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are you overweight if your legs touch when you walk?

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yes.. no.. maybe?
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Not necessarily.  Everyone is built differently.  My aunt is morbidly obese but has stick-thin legs that have probably never rubbed in her life.  I, on the other hand, am right in the middle of my healthy weight range and the rubbing of my inner thighs could start a brush fire.

jenningermany: sounds like your aunt is an apple and you're a pear!

but in reply to the OP, no, you're not necessarily overweight if your thighs touch. The best measure for overweightness is actually your body fat percentage, so go get that checked out instead. (: Also, if you have lots of thigh fat but very little tummy fat, then chances are, you've got mostly subcutaneous fat (which is relatively harmless) rather than visceral fat (which puts you at risk of things like high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems, etc.) :3

if it makes yo ufeel better, i'm on the very low end of the bmi scale and my legs rub together.

Yeah, I agree. You don't have to be overweight for your thighs to touch. 

My best friend and I call the non-touching thigh phenomenon, "thighlessness," and that's our goal. But the more we strive toward that goal, the more I realize that "thighlessness" has a lot to do with how wide your hips (and therefore your legs) are set apart.

It's impossible to label someone overweight or not by looking at their legs...

Whether or not your thighs rub has a lot to do with how you're built, how you walk, and whether or not you turn your feet out when you walk. I'm in the lower-middle BMI segment at 20yrs old, 5'5'', and about 129lbs, and mine still do (barely) :) Not a lot or as much as they did, but I've never felt weird about it...

In fact, when I look at people whose are totally straight, I sometimes find it very unflattering... It looks (to me) so shapeless... like toothpicks. I don't nessecarily want my legs to rub, but I don't want to look like a flamingo either ;)

My thighs never used to touch when I had my eating disorder, but they do now. I feel overweight because of it, but I am in the middle of the healthy weight range, and Im fairly muscly everywhere else. I think its more rare to find someone whos thighs dont touch, in my opinion.

I'm sorry, but this is the hands down dumbest thing I have ever heard. Period.

I too am at the lower end of the "healthy" BMI range and considered fairly petite, and my thights touch.  I think I would look awful if I was skinny enough for them not to touch.

My thighs touched when I was 75 pounds and hospitalized for anorexia. Its how I'm built. Thighs touching has nothing to do with if you are overweight or not.

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