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no one has really talked to me yet

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I kinda want someone who will push me to work out and if I'm getting support I'd be down to give it too :)
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A lack in motivation? I guess we'll have to change that(;

My name is Casey. I'm. 15 years old and I run almost everyday, ranging antwhere from 4 to 7 miles. It's easier to exercise when you find something you love, and for me, that was running. Even if it's just walking for thirty minutes, find the time to exercise. You'll feel so accomplished after your workout and be happy with yourself.

Don't let me down. Stay beautiful!(:
Yeah haha. I just don't have lots of room anymore I used to Zumba 24/7 but my DVDs got lost :( I wish I liked running lol

Maybe if you just try a new kind of exercise everyday? until you find something you like... I know you can youtube quite a few and if you have a smartphone you can get all kids of different apps--- some that connect to FB and tell everyone what you have done so you feel motivated to keep it up and push harder! 

I'm sure all my FB friends are getting rather sick of all my stuff... but they also have the option to block their feed so it's ok--- I have a select few who not only encourage me but have also started their own routines! 


I often need help motivating myself too with certain exercises. It's important to find something you love(for me, that's hiking in the woods and dancing), as you're more likely to stick to it and it's something you'll always look forward to, but I HATE strength training, yet it's the only way I can really get that toned, muscular look I'm after.

What seems to work for me though is to take out my competitive, arrogant side(which is usually very hidden lol). I tell myself "I'm AWESOME! There's no reason I can't push myself to do this. There are lots of people that do these exercises all the time, so why can't I? I'll show them! There's nothing I can't achieve! I'm too good to laze around and slack on my workout!"  XD rofl I know that sounds crazy and pompous, but just keep thinking that to yourself when you exercise. It really helps me not slack off.

Yeah that could work I try to do pop Pilates on YouTube but she makes me feel so fat an weak it makes me want to cry. I've got like 0 self esteem and I'm not good at doing stuff the right way I used to be bulimic and never exercised so I'm not use to it at all :( and I liked roller derby a lot but I can't go to practice anymore because I moved to a different town.

Yeah do something you like for sure :) For me, it's weight lifting. Heavy Weight lifting. I love it, and I'm getting better at it. I love the feeling of getting stronger. For others it's running. I did long distance for awhile and realized I didn't like it, so now I just do short bursts with sprints. And that's good enough. 

Sometimes it's hard to find something you love that doesn't cost a pretty penny. Some cheap ideas would be jump roping or hula hooping (if you can, I suck at hula hooping haha). And youtube has millions of ideas that would be cheap too. 

Things that are also good but may cost more depending on if you already have the equipment is horse back riding/ trail riding (so fun!), tennis (I do this too), soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball, and more. Find something you love and you'll never HAVE to exercise again. You'll want to :) Best of luck!

PS. Jump roping is something I personally recommend, there is so much you can do with it and it's cheap :)

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