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Peanut Butter

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Hey everyone, I just read an old post talking about how peanut butter is "loaded" with fat, and in that case, it should not be eaten.

True, it has fat, but it contains the good kinds of fat, the fat that your body needs. The average person needs around 50-60 grams of polysaturated/polyunsaturated fats per day. Peanut butter contains virtually none of that fats you want to stay away from (saturated and trans) so, before you stop eating it because it has fat, I advise everyone to actually do some research.

Peanut butter in reality is extremely good for you and is not a food to be avoided.

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Not just peanut butter, of course.... Olive oil, avocados, nuts, eggs, seeds and other foods have a high natural fat content but are all very healthy.  If someone is watching their weight they should keep an eye on the quantities, of course.

Very low fat diets are monumentally unhealthy because some nutrients are only available in fat.  Lack of fat in the diet can lead to periods stopping, skin/hair/nail problems and also mood-swings and depression.  A lot of commercially prepared low fat foods are unhealthy because to keep the same mouthfeel, the manufacturers replace the fat with a range of emulsifiers and thickeners.

Keep enjoying the peanut butter. :-)

Well, I adore peanut butter and it certainly has to be better than some other foods... so, I'll continue with my peanut butter sandwiches.

 Eating peanut butter is much better than eating a huge Snicker bar (280 cal!)

If you always eat around the serving size peanut butter is only healthy. I eat it on celery and occasionally on sandwiches. I love avocados as well. High in fat does not= junk food. Fat has been mistakenly labeled evil. Fat is nessecary it's best to eat the unsaturated fats.


 This is a good webpage ts.htm

By the end of the week, I've usually eaten a cumulative .5 cup of peanut butter. Being vegetarian (and a strong pb lover) I use it as a breakfast protein in place of an egg or sausage. And on the days I don't have time to cook a home-made dinner, I just fix a pb sandwhich on wheat w/veggies or fruit and a sparkling water. Pb rocks!

I used to eat the reduced-fat Jif variety, but I was offended by the nutrition. Take the fat out (agreed, it is all pretty much healthy) and add in.. sugar? Ewww.

So I found a more appealing kind. Creamy, au naturel peanut butter from the local farmer's market. Mixing the oil in can be a pain sometimes, but it's not bad enough for me to revert to my old favourite.

Eating the kind with added sugar, salt, and hydrogenated oil is not, in my opinion, a healthy substitute for other protein sources.

I know there is a lot of fat. Unfortunately it's my main source of protein. I'm a vegetarian so Peanut butter keeps me healthy. :)

I love Skippy extra chunky. <3 And I eat like atleast four sandwiches a week. :o


I eat Teddie's Natural Peanut Butter. The only ingredient is peanuts.. there's no sugar or salt or anything added to it. It tastes better to me than others like Jiff or Peter Pan because it actually tastes like peanuts. I only have a tablespoon of it once in awhile since there's so many calories in it though. But you're right, it does have a good amount of protein in it because of the nuts.


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I love peanut butter!!  I put a tbsp on a plain rice cake for a light snack with protein quite often, I figure the PB and the rice cake sort of balance each other out :) 

Jif and Skippy are NOT considered healthy in my perspective. Peanuts are healthy, but not when you add corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and mono and dyglycerides. Natural, in my opinion, tastes much better.

Peanut butters fine, as long as you watch how much you have. If anyones freaked about having too much peanut butter, I have a suggestion. Let's say you would normally use 2 tablespoons on a sandwhich. Microwave one tablespoon so it spreads more easily and covers the whole sandwhich. There you go.

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