bloat, today I weighed in at 114.4 so I'm sure I'll be back down!

Hey can I join you guys too? 5"2 and weigh 126 pounds! Want to get down to 112 and lose my belly before my hol to Turkey in September:) University definately made me pile on a stone! x

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Thanks so much for the advice. I enjoy the taste of meat but I realize that cutting down on it would help me to lose weight. I'm worried that if I cut it out entirely my body would start rejecting it though so I think I might try to only have meat 1-2 times a week. Id be so sad if I could never eat a hamburger or fish ever again cause my body rejected it. And thanks, I'll aim for around 1500 a day then and see how that goes, hopefully I'll have good results like you. And good luck on losing that pound =]

Aimzee, welcome. We're the same height =]

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